Clash of Clans: TH14 Pet Upgrade Order

Clash of Clans: TH14 Pet Upgrade Order

Pets have brought a fresh and exciting dynamic to Clash of Clans, revolutionizing the way attacks are executed at Town Hall 14 and 15. However, it is essential to properly prioritize the upgrades of these furry companions to maximize their effectiveness in your troop combinations.

In this article, we will guide you through the optimal upgrade order for your pets at Town Hall 14, ensuring you dominate your opponents with the greatest efficiency.

If you have not yet unlocked a pet with a higher upgrade priority, do not worry! You can still work your way down the list and focus on upgrading the pet with the second-highest priority and so on.

Additionally, we highly recommend continuing the research inside your Pet House, even when it is undergoing an upgrade. This will allow you to make the most of your time and help you quickly max out your pets.

Upgrading your pets requires a significant amount of Dark Elixir, which will need a decent amount of farming effort.

To ensure that you can keep your hero upgrades running while also upgrading your pets, it’s recommended that you carefully plan your upgrade costs.

You can use our pet upgrade costs article to help you stay on track and manage your Dark Elixir effectively.


When it comes to Town Hall 14, the Unicorn reigns supreme as the most effective pet and should undoubtedly be your top priority for upgrading. This magnificent creature is particularly useful when paired with the Archer Queen due to its exceptional healing abilities.

During a Queen Charge attack, the Unicorn can provide a substantial health boost to the Archer Queen, greatly enhancing her ability to take down enemy defenses.

Unlike the Healer, the Unicorn cannot be targeted by Air Defenses, making it an ideal companion for the Archer Queen as they traverse the enemy base together.

One of the key advantages that make the Unicorn superior to the Healer is its ability to heal air units, which the Healer cannot do.

Furthermore, if you choose to pair the Unicorn with the Grand Warden, it can heal the Grand Warden in both air and ground mode, making it a reliable companion.

It is also important to note that when a hero equipped with the Unicorn dies, the Unicorn will automatically shift its focus to the nearest unit that requires healing.

Upgrading the Unicorn will have a significant impact on your overall effectiveness in attack strategies. This powerful pet can play a crucial role in taking down even the strongest Town Hall 14 bases, providing a substantial health boost to the hero it is assigned to.

Mighty Yak

The Mighty Yak is the second-highest priority pet at Town Hall 14 and for good reason. With a decent amount of hitpoints, this strong creature can easily break through high-level walls with just a couple of hits.

Additionally, the Mighty Yak’s substantial hitpoint pool provides excellent tanking support to the hero it is paired with.

It is often paired with the Barbarian King to provide him with reliable support in destroying enemy walls, making it an essential addition to any successful attack strategy.

It’s worth noting that when the Mighty Yak’s hero falls in battle, it enters into a rage mode, dealing extra damage to enemy buildings.

Additionally, the Mighty Yak has a decent movement speed and will target ground units, making it an effective companion for heroes like the Barbarian King who prioritize ground-based attacks.

By upgrading your Mighty Yak, you can ensure that your heroes have the support they need to penetrate even the strongest enemy defenses.


LASSI is another valuable pet that provides exceptional tanking abilities to its assigned hero.

With the ability to jump over walls, LASSI is an ideal companion for the Royal Champion, allowing them to bypass enemy walls and reach their intended targets with greater ease.

By pairing LASSI with the Royal Champion, you can create a deadly combination that can jump right into the heart of the battle.

Additionally, LASSI has an impressive movement speed of 32, making it an effective lead for its hero and absorbing any extra damage that might otherwise harm the hero.

By upgrading your LASSI, you can ensure that your hero has the support they need to penetrate even the strongest enemy defenses.

Once you have finished upgrading your Unicorn and Mighty Yak, it’s recommended that you prioritize upgrading your LASSI. By upgrading your LASSI, you can increase its tanking abilities and damage per second, making it a good companion for your heroes.

Electro Owl

Last but certainly not least, the Electro Owl is another valuable pet that should not be overlooked.

With the ability to damage multiple defenses at once, similar to the Electro Dragon, the Electro Owl can prove to be a valuable partner for your Grand Warden.

With decent damage per second and the ability to attack both air and ground targets, the Electro Owl can be a versatile asset on the battlefield. By upgrading your Electro Owl, you can improve its abilities and provide the extra assistance you need to take down those strong Town Hall 14 bases.

Upgrading your pets is a crucial part of improving your overall attacking capabilities in Clash of Clans.

By following the recommended upgrade order and prioritizing the important pets first, you can ensure that your pets are providing you with the support you need to take down even the toughest opponents.

Remember to plan your upgrade costs carefully and make smart resource management decisions to keep your heroes and pets upgraded and ready for battle. Clash on!

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