Archer Tower (Home Village): Upgrade Cost, Time and Levels

Clash of Clans: Archer Tower Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Archer Tower is an early defense building in Clash of Clans, which becomes available at Town Hall 2.

It is a tall structure that features Archers stationed on it. The number of Archers on the tower varies depending on its level.

The Archer Tower has a fast attack rate, enabling it to inflict significant damage on enemy units. This attack speed can be further increased by gearing up the Archer Tower which can be done at Town Hall 8.

Once the Archer Tower is geared up, it can be set to “Fast Attack” mode, allowing for even quicker attacks. However, the “Fast Attack” mode comes at the cost of reduced attack range.

Archer Tower’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
11,0001 minute2
22,0005 minutes2
35,00045 minutes3
420,0003 hours4
580,0005 hours5
6180,0008 hours5
7360,00010 hours6
8600,00012 hours7
9800,00014 hours8
101,000,00018 hours8
111,200,0001 day9
121,500,0001 day, 6 hours10
132,000,0002 days, 6 hours10
142,500,0003 days, 12 hours11
153,500,0005 days11
164,700,0005 days, 12 hours12
176,100,0007 days, 12 hours12
186,800,0009 days13
198,000,0009 days, 12 hours13
2016,500,00016 days, 6 hours14
2118,500,00017 days15
Archer Tower Upgrade Cost and Time

Archer Tower’s Max Levels

Archer Tower receives a level upgrade at each Town Hall. With each level upgrade, Archer Tower improves in damage per second and hitpoints. It also changes appearance with every level upgrade.

Here is the list of max levels of Archer Tower:

  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 2 is level 2.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 3 is level 3.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 4 is level 4.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 5 is level 6.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 6 is level 7.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 7 is level 8.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 8 is level 10.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 9 is level 11.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 10 is level 13.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 11 is level 15.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 12 is level 17.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 13 is level 19.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 14 is level 20.
  • Max level of Archer Tower at Town Hall 15 is level 21.

Archer Tower’s Statistics

The Archer Tower and Cannon hold the distinction of having the highest number of level upgrades in Clash of Clans, with a total of 21 levels each.

The Archer Tower has an impressive range of 10 tiles. As a single-target defense building, it focuses its attacks on one enemy unit at a time.

One of the advantages of the Archer Tower is its ability to target both air and ground units, making it effective against all types of troops.

Archer Tower doesn’t prioritize a specific target; instead, it will engage any enemy troop that comes within its range.

At its maximum level, the Archer Tower has a damage output of 145 per second and a hitpoint pool of 1800. However, when the Archer Tower is geared up, its damage output doubles to 290 per second at the highest level.

It’s worth noting that this increased damage comes at the expense of a reduced range. When an Archer Tower is geared, its range drops from 10 tiles to 7 tiles.

Vulnerabilities of the Archer Tower

The Archer Tower is undoubtedly a useful defense building but it has some vulnerabilities.

Understanding these weaknesses can be crucial for effectively strategizing attacks against bases with well-placed Archer Towers.

Splash Damage

While the Archer Tower has high single-target damage, it lacks the ability to inflict splash damage.

This means that groups of troops, such as hordes of Barbarians or Archers, can potentially overwhelm an Archer Tower and quickly dismantle it before it can take them all down.

High Hitpoints Troops

The Archer Tower’s strength lies in its ability to swiftly eliminate weaker troops. However, troops with substantial hitpoints, such as Giants or Golems, can withstand its attacks for a longer duration.

This provides ample time for these high-hitpoint units to close the distance and destroy the Archer Tower without much resistance.

Susceptibility to Air Troops

Although the Archer Tower can target both air and ground units, it faces a particular vulnerability against air troops.

Balloons, Dragons, or other flying units can quickly bypass walls and focus their attacks on the Archer Tower, often taking it down with relative ease.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of the Archer Tower is essential for devising effective attack strategies.

By knowing its weaknesses, players can strategically overcome Archer Towers. This can help them in getting better results with their attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Archer Towers

What is an Archer Tower in Clash of Clans?

The Archer Tower is a defensive building in Clash of Clans that targets and attacks ground and air units. It is one of the first defensive structures available to players and plays an important role in defending the base against enemy attacks.

What are the different levels of Archer Tower?

Archer Tower has a total of 21 levels. As you upgrade the Archer Tower, it gains increased hit points and damage, making it more effective in defending your base against enemy troops.

Can Archer Towers attack both ground and air units?

Yes, Archer Towers have the ability to target and attack both ground and air units.

What is the range of an Archer Tower?

Archer Tower has a range of 10 tiles in normal mode and a range of 7 tiles in “Fast Attack” mode.

How can I defend my Archer Towers against enemy attacks?

To defend your Archer Towers, it is important to design a well-balanced base layout that provides them with adequate protection. Placing other defensive buildings strategically, such as Walls, Cannons, and Mortars, can help create a strong defensive perimeter around your Archer Towers.

Are there any special abilities or upgrades for Archer Towers?

Yes, you can gear up one Archer Tower to “Fast Attack” mode when you reach Town Hall 8.

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