X-Bow (Home Village): Upgrade Cost, Time and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: X-Bow (Home Village) Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The X-Bow is a long-range defense building that becomes available at Town Hall 9. It can be upgraded to level 3 at the same Town Hall level.

The X-Bow operates by shooting arrows at its target. The arrows fired by the X-Bow can cause a fair amount of damage and travel at a high speed.

The X-Bow offers two distinct attack modes: air mode and ground mode. In air mode, the X-Bow is capable of targeting both air and ground units within a shorter range of 11.5 tiles.

On the other hand, when set to ground mode, the X-Bow focuses exclusively on ground units and can attack from a greater distance of 14 tiles.

The operation of the X-Bow in the Home Village differs slightly from the X-Bow in the Builder Base. In the Builder Base, when the X-Bow is set to air mode, it can only target air troops.

X-Bow’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
11,000,0002 days9
21,600,0004 days9
32,400,0005 days9
43,400,0005 days, 6 hours10
54,900,0006 days, 6 hours11
66,800,0009 days12
78,300,0009 days, 12 hours13
810,300,00010 days13
917,400,00018 days14
1020,000,00019 days15
X-Bow Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

X-Bow’s Max Levels

The X-Bow has a total of 10 levels, and each level upgrade boosts its damage per second and hit points.

At Town Hall 9, the X-Bow can be upgraded to level 3. Furthermore, it receives two additional level upgrades at Town Hall 13.

With each upgrade, the X-Bow undergoes a visual transformation that typically aligns with the theme and color scheme of the corresponding Town Hall level. Here is the list of max levels of X-Bow:

  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 9 is level 3.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 10 is level 4.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 11 is level 5.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 12 is level 6.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 13 is level 8.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 14 is level 9.
  • Max level of X-Bow at Town Hall 15 is level 10.

X-Bow’s Statistics

The X-Bow is a defense building that focuses on a single target at a time. It doesn’t have a favorite target so it attacks any troop that enters its range.

Alongside the Inferno Tower, X-Bow is one of the two defense buildings that offer the ability to set different attack modes (excluding geared-up defense buildings).

Both the ground and air modes of the X-Bow have respectable ranges. The ground mode has a slightly greater range than the air mode but is restricted to attacking only ground units.

In ground-only mode, the X-Bow has a range of 14 tiles, while in hybrid mode, it has a range of 11.5 tiles.

Players have the option to build two X-Bows at Town Hall 9, and this count increases to three at Town Hall 10. Upon reaching Town Hall 11, players can build up to four X-Bows, and this number remains consistent across all higher-level Town Halls.

At its maximum level, the X-Bow becomes even more powerful, reaching a damage per second of 215 and an impressive hitpoints pool of 4700.

Vulnerabilities of the X-Bow

With its ability to fire powerful bolts at both ground and air units, the X-Bow poses a significant threat to any attack strategy. However, like all defensive buildings, the X-Bow has its vulnerabilities.

Let’s look at some of these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability to High-Health Units

The X-Bow’s high rate of fire is an advantage against weaker units. However, it struggles against high-health units such as Golems and Giants. These tanks can soak up the X-Bow’s damage while other units advance unharmed.

By deploying high-health units strategically, attackers can reduce the X-Bow’s offensive capabilities so that smaller and more potent troops deal significant damage to important buildings.

Vulnerability to Swarm Troops

While the X-Bow excels at taking down individual units, it struggles against swarms of troops such as Barbarians and Archers. These low-health units can overwhelm the X-Bow’s firepower, causing it to focus on one unit at a time.

While it is uncommon for attackers to deploy smaller troops in Clan Wars, the Archer Queen and Barbarian King have the ability to spawn such troops.

These spawned troops serve as means to divert and neutralize the X-Bow’s offensive capabilities, granting the heroes sufficient time to eliminate the X-Bow.

Ammo Depletion

One often overlooked vulnerability of the X-Bow is its reliance on ammo. The X-Bow has a limited amount of ammunition, and once it runs out, it becomes temporarily ineffective until it is recharged.

If a player fails to log in to their village for a few consecutive days, the X-Bow can deplete its ammunition. This vulnerability creates an opportunity for attackers to more easily three-star your base.

Frequently Asked Questions about X-Bow

Can X-Bow attack air troops?

Yes, X-Bow can attack air troops when set to hybrid mode.

Does the X-Bow use Elixir?

X-Bow uses Elixir bolts as its ammo but it doesn’t cost Elixir to reload the ammo.

At which Town Hall level is the X-Bow unlocked?

The X-Bow becomes available for construction at Town Hall 9.

How many X-Bows can be built at each Town Hall level?

At Town Hall 9, players can build two X-Bows. The count increases to three at Town Hall 10 and four at Town Hall 11.

Can the X-Bow run out of ammunition?

Yes, if a player doesn’t log in to their village for a few days, the X-Bow can deplete its ammunition.

Does the X-Bow have different ranges in its attack modes?

Yes, the X-Bow has different ranges. In ground-only mode, it has a range of 14 tiles, while in hybrid mode, it has a range of 11.5 tiles.

How is the Home Village X-Bow different than the Builder Base X-Bow?

Home Village X-Bow can attack both air and ground units in hybrid mode while the Builder Base X-Bow can only be set to attack either ground units or air units.

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