Electro Titan: Upgrade Cost, Max Levels and Upgrade Time

Clash of Clans: Electro Titan Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Electro Titan is the seventeenth elixir troop in Clash of Clans. This electrifying unit becomes available once you hit Town Hall 14, and trust me, you won’t regret unlocking her. She’s a powerhouse that can fit into any attack strategy like a chameleon in a rainbow.

Her damage per second is off the charts, and her unique ability to deal aura damage to nearby buildings is just ridiculous. It’s like she’s got a secret power source or something.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Electro Titan’s stats. Not only is she a powerful troop, but she’s also a tank with a capital “T”. At the maximum level, this bad girl can take 8200 hitpoints and dish out 220 damage per second. That’s enough to make any enemy quake in their boots. Of course, there’s a downside to all this power, and that’s her housing space.

She takes up a 32 spaces, so you might have to rearrange your army a bit. And let’s not forget her average movement speed of 16, which is not too shabby, but not exactly breaking any land speed records either.

Electro Titan’s Max Levels

Electro Titan has a total of three levels. She becomes available at Town Hall 14. Here is the list of max levels of Electro Titan:

  • Max level of Electro Titan at Town Hall 14 is level 2.
  • Max level of Electro Titan at Town Hall 15 is level 3.

Electro Titan’s Upgrade Cost

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
219,500,00013 days14
320,500,00014 days15
Electro Titan Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

How to use Electro Titan effectively

When it comes to attacking strategy, Electro Titan can be a total tanking beast, soaking up damage from defenses like a sponge. However, be warned that she’s not invincible. Inferno Towers and Monoliths can easily wipe her out with their massive damage, so you might want to take care of those defense buildings with some Freeze Spells or by straight-up demolishing them with a Blizzard attack tactic.

Now, let’s talk team-ups. Electro Titan works best with other ground-based army combinations, making her a good support for your troops. Take, for example, a Queen Charge attack. With her massive health and aura damage, Electro Titan can help your Archer Queen get inside the core of the base with ease, like a VIP skipping the line at a club. She’s a real queen-maker.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is walls. Those little walls can really get in the way of Electro Titan’s movement, so be sure to bring along some trusty Wall Breakers to pave the way for her.


When it comes to defense, Electro Titan can do pretty well with her aura damage. However, keep in mind that she’s a bit of a diva and takes up a whopping 32 housing spaces in your Clan Castle. If you’ve upgraded to Town Hall 15, you’re in luck because you’ll have a Clan Castle housing space of 50, which means you can bring in an Electro Titan and an Ice Golem to really beef up your defense.

But if you’re still at Town Hall 14, you’re a bit limited on options with a Clan Castle housing space of 45. In that case, I wouldn’t recommend requesting an Electro Titan. It’s like trying to fit an elephant in a Fiat – it’s just not practical. Instead, go for some Super Minions and other defense troops to round out your defense. They may not be as flashy as Electro Titan, but they’ll get the job done.

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