Royal Champion Max Levels and Upgrade Cost (2023)

Clash of Clans: Royal Champion Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Royal Champion is the final hero in Clash of Clans, unlocked exclusively at Town Hall 13. She has a total of 40 upgrade levels. She wields a shield and spear, using the spear as her primary attack and reserving the shield for her special ability.

As a powerful hero, the Royal Champion can deal massive damage to her enemies and can jump over the walls that might block her path. Thanks to her incredible athleticism, the Royal Champion can easily leap over walls and engage enemy defenses with ease.

Unlike other heroes, she prioritizes taking down defense buildings and can inflict a lot of damage on them with her trusty spear. What’s more, the Royal Champion has the ability to target both air and ground units which makes her even more useful.

Her lightning-fast running speed of 24 allows the Royal Champion to rapidly move through the enemy’s base and quickly reach her targets. Royal Champion deals a decent amount of damage per second while she also has a good amount of hitpoints.

Like other heroes, she gains access to her special ability at level 5 which allows her to throw her shield hitting multiple targets.

At Town Hall 14, many players choose to pair the Royal Champion with the L.A.S.S.I. With the L.A.S.S.I. leading the way, the Royal Champion can quickly close in on her enemies and deal a massive amount of damage.

The Royal Champion’s special ability is known as the Seeking Shield. When activated, she throws her shield at multiple enemy defenses with devastating force. The shield can jump over up to four targets, dealing damage to each one it strikes.

Her ability makes the Royal Champion an incredibly effective hero for taking down clusters of enemy defenses in a single blow. But that’s not all – the Seeking Shield also grants the Royal Champion a powerful healing effect.

When her ability is used, the Royal Champion regains a significant amount of health, allowing her to withstand even the most intense battles. Royal Champion is a major part of every attack strategy at TH13 and beyond.

One of the Royal Champion’s most important skills is her ability to take out an opponent’s primary defense line. By targeting enemy defenses with her spear and shield, she can deal a good amount of damage and create funnels for the rest of your troops to use.

But be aware – the Royal Champion’s favorite targets are the defense buildings themselves, which can leave her vulnerable to counterattacks.

When using the Royal Champion in an attack, it’s important to be strategic in how you deploy her. While her ability to jump walls is useful in many cases, she can quickly become overwhelmed if targeted by powerful defenses like Inferno Towers or Monoliths.

To prevent this from happening, consider distracting these defenses with other, less significant troops before sending in the Royal Champion. By drawing enemy fire away from her, you can give her the time she needs to take out critical defense buildings.

Royal Champion’s Max Levels

The Royal Champion grows stronger with each level upgrade. At every Town Hall level, she has a certain max level that players can strive to reach.

In total, the Royal Champion has 40 levels, with the final ten levels unlocking at Town Hall 15.

Each time the Royal Champion is upgraded, she receives a boost to both her damage per second and hitpoints. Additionally, her ability receives a buff every five upgrades.

Here is the list of max levels of Royal Champion:

  • Max Level of the Royal Champion at Town Hall 13 is 25.
  • Max Level of the Royal Champion at Town Hall 14 is 30.
  • Max Level of the Royal Champion at Town Hall 15 is 40.

Royal Champion’s Upgrade Cost and Time

Royal Champion requires Dark Elixir for her upgrades. Here is the upgrade cost and time for each level of Royal Champion:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
273,0008 hours13
389,00016 hours13
4105,00022 hours13
5122,0001 day, 20 hours13
6140,0002 days, 18 hours13
7158,0003 days, 6 hours13
8170,0003 days, 18 hours13
9182,0004 days, 6 hours13
10192,0004 days, 12 hours13
11202,0005 days13
12211,0005 days, 12 hours13
13216,0006 days13
14222,0006 days, 12 hours13
15228,0006 days, 12 hours13
16234,0006 days, 18 hours13
17239,0006 days, 18 hours13
18245,0006 days, 18 hours13
19251,0006 days, 18 hours13
20257,0006 days, 18 hours13
21262,0007 days, 6 hours13
22267,0007 days, 6 hours13
23272,0007 days, 6 hours13
24277,0007 days, 6 hours13
25282,0007 days, 6 hours13
26295,0008 days14
27300,0008 days14
28305,0008 days14
29310,0008 days14
30315,0008 days14
31325,0008 days15
32330,0008 days15
33335,0008 days15
34340,0008 days15
35345,0008 days15
36347,0008 days15
37349,0008 days15
38351,0008 days15
39353,0008 days15
40355,0008 days15
Royal Champion’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

How to effectively use Royal Champion

Royal Champion is a powerful warrior capable of decimating enemy defenses. However, using the Royal Champion effectively requires a comprehensive understanding of her strengths, weaknesses, and combinations with other troops.

Let’s explore key strategies to maximize the potential of the Royal Champion.

Capitalize on the Royal Champion’s Strengths

The Royal Champion has an exceptional ability to jump over walls, enabling her to swiftly reach her target. However, this also exposes her to enemy defenses, making her vulnerable if left unsupported.

To mitigate this risk, it is important to use support troops that draw the attention of defenses, diverting their focus away from the Royal Champion. By creating a distraction, you allow the Royal Champion to take out key defenses without being immediately targeted.

Enhance the Royal Champion’s Effectiveness with LASSI

Pairing the Royal Champion with the LASSI can significantly enhance her effectiveness during an attack. LASSI, a pet that can jump walls and has a faster movement speed than the Royal Champion, acts as a damage tank for her.

By pairing LASSI with Royal Champion, you create a powerful combination that can penetrate enemy defenses more effectively. LASSI absorbs some of the damage and acts as a shield, ensuring that the Royal Champion can target enemy defenses without interruption.

Pairing Royal Champion with Phoenix at TH15

At Town Hall 15, another excellent pet choice to support the Royal Champion is the Phoenix. This pet has the unique ability to revive her hero for a few seconds upon their knockout.

This offers an important advantage, granting the Royal Champion additional time to inflict damage and get the extra few destruction percentages that matter.

The Phoenix’s ability to revive the Royal Champion will provide a strategic advantage in a close battle.

Target High-Value Buildings

To maximize the Royal Champion’s usefulness, it is essential to identify high-value buildings within the enemy base and prioritize targeting them.

Air Defenses, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and Scattershots are particularly important targets that can severely hinder your attack if left untouched.

The Royal Champion’s ability to jump walls and deal significant damage to multiple buildings with her ability makes her an ideal choice for quickly neutralizing important defenses. By taking out high-priority defenses early, you increase the chances of a successful attack.

Plan Your Deployment Wisely

Before deploying the Royal Champion, carefully analyze the enemy base layout and develop a well-thought-out deployment strategy. Consider the location of defenses and potential Clan Castle.

Time your deployment strategically to ensure the Royal Champion enters the base when most of the defenses are distracted or weakened, maximizing her chances of survival and success.

Support the Royal Champion with Spells

Supporting the Royal Champion with well-timed spells can significantly enhance her performance. Rage spells can boost her damage output and movement speed, allowing her to swiftly eliminate defense within her range.

Using Freeze spells can temporarily freeze important defenses, providing the Royal Champion with a safer environment to continue her onslaught.

Frequently Asked Questions about Royal Champion

Is Royal Champion worth upgrading?

Upgrading Royal Champion is important. In fact, as a Town Hall 13, you should prioritize upgrading Royal Champion to level 25 as soon as possible.

Is Royal Champion good?

Royal Champion is an extremely powerful hero in Clash of Clans. She can deal amazing damage to defense and her ability can destroy multiple defenses in a matter of a second.

When did Royal Champion come out?

Royal Champion was released on December 9, 2019 with Town Hall 13 update.

What is the maximum level of Royal Champion?

Royal Champion has a maximum level of 35 which becomes available at Town Hall 15.

Is Royal Champion better than Archer Queen?

Both the Royal Champion and the Archer Queen are powerful heroes in Clash of Clans. However, determining which one is better depends on various factors, such as the player’s strategy and the specific situation in the game. Both of these heroes have different abilities and different use cases.

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