Privacy Policy

In order to provide services and enable some features on this website, we collect and use specific information about users. Your email address and other personal information will only be used to send you the newsletters if you have requested and will not be shared with or sold to outside parties.

On some pages of the ClashDaddy website, there may be advertisements or sponsored links. These advertisements or sponsored links are usually either self-served or served by our advertising partner. The specific advertisements that are run by our advertising partners are not under the control of ClashDaddy.

Small text files called cookies are kept in your browser. On this website, cookies could be used to keep track of your preferences or to analyze web traffic. Cookies might be used.

We also use RediStats and Google Analytics to keep a track of our visitors. Redistats might collect your IP and the source you used to get to our site. This helps us in writing and analyzing the content on our site. You can take a look at RediStats’ privacy policy for additional information.

ClashDaddy works with Ezoic for monetizing its content, you can read EZOIC SERVICE PRIVACY POLICY to know more about that. CLICK HERE TO CHANGE YOUR PRIVACY CONSENT SETTINGS.

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