Archer Queen Upgrade Cost and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: Archer Queen Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Archer Queen is an incredibly strong hero in Clash of Clans, and she can be unlocked when you reach Town Hall 9. She comes with a set of skills that will help you dominate your attacks and achieve victory.

To become really powerful with the Archer Queen, you need to progress through 85 levels. However, the effort is well worth it, as the rewards are truly satisfying.

One of her most remarkable weapons is a mini X-Bow that shoots devastating arrows, causing massive damage to enemy troops and buildings. Her quick-fire rate and high damage output make it easy for her to defeat even the toughest enemies.

In fact, when fully upgraded, the Archer Queen has the highest damage per second in the whole game.

The Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak ability is one of her most deadly tools. When activated, this special ability cloaks her in invincibility which enables her to deal massive damage to enemy troops and buildings without taking any harm in return.

Archer Queen’s Max Levels

Archer Queen can be upgraded to a certain level at every Town Hall. Following are the max levels of Archer Queen for each Town Hall level:

  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 9 is 30.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 10 is 40.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 11 is 50.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 12 is 65.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 13 is 75.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 14 is 80.
  • Max level of Archer Queen at Town Hall 15 is 90.

Archer Queen Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
211,0004 hours9
312,0006 hours9
413,0008 hours9
515,00010 hours9
616,00012 hours9
717,00014 hours9
818,00016 hours9
919,00018 hours9
1020,00020 hours9
1122,00022 hours9
1224,0001 day9
1326,0001 day, 8 hours9
1428,0001 day, 16 hours9
1530,0002 days9
1632,0002 days9
1734,0002 days9
1836,0002 days9
1938,0002 days9
2040,0002 days, 12 hours9
2142,0002 days, 12 hours9
2244,0002 days, 12 hours9
2346,0002 days, 12 hours9
2448,0002 days, 12 hours9
2550,0003 days9
2652,0003 days9
2754,0003 days9
2856,0003 days9
2958,0003 days9
3060,0004 days9
3163,0004 days10
3265,0004 days10
3367,0004 days10
3469,0004 days10
3572,0004 days, 18 hours10
3674,0004 days, 18 hours10
3777,0004 days, 18 hours10
3879,0004 days, 18 hours10
3982,0004 days, 18 hours10
4084,0005 days, 12 hours10
4189,0005 days, 12 hours11
4293,0005 days, 12 hours11
4397,0005 days, 12 hours11
44101,0005 days, 12 hours11
45106,0005 days, 18 hours11
46111,0005 days, 18 hours11
47116,0005 days, 18 hours11
48122,0005 days, 18 hours11
49127,0005 days, 18 hours11
50132,0005 days, 18 hours11
51138,0006 days, 6 hours12
52143,0006 days, 6 hours12
53148,0006 days, 6 hours12
54154,0006 days, 6 hours12
55159,0006 days, 6 hours12
56166,0006 days, 6 hours12
57172,0006 days, 6 hours12
58179,0006 days, 6 hours12
59186,0006 days, 6 hours12
60192,0006 days, 6 hours12
61198,0006 days, 6 hours12
62203,0006 days, 6 hours12
63208,0006 days, 6 hours12
64213,0006 days, 6 hours12
65219,0006 days, 6 hours12
66228,0006 days, 18 hours13
67237,0006 days, 18 hours13
68246,0006 days, 18 hours13
69255,0006 days, 18 hours13
70266,0007 days, 6 hours13
71269,0007 days, 6 hours13
72278,0007 days, 6 hours13
73283,0007 days, 6 hours13
74288,0007 days, 6 hours13
75297,0007 days, 6 hours13
76302,0008 days14
77308,0008 days14
78314,0008 days14
79319,0008 days14
80325,0008 days14
81334,0008 days15
82338,0008 days15
83342,0008 days15
84346,0008 days15
85350,0008 days15
86352,0008 days15
87354,0008 days15
88356,0008 days15
89358,0008 days15
90360,0008 days15
Archer Queen Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Archer Queen’s Full Statistics

  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Type: Ranged Unit
  • Range: 5 Tiles
  • Search Range (when defending): 10 Tiles
  • Movement Speed: 24
  • Attack Speed: 0.75 seconds
LevelDamage Per SecondDamage Per HitHitpointsRegeneration TimeAbility LevelTown Hall
116012072510 minutesLocked9
216412374010 minutesLocked9
316812675510 minutesLocked9
417212977110 minutesLocked9
517613278712 minutes19
6181135.7580412 minutes19
7185138.7582112 minutes19
8190142.583812 minutes19
9194145.585612 minutes19
10199149.2587414 minutes29
1120415389214 minutes29
12209156.7591114 minutes29
13215161.2593014 minutes29
1422016594914 minutes29
15226169.596916 minutes39
16231173.2599016 minutes39
17237177.751,01016 minutes39
18243182.251,03216 minutes39
19249186.751,05316 minutes39
20255191.251,07618 minutes49
21262196.51,09818 minutes49
222682011,12118 minutes49
23275206.251,14518 minutes49
24282211.51,16918 minutes49
25289216.751,19320 minutes59
262962221,21820 minutes59
273042281,24420 minutes59
28311233.251,27020 minutes59
29319239.251,29720 minutes59
30327245.251,32422 minutes69
31335251.251,35222 minutes610
323442581,38022 minutes610
333522641,40922 minutes610
34361270.751,43922 minutes610
35370277.51,46924 minutes710
36379284.251,50024 minutes710
37389291.751,53224 minutes710
38398298.51,56424 minutes710
394083061,59724 minutes710
40419314.251,63026 minutes810
41429321.751,66426 minutes811
424403301,69926 minutes811
43451338.251,73526 minutes811
44462346.51,77126 minutes811
45474355.51,80928 minutes911
46486364.51,84728 minutes911
47498373.51,88528 minutes911
48510382.51,92528 minutes911
49523392.251,96528 minutes911
505364022,00730 minutes1011
51547410.252,05830 minutes1012
52558418.52,11030 minutes1012
53570427.52,16330 minutes1012
54582436.52,21830 minutes1012
55594445.52,27432 minutes1112
56606454.52,33132 minutes1112
57619464.252,39032 minutes1112
586324742,45032 minutes1112
59645483.752,51232 minutes1112
60658493.52,57534 minutes1212
61671503.252,63934 minutes1212
626845132,70534 minutes1212
63698523.52,77334 minutes1212
647125342,84234 minutes1212
65726544.52,91336 minutes1312
66739554.252,98036 minutes1313
67751563.253,04036 minutes1313
68762571.53,09536 minutes1313
697725793,14536 minutes1313
70781585.753,19038 minutes1413
71789591.753,23038 minutes1413
727965973,27038 minutes1413
73802601.53,31038 minutes1413
748086063,35038 minutes1413
75814610.53,39040 minutes1513
768206153,42540 minutes1514
77825618.753,46040 minutes1514
78830622.53,49540 minutes1514
79835626.253,53040 minutes1514
808406303,56542 minutes1614
818446333,60042 minutes1615
828486363,63042 minutes1615
838526393,66042 minutes1615
848566423,69042 minutes1615
858606453,72044 minutes1715
868646483,75044 minutes1715
878686513,78044 minutes1715
888726543,81044 minutes1715
898766573,84044 minutes1715
908806603,87046 minutes1815
Archer Queen Full Statistics

Royal Cloak Ability Statistics

Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak sees an improvement in its statistics after every five levels. Here is the list of these improvements:

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHP RecoveryDurationArchers SpawnedTown Hall
Royal Cloak’s Statistics

Archer Queen’s Details

When the Archer Queen reaches level 90, her incredible abilities become the strongest. Her Royal Cloak ability, for example, is raised to level 18.

Yet, all this power comes with a drawback – a max-level Archer Queen takes a long 46 minutes to fully regenerate after being defeated in an attack.

But don’t let that deter you, because a fully upgraded Archer Queen is a truly exceptional warrior. Each of her hits deals a massive 880 damage which allows her to take down enemy troops and buildings with ease.

Moreover, her health pool of 3870 hitpoints enables her to soak heavy enemy fire, letting her continue fighting even in the most challenging battles.

When the maxed-out Archer Queen activates her ability, she becomes invisible and deals 2440 damage with each hit while also regaining 575 health. This powerful ability lasts for 7.0 seconds and spawns 22 Archers to support her.

In addition to her potent abilities, the Archer Queen is famous for her devastating Queen Charge attacks. She’s a ranged unit, making her an ideal partner for Healers. By staying out of the range of Air Defenses, she can deal massive damage to enemy troops.

With the help of Healers, the Archer Queen can execute powerful Queen Charge attacks that can destroy even the toughest enemy bases.

Carefully navigating around enemy defenses and strategically targeting key buildings, the Archer Queen creates a path for your main army to follow.

Remember, you can unlock the Archer Queen when you reach Town Hall 9, and at the same Town Hall level, you can start upgrading her up to level 30. Her upgrades require Dark Elixirs.

The Archer Queen doesn’t have a specific preference when it comes to choosing her targets. She will typically attack the building that is nearest to her. She has the ability to target both air and ground units and moves with a speed of 24.

Archer Queen requires a housing space of 25 (for Recall Spell).

How to effectively use Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a powerful hero known for her precision and long-range attacks. However, effectively using the Archer Queen requires a strategic approach. Let’s delve into the key strategies and tips to make the most of this exceptional her0.

Queen Walk Strategy

The Queen Walk strategy involves deploying the Archer Queen alongside a few supporting troops to clear out enemy buildings on one side of the base. This allows your main army combination to focus on the other side without worrying about defenses on that flank.

Start by funneling the Queen towards the desired side, ensuring that she is protected and able to eliminate key defenses.

Queen Charge Strategy

Similar to the Queen Walk, the Queen Charge strategy is centered around the Archer Queen. However, this tactic involves using the Queen to charge into the core of the enemy base, taking out key defenses, and creating a path for your main attacking force.

It’s important to plan her path carefully and provide the necessary support to ensure her survival.

Pairing the Archer Queen with Healers

To keep the Archer Queen alive during her destructive journey, it’s common to pair her with Healers. These flying units will heal the Queen as she takes damage, allowing her to withstand defenses and continue to destroy the key defenses.

It’s important to protect the Healers as well, so consider sending in a few Balloons before deploying Healers. This will make sure all the air traps are cleared out before Healers are deployed.

Support Troops and Spells

Deploying support troops alongside the Archer Queen can significantly enhance her effectiveness. Troops like Wizards, Bowlers, or even Balloons can help eliminate defenses and clear a path for her.

Additionally, using spells like Rage, Freeze, or Poison can provide important advantages by increasing her damage output while also increasing the healing output of Healers, freezing defenses, or neutralizing enemy Clan Castle troops respectively.

Timing and Placement

When deploying the Archer Queen, timing and placement are extremely important. Observe the base layout and analyze the defenses to determine the ideal place to deploy her.

Deploy her in a location where she can reach multiple targets and minimize the risk of her being targeted by defenses. Additionally, consider the Queen’s range to make sure that her supporting Healers are out of Air Defense’s reach.

Using the Royal Cloak

The Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak ability can have a major impact on the outcome of an attack when used strategically. Activate it at the right moment to either protect her from incoming damage or amplify her damage output.

It’s wise to save the ability for critical points in the attack, such as when she’s engaging multiple defenses or when she’s at low health.

Frequently Asked Question about Archer Queen

Can Archer Queen spawn super Archers?

Queen cannot spawn super Archers. She can only spawn regular Archers when her ability is used.

Can Archer Queen spawn super Archers?

No, Archer Queen cannot spawn super Archers. She can only spawn regular Archers when her ability is used.

Can I use Archer Queen in war when upgrading?

Just like any other hero, Archer Queen cannot be used in war when being upgraded.

How far can Archer Queen shoot?

Archer Queen has a decent range of 5 tiles while during defense she can follow her target up to 10 tiles.

When does Archer Queen get a pet?

Pets for your heroes are unlocked at Town Hall 14.

At what level does the Archer Queen get good?

Archer Queen gets access to her Royal Cloak ability at level 5 and that is where she gets good.

Does upgrading Archers help Archer Queen?

By upgrading your Archers, you can also boost the level of the Archers spawned by your Archer Queen. This means that the Archers spawned will be at the same level you have in your Laboratory.

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