Town Hall: Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time and Levels

Clash of Clans: Town Hall Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Town Hall is the central hub of a base in Clash of Clans, playing a major role in the game’s mechanics. Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks a range of benefits, including new defenses, troops, and buildings.

The importance of the Town Hall in Clash of Clans cannot be overstated, as simply destroying the enemy’s Town Hall awards players with a one-star victory.

Additionally, this building can also store a certain amount of resources, with the storage capacity expanding as the Town Hall levels up.

From level 1 to level 11, the Town Hall remains defenseless against attacking troops and does not engage in combat. However, upon reaching Town Hall 12, this significant building is equipped with its own powerful weapon called the Giga Tesla.

As players progress further to Town Hall 13 and beyond, the Giga Tesla is then replaced by an even more powerful defense weapon known as the Giga Inferno.

Town Hall’s Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time & Levels

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Time
21,00010 seconds
34,0001 hour
425,0003 hours
5150,0006 hours
6750,00012 hours
71,000,00018 hours
82,000,0001 day
93,000,0002 days
103,500,0002 days, 12 hours
114,000,0002 days, 18 hours
126,000,0004 days, 6 hours
12 – 23,000,0001 day, 12 hours
12 – 34,200,0002 days, 18 hours
12 – 45,600,0004 days, 6 hours
12 – 57,000,0005 days, 12 hours
139,000,0007 days, 12 hours
13 – 27,500,0004 days, 12 hours
13 – 39,000,0006 days
13 – 411,200,0006 days, 12 hours
13 – 513,500,0008 days, 6 hours
1415,000,00013 days, 6 hours
14 – 28,500,0008 days, 12 hours
14 – 310,500,00010 days, 12 hours
14 – 412,300,00012 days, 6 hours
14 – 514,200,00013 days, 6 hours
1518,000,00013 days, 12 hours
15 – 210,000,0009 days
15 – 312,000,00011 days
15 – 414,000,00013 days
15 – 516,000,00014 days
1620,000,00014 days
Town Hall Upgrade Cost, Time and Levels.
The dash and number with level show the upgrade cost and time of Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno.

Town Hall’s Statistics

The Town Hall in Clash of Clans features a total of 16 levels, and each level upgrade brings about an increase in its hitpoints and storage capacity.

Moreover, these upgrades grant players access to new buildings, troops, and upgrade levels, enhancing their strategic options.

The Town Hall becomes weaponized at Town Hall 12, marking a significant turning point in the game. From Town Hall 12 onwards, players must undergo four additional upgrades to advance to the next Town Hall level.

These four extra levels are dedicated to enhancing the Town Hall’s own weapons, such as the Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno.

Through these extra upgrades, the damage per second and effectiveness of the Town Hall’s signature weapons are substantially increased.

Both the Giga Inferno and Giga Tesla have an impressive range of 10 tiles.

This extensive range enables these defenses to effectively target enemy troops from a considerable distance, allowing them to engage and deal a good amount of damage to incoming troops.

In addition to its other benefits, each level upgrade of the Town Hall also increases its resource storage capacity. Starting from Town Hall 7 and continuing onward, the Town Hall gains the ability to store a certain amount of Dark Elixir alongside Gold and Elixir.

At the maximum level, a Town Hall can store up to 2,000,000 Gold and Elixir, while also accommodating 20,000 Dark Elixir.

Giga Tesla

Upon reaching Town Hall 12, the Town Hall gains its own distinctive and powerful weapon known as the Giga Tesla. This potent weapon emerges from the top of the Town Hall when the Town Hall is attacked or when the base’s total destruction reaches 51 percent.

The Giga Tesla has the ability to target multiple units simultaneously, enabling it to quickly eliminate enemy troops within a short span of time. However, its destructive capabilities do not end there.

When the Town Hall itself is destroyed, the Giga Tesla detonates, inflicting significant damage upon nearby enemy units, further adding to its destructive potential.

It is worth noting that when the Giga Tesla is activated, the Town Hall turns into a defense building.

This means that troops, particularly those that prioritize attacking defensive buildings, might go for the Town Hall when they are done with their current targets.

Giga Inferno

Starting at Town Hall 13 and beyond, the Giga Tesla is replaced by a more potent weapon known as the Giga Inferno, which serves as the Town Hall’s new signature defense.

The Giga Inferno surpasses the strength of the Giga Tesla and can be viewed as an amplified version of the Inferno Tower.

Similar to the Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno emerges from the top of the Town Hall when the Town Hall comes under attack from enemy troops or when the base’s overall destruction reaches 51 percent.

The Giga Inferno has the ability to target multiple units simultaneously.

However, the surprise it leaves behind upon the destruction of the Town Hall differs between Town Hall 13 and Town Hall 14 – 16.

Once Giga Inferno is upgraded to level 3 at Town Hall 13, it triggers a freezing effect for nearby troops on destruction. This freezing effect slows down the attack rate of troops while inflicting a significant amount of damage.

In contrast, at Town Halls 14 to 16, the Giga Inferno leaves behind an effect similar to the Poison Spell. This effect not only slows down the attack rate and movement speed of units within its range but also gradually diminishes their health over time.

Strategic Placement of the Town Hall

In the world of Clash of Clans, the placement of your Town Hall holds immense significance. Whether you’re constructing a war base or optimizing your home village, the positioning of your Town Hall can greatly impact the outcome of an attack on your base.

Interestingly, while war bases often see the Town Hall placed outside, home village layouts tend to keep it securely within.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind these distinct strategies and their underlying motives.

The Town Hall in War Bases: Guarding Against the Three Star

When it comes to war bases, the primary objective is to minimize the risk of an opponent achieving a three-star victory. Placing the Town Hall outside the main defenses plays an important role in achieving this goal. Here’s why:

By placing the Town Hall outside, you create a tempting target for the enemy. Attackers are enticed to focus their efforts on destroying the Town Hall to quickly claim an easy one-star.

This distraction often leads them to neglect other key defensive buildings, giving you an advantage.

Placing the Town Hall outside implies surrendering one star to the opponent. However, the potential gains from a successful defense outweigh this sacrifice.

Even if the attacker secures the Town Hall star, your base stands a greater chance of defending against a full three-star attack, thereby minimizing the enemy’s overall score.

The Town Hall in Home Village: Protecting Valuable Resources

In stark contrast to war bases, home village layouts tend to keep the Town Hall safely within the confines of the base. The reason behind this strategic choice revolves around safeguarding resources. Here’s why:

The Town Hall houses a considerable amount of loot in the home village. By placing it within the core of your base, you add an extra layer of defense, making it harder for attackers to breach and steal your resources.

Keeping the Town Hall inside the base allows you to position defense buildings strategically around it.

These defenses provide additional protection to your valuable resources, discouraging attackers from targeting the Town Hall and risking heavy losses in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Town Hall

What is the purpose of upgrading the Town Hall in Clash of Clans?

Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks new buildings, defenses, troops, and spells. It also increases your maximum resources storage capacity and allows you to progress to higher Town Hall levels.

Is it okay to rush to next Town Hall level?

While it may give you access to higher-level buildings and troops earlier, rushing your Town Hall can have some consequences. It can lead to imbalanced matchmaking, where you may face stronger opponents with higher-level defenses while having weaker ones yourself.
It can also make it harder to gather resources and progress efficiently in the game. It is generally recommended to prioritize upgrading all other aspects of your village before moving on to the next Town Hall level.

What is the maximum level for the Town Hall?

Town Hall has a maximum level of 15. Town Hall 15 was added to the game on October 10, 2022.

What happens if my Town Hall is destroyed in an attack?

If your Town Hall gets destroyed during an attack, the opponent will receive one star and some resources.

What is the range of the Town Halls’ defensive weapons (Giga Tesla/Giga Inferno)?

Both the Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno have a range of 10 tiles, allowing them to target enemy troops from a significant distance.

When does Town Hall defend itself in Clash of Clans?

From Town Hall 12 onwards, the Town Hall gains its own defensive weapon, such as the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno, allowing it to attack enemy troops.

Can the Town Hall store resources?

Yes, the Town Hall can store Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Its storage capacity increases with each level upgrade.

How does the Giga Tesla function in defense?

The Giga Tesla, once activated, can target multiple units simultaneously and releases a powerful explosion upon the destruction of the Town Hall.

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