Electro Owl: Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time (2023)

Clash of Clans: Electro Owl Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Do you want a tiny flying Electro Dragon as a pet? Sorry, we can’t quite manage that, but we can offer you the next best thing: an electrifying owl! That’s right, the Electro Owl is the second pet you can grab in Clash of Clans once you’ve upgraded your Pet House to level 2. This little guy is one of four pets that Town Hall 14 players can add to their team.

Think of the Electro Owl as a mini-me version of the Electro Dragon – it’s got all the shockingly cool moves, just in a smaller package. Like its larger cousin, the Electro Owl can unleash a chain attack that zaps multiple buildings at once. However, there’s a limit to the number of buildings it can hit. Its chain attack is limited to just two buildings. The first unlucky target will get a full blast of 100 percent damage, while the second target will be zapped for 80 percent of the damage.

Electro Owl Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2135,0003 days
3150,0004 days
4165,0005 days
5180,0005 days, 12 hours
6195,0006 days
7210,0006 days, 12 hours
8225,0007 days
9240,0007 days, 12 hours
10255,0008 days
Electro Owl Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Electro Owl’s Statistics

Let’s face it, the Electro Owl is no powerhouse – it’s an air troop that’s just okay in terms of stats. It has 10 levels, and upgrading each level will improve its hitpoints and damage per second. At the maximum level, it can deal 145 damage per second and has a hitpoint pool of 2500 – not terrible, but certainly not the best among pets for Town Hall 14 players. In fact, it’s the weakest of all pets!

Despite its lackluster stats, the Electro Owl is a loyal sidekick that’ll go wherever its owner goes. It’ll attack any building or troop that its owner is attacking, and with a movement speed of 20, it’s no slowpoke. It can attack both air and ground units providing good support to its owner. One thing to note is that this little birdie won’t trigger any air-based traps, so it can safely stay in the air. And if the owner of the Electro Owl bites the dust, fear not – it’ll start attacking the closest buildings, proving that this pet is just as independent as it is electrifying!

Which Hero to Pair Electro Owl with

Are you scratching your head and wondering which hero would be the perfect match for your Electro Owl? Well, fear not, because we’re here to help! As an air troop, the Electro Owl can be vulnerable to enemy Air Defenses that can zap it out of the sky faster than you can say “ZAP!” That’s why it’s important to give your Electro Owl some air tanking support to keep it safe.

While heroes like the Royal Champion can fearlessly charge into enemy bases, pairing them with the Electro Owl can be risky business because this will bring Electro Owl inside the range of Air Defenses. Instead, we recommend going with the wise and powerful Grand Warden. Set the Grand Warden to air mode and combine it with an army of air-based troops, and watch as the Electro Owl provides invaluable support to the team with its chain attack. So, you should pair Electro Owl with Grand Warden for the best results.

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