Clash of Clans: Walls Upgrade Guide, Cost and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: Walls Upgrade Guide and Upgrade Cost

Walls are the backbone of any great Clash of Clans base. They not only allow players to unleash their creativity when designing their bases, but they also serve as the first line of defense against attacking enemies.

As the toughest upgrade in the game, upgrading walls is no easy feat. However, it is a crucial step in building a strong base that can withstand ground-based attack strategies.

One of the unique aspects of walls in Clash of Clans is that they often mirror the theme of the Town Hall, adding a touch of continuity and visual appeal to the overall base design.

Without walls, Clash of Clans would lack the strategic depth and complexity that makes it such an addictive game.

How to effectively upgrade your walls

Upgrading walls in Clash of Clans can be a daunting task, but there are several strategies players can use to achieve the shiny maxed-out walls.

The first approach is to keep one builder free at all times and focus on investing any extra resources into walls.

This method is ideal for dedicated players with plenty of time to devote to farming resources. By constantly upgrading walls, players can see their progress skyrocket, with maxed-out walls achievable in just a few short weeks.

While this method may be the fastest, it does require a significant time investment and can be challenging for more casual players.

However, for those who are up for the challenge, it’s a highly effective way to upgrade walls and boost your base’s defenses.

Another effective method for upgrading walls in Clash of Clans is to invest any extra resources into walls before starting a building upgrade.

This approach is especially well-suited for more casual players who may not have as much time to dedicate to farming resources but still want to make progress on their walls.

While this strategy may not be as fast as keeping a builder free at all times, it can still lead to significant progress over time.

The third and final method for upgrading walls is to focus on wall upgrades only after everything else in the base has been maxed-out. Many players opt for this approach once they have upgraded all other buildings in their base to their highest level.

This method may slow down overall progression towards the next Town Hall level.

It may also require a significant time investment in order to upgrade walls to their highest level, and may not be the best choice for players looking to make rapid progress.

Ultimately, whichever method you choose, upgrading your walls is an essential part of building a strong and successful base. With dedication and patience, you can achieve maxed-out walls quickly.

Walls Max Levels

Walls have a certain max level at every Town Hall. It is also important to note that walls get two new levels at Town Hall 9.

Here is the list of max levels of walls at every Town Hall:

  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 2 is level 2.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 3 is level 3.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 4 is level 4.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 5 is level 5.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 6 is level 6.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 7 is level 7.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 8 is level 8.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 9 is level 10.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 10 is level 11.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 11 is level 12.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 12 is level 13.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 13 is level 14.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 14 is level 15.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 15 is level 16.
  • Max level of walls at Town Hall 16 is level 17.

Walls Upgrade Cost

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Cost (Wall Rings)Town Hall Level
Walls Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time
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