Clash of Clans: Town Hall 14 Upgrade Order (Updated)

Town Hall 14 Upgrade Order

Town Hall 14 is a significant milestone in your journey towards achieving a fully maxed-out base in Clash of Clans. To make the most of your resources and progress quickly, it’s essential to follow a strategic upgrade order.

By prioritizing the most important upgrades, you can accelerate your path towards a fully upgraded TH14. In this article, we will delve into the upgrade order that ensures that the most important upgrades are completed first.

As you progress to TH14, you’ll likely have access to the sixth builder who can significantly speed up your upgrade process. However, it’s important to resist the temptation of using this builder for any upgrades. Instead, save your sixth builder exclusively for walls. Walls are an essential element of base defense and require a substantial amount of time and resources to upgrade.

By reserving your sixth builder for walls only, you’ll achieve maxed-out walls faster. So, keep a close eye on your loot and make sure to funnel any excess resources into your walls to achieve a well-protected base.

Laboratory (First Builder)

When it comes to upgrading your Town Hall, the Laboratory should always be your first priority. This upgrade unlocks access to more potent and powerful troops, which are essential for success in trophy-pushing, war, and farming.

Starting with elixir troops is a wise choice since they are more cost-effective and can offer significant benefits in attack strategies. However, it’s equally important to be strategic with your Dark Elixir and save it for hero upgrades.

Laboratory to level 12 upgrade cost: 11,500,000 Gold

Laboratory to level 12 upgrade time: 11 days, 12 hours

Pet House (Second Builder)

As you progress to TH14, upgrading your Pet House should be high on your list of priorities. This essential upgrade unlocks access to four unique pets, one for each of your heroes, which can provide significant benefits in clan wars.

Pets can aid your attack in numerous ways, such as dealing damage to enemy defenses, distracting enemy troops, and providing excellent tanking support to your heroes.

You can unlock the following four pets at Town Hall 14:

To make the most of your pets, it’s recommended to keep a builder busy upgrading your Pet House and take it to level 4 as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to unlock all four pets and reap the benefits of their unique abilities.

It is also recommended to use proper upgrade order for pets to maximize your progress, we have covered that in our TH14 pet upgrade order.

Pet House LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
114,000,00012 days, 6 hours
216,500,00014 days, 6 hours
317,500,00016 days
418,500,00018 days

Elixir Storages (Third Builder)

To ensure that your troops and Grand Warden have enough elixir for their upgrades, it’s necessary to upgrade your Elixir Storages as soon as possible. Allocate one of your builders to this task.

Moreover, with the recent changes, the Clan Castle upgrade now requires elixir instead of gold. Therefore, upgrading your Elixir Storages early on is especially important because you’ll need Clan Castle troops to carry out successful war attacks.

Elixir Storage to level 15 upgrade cost: 55,000,000 Gold

Elixir Storage to level 15 upgrade time: 11 days, 6 hours

Dark Elixir Storage (Fourth Builder)

Upgrading your Dark Elixir Storage is critical at every Town Hall level.

Dark Elixir is consumed by heroes, dark troops, and pets which makes it a valuable resource for your progress. When you reach Town Hall 14, you’ll need a large amount of Dark Elixir to work on Dark Elixir upgrades.

Therefore, it’s recommended to prioritize upgrading your Dark Elixir Storage so that you can keep progressing and thriving in the game.

Dark Elixir Storage to level 9 upgrade cost: 11,500,000 Elixirs

Dark Elixir Storage to level 9 upgrade time: 14 days, 16 hours

Barracks (Fifth Builder)

At Town Hall 14, you can upgrade your Barracks up to level 16 which gives you access to the Electro Titan. This powerful troop has a massive amount of hitpoints and deals a good amount of damage.

Additionally, Electro Titan has an aura that damages any building within her range, making her a good addition to your army. Another perk of Electro Titan is that she can target both air and ground units, providing added value to your attacks.

Barracks to level 16 upgrade cost: 5,000,000 Elixirs

Barracks to level 16 upgrade time: 16 days

Clan Castle

Clan Castle troops are essential for successful war attacks and defenses. Upgrading your Clan Castle to level 10 is particularly valuable, as it provides an extra spell slot. While this may not seem like a major improvement, it can make all the difference in battle.

With an extra spell slot, you can bring an additional Freeze or Poison spell to the fight, providing more strategic options and increasing your chances of victory.

Don’t underestimate the power of an extra spell slot – it can be the key to winning close battles.

Clan Castle to level 10 upgrade cost: 18,000,000 Elixirs

Clan Castle to level 10 upgrade time: 19 days

Gold Storages

At Town Hall 14, defense upgrades can be quite costly. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize upgrading your Gold Storages to level 15 as soon as possible, as you’ll need a substantial amount of gold for most defense upgrades.

To ensure that your Gold Storages are upgraded on time, keep at least one builder working on upgrading them constantly.

If you’ve already finished upgrading the upgrades mentioned earlier, consider using those free builders to upgrade more of the Gold Storages.

Gold Storage to level 15 upgrade cost: 55,000,000 Elixirs

Gold Storage to level 15 upgrade time: 11 days, 6 hours


One of the exciting new additions to your Workshop at Town Hall 14 is the Flame Flinger, a powerful siege machine that can take out multiple defenses while remaining out of range from many enemy defenses.

While the Flame Flinger is an excellent addition to your army, it’s worth noting that you can skip this upgrade if your clan frequently donates Siege Machines.

However, if you’re looking to expand your strategic options and take your attacks to the next level, the Flame Flinger is a must-have machine that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Workshop to level 6 upgrade cost: 16,500,000 Elixirs

Workshop to level 6 upgrade time: 17 days

Archer Queen

When deciding on upgrade priorities, it’s essential to focus on your offense first at every new Town Hall level. Among your heroes, the Archer Queen stands out as the most powerful.

With a level 80 Archer Queen, you can perform Queen Charge attacks that will significantly improve your chance of a successful three-star attack.

Therefore, it’s recommended to keep one of your builders busy upgrading her and taking her to level 80 as soon as possible.

However, keep in mind that each level of the Archer Queen upgrade takes eight days, meaning that you might want to opt out of wars for the next 40 days to complete her upgrade without affecting your clan’s performance.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
76302,0008 days
77308,0008 days
78314,0008 days
79319,0008 days
80325,0008 days

Grand Warden

On my personal hero tier list, the Grand Warden comes in second place.

To get the most out of this hero, it’s essential to level him up to 55. Once you do, you’ll come to appreciate his abilities and the benefits he brings to your attacks.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
5116,600,0008 days
5217,100,0008 days
5317,600,0008 days
5418,100,0008 days
5518,600,0008 days

Royal Champion

The Royal Champion is a powerful addition to your hero lineup. She can help with both offense and defense with her high damage output. She has the ability to jump over walls which makes her extremely potent.

To unlock her full potential, it’s recommended to prioritize upgrading the Royal Champion and taking her to level 30.

These upgrades will take a total of 40 days, so keep a builder busy on her to ensure that you can access her full potential after a few weeks of waiting time.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
26295,0008 days
27300,0008 days
28305,0008 days
29310,0008 days
30315,0008 days

Barbarian King

When it comes to ground support, a maxed-out Barbarian King is an absolute tank.

With the highest hit points of any hero and the ability to gain substantial health when his ability is activated, the Barbarian King provides essential support to your ground units.

To strengthen your attack strategies, it’s important to keep a builder busy upgrading the Barbarian King.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
76300,0008 days
77305,0008 days
78310,0008 days
79315,0008 days
80320,0008 days

Eagle Artillery

Once you’ve upgraded your offense, it’s time to focus on strengthening your defenses. One of the most important defense buildings in Clash of Clans is the Eagle Artillery.

With its ability to deal massive damage to groups of troops and change the outcome of battles, a well-placed Eagle Artillery can be the key to a successful defense.

Therefore, I highly recommend upgrading the Eagle Artillery first at every possible Town Hall level. By prioritizing the Eagle Artillery, you can improve your defenses and create a powerful base that can withstand even the most challenging attacks.

Eagle Artillery to level 5 upgrade cost: 19,000,000 Gold

Eagle Artillery to level 5 upgrade time: 19 days


The Scattershot is a powerful defense building. At TH13, you gain access to two Scattershots that can be upgraded to level 3 at TH14.

Once you’ve finished upgrading your Eagle Artillery, it’s important to max out your Scattershots. These defenses are incredibly potent, and attackers cannot afford to ignore them when devising their attack strategies.

Proper placement of Scattershots is essential to maximize their effectiveness, and it’s recommended that they’re not positioned too close to the Eagle Artillery.

By optimizing your base layout with Scattershots, you can thwart even the most determined enemy attacks.

Scattershot to level 3 upgrade cost: 18,000,000 Gold

Scattershot to level 3 upgrade time: 18 days

Giga Inferno

It’s recommended that you set a builder to work on upgrading your Giga Inferno to level 4 as soon as possible. With this upgrade, your Giga Inferno’s poison bomb will explode upon destruction, dealing massive damage to any nearby enemy troops.

Maxing out your Giga Inferno takes 47 days, so it’s recommended to allocate one of your builders to work on it continuously during this time.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Time
28,500,0008 days, 12 hours
310,500,00010 days, 12 hours
412,300,00012 days, 6 hours
514,200,00013 days, 6 hours

Inferno Towers

Inferno Towers are among the most robust defenses in the game, making them a high-priority upgrade. I rate them as the third strongest defense after Eagle Artillery and Scattershot.

When in single-target mode, Inferno Towers can deal more than 2000 damage per second, which is the highest damage output in the game.

Upgrading your Inferno Towers can greatly improve your defense and make it much harder for attackers to succeed.

Inferno Tower to level 8 upgrade cost: 18,000,000 Gold

Inferno Tower to level 8 upgrade time: 18 days


X-Bows might not be the most vigorous defense in the game, but they do play their part when an enemy deploys their Siege Machines. X-Bows can get rid of those Flame Flingers trying to smash your defenses.

X-Bows can also help a lot in defending against Queen Walk attacks. You should place your X-Bows away from the wall and keep them deep inside your base. A well-placed X-Bow can change the outcome of an attack.

X-Bow to level 9 upgrade cost: 17,400,000 Gold

X-Bow to level 9 upgrade time: 18 days

Builder’s Huts

At Town Hall 14, Builder Huts can now be used as a powerful defense. With their unique ability to repair damaged defenses, they play a major role in defending your base.

Additionally, Builder Huts can deal significant damage to both air and ground units, making them an excellent addition to your base’s defense.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Time
29,000,0009 days, 12 hours
312,000,00011 days, 12 hours
414,500,00013 days, 6 hours

Air Defense

Air Defenses are a nightmarish obstacle for aerial troops at any Town Hall level. A strategically positioned Air Defense can ruin multiple attack strategies and protect your base from devastating air attacks.

At TH14, you have access to four Air Defenses, and upgrading them should be a top priority.

Air Defense to level 12 upgrade cost: 17,000,000 Gold

Air Defense to level 12 upgrade time: 17 days

Archer Tower

Archer Towers are an excellent defense due to their superior range and ability to target both air and ground units. As you have eight Archer Towers at TH14, upgrading all of them can be time-consuming, but it will seriously improve your base’s defense.

Archer Tower to level 20 upgrade cost: 16,500,000 Gold

Archer Tower to level 20 upgrade time: 16 days, 6 hours

Wizard Tower

Wizard Towers are a nightmare for bat spells and other swarms of troops. The amazing wizards standing on the Wizard Towers play their part in defending your base against Balloons, Hog Riders, Miners, and other similar troops.

Wizard Tower to level 14 upgrade cost: 17,200,000 Gold

Wizard Tower to level 14 upgrade time: 17 days

Hidden Tesla

Hidden Teslas can be strategically placed to surprise and take out unsuspecting attackers. They can deal a good amount of damage and are especially effective when grouped together.

Upgrade your Hidden Teslas to keep up with the powerful Town Hall 14 attackers.

Hidden Tesla to level 13 upgrade cost: 17,100,000 Gold

Hidden Tesla to level 13 upgrade time: 17 days

Bomb Tower

Now is the time to focus on upgrading your ground-targeting defenses. Bomb Towers are particularly useful, as they deal splash damage and a significant amount of death damage when destroyed.

These towers can help defend against Hogs and Miners, and I consider them to be one of the top ground-targeting defenses in the game.

Bomb Tower to level 9 upgrade cost: 17,500,000 Gold

Bomb Tower to level 9 upgrade time: 17 days


Cannons are effective defenses against ground units, particularly in stopping enemy Wall-Breakers and disrupting various ground attacks. It’s advisable to position your Cannons near your walls to make it more challenging for the enemies to breach your base.

Cannon to level 20 upgrade cost: 16,500,000 Gold

Cannon to level 20 upgrade time: 16 days, 6 hours


Mortars are not the most effective defense against ground troops, but they can still be useful in certain situations. A well-placed Mortar can help stop hordes of enemy troops and resource-stealing Goblins.

Mortars should be at the bottom of your upgrade priority list, as there are many other defenses that are more effective and should be upgraded first.

Mortar to level 14 upgrade cost: 16,500,000 Gold

Mortar to level 14 upgrade time: 17 days

Walls and Traps

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, one of the most important tasks for your sixth builder is to work on upgrading your walls. If you have followed our advice and kept your builder busy with wall upgrades, then you should have made a lot of progress by now.

However, it’s important to remember that maxing out Town Hall 14 can be a lengthy process, taking 11 months or more. So, be patient and keep grinding to achieve your goal of a fully upgraded base.

Wall to level 15 upgrade cost: 7,000,000 Gold or Elixir

Wall to level 15 upgrade time: None

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to max out a Town Hall 14 base?

It can take up to a year to max out a Town Hall 14 base. You can speed up your progress by purchasing Gold Pass and Magic Items.

Should you upgrade Workshop as an early Town Hall 14?

It is best to delay the Workshop upgrade as a new Town Hall 14. You can request the Flame Flinger in your Clan Castle so you don’t need to unlock it to use it.

How many pets can you unlock at TH14?

You can unlock the first four pets (LASSI, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, Unicorn) at Town Hall 14.

When should you upgrade walls at Town Hall 14?

If you are a passionate player who spends a lot of time in-game, you can keep pouring extra resources into the wall upgrades. If you are more of a casual player, you can upgrade walls at the end of your Town Hall 14 journey.

What is the difference between upgrade order, upgrade priority, and upgrade guide?

There is no difference between upgrade order, upgrade priority, and upgrade guide. All of these terms refer to the upgrade order a Town Hall is supposed to be upgraded.

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