Mortar: Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: Mortar Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Mortar is an early defense building in Clash of Clans, available to players once they reach Town Hall 3. This defense building is designed to deal splash damage to multiple targets simultaneously.

With a slight delay of a couple of seconds, the Mortar launches shells at its intended targets.

Each shell deals a fair amount of damage, making it particularly effective against smaller troops such as Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins.

From Town Hall 3 to Town Hall 5, players are limited to building a single Mortar for their base. However, once they reach Town Hall 6, the number of Mortars they can build increases to two.

At Town Hall 7, players gain the ability to build three Mortars, further improving their defense. From Town Hall 8 onwards, and throughout the higher Town Hall levels, players can have a maximum of four mortars.

This progression allows players to create better base layouts.

Mortar’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
15,0003 hours3
225,0006 hours4
3100,00012 hours5
4200,0001 day6
5400,0002 days7
6750,0002 days, 12 hours8
71,500,0003 days9
82,500,0003 days, 6 hours10
93,500,0004 days, 6 hours11
104,800,0005 days, 12 hours11
115,800,0007 days, 12 hours12
126,500,0008 days, 18 hours12
138,200,0009 days, 12 hours13
1416,500,00017 days14
1519,000,00018 days15
Mortar Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Mortar’s Max Levels

Mortar has a total of 15 levels. Each level upgrade brings improvements to its damage per second as well as its hitpoints, making it increasingly effective.

Additionally, with each upgrade, the Mortar undergoes a visual transformation that typically aligns with the theme of the current Town Hall level.

These visual changes not only add aesthetic appeal but also showcase the progression of your village and its defenses.

Here is the list of max levels of Mortar at each Town Hall level:

  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 3 is level 1.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 4 is level 2.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 5 is level 3.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 6 is level 4.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 7 is level 5.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 8 is level 6.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 9 is level 7.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 10 is level 8.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 11 is level 10.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 12 is level 12.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 13 is level 13.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 14 is level 14.
  • Max level of Mortar at Town Hall 15 is level 15.

Mortar gets two upgrades at Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 12.

Mortar’s Statistics

The Mortar in Clash of Clans is classified as a splash damage building which means it can deal damage on multiple enemy troops simultaneously with a single shell.

However, for the damage to affect multiple troops, they must be in close proximity to each other. If the troops are spread out, the Mortar will only target and damage a single troop.

Players have the opportunity to build their first Mortar when they reach Town Hall 3. In order to build a Mortar, it requires an investment of 5000 Gold and a waiting period of 3 hours.

Upon reaching Town Hall 10 and upgrading their Mortar to level 8, players have the opportunity to “gear up” one of their Mortars.

This unique enhancement allows the Mortar to launch multiple shells at once, resulting in significantly increased damage compared to a regular Mortar. However, in order to gear up Mortar in the home village, players need a Multi Mortar level 8 in the Builder Base.

Mortar has a respectable range, making it one of the few defense buildings capable of targeting the Flame Flinger. With a range of 11 tiles, the Mortar can effectively target enemy troops from a considerable distance.

However, Mortar does have a blind spot of 4 tiles surrounding it. Troops that enter this blind spot cannot be attacked by Mortar.

At its maximum level, Mortar becomes capable of dealing 54 damage per second and a decent 270 damage per shot. Its hitpoints also reach their peak at 2150, making it more durable.

Players can achieve this final level of upgrade for their Mortars when they reach Town Hall 15.

Vulnerabilities of the Mortars

While Mortars serve as decent defense buildings, they have several vulnerabilities that can be exploited by skilled attackers.

Let’s explore the weaknesses of Mortars and how they can impact their effectiveness in defending your base.

The Blind Spot

One of the primary vulnerabilities of Mortars lies in their blind spot, which encompasses a four-tile radius around this building. Troops that manage to enter this blind spot cannot be targeted by the Mortar.

This blind spot can significantly impact the Mortar’s effectiveness, as attackers can exploit this gap to avoid damage.

Slow Attack Rate

While Mortars have a fair firepower, their slow attack rate is one of their major weaknesses.

Unlike other defense buildings that can rapidly fire at incoming troops, Mortars have a noticeable delay between shots.

This slow attack rate can give attackers ample time to deploy healing spells. Skilled attackers can time their troop deployments to minimize casualties caused by Mortar attacks, rendering them less effective.

Slow Projectile Movement

In addition to their slow attack rate, Mortars also suffer from slow projectile movement. This characteristic allows troops to dodge incoming projectiles by quickly moving away from their original position.

Particularly faster troops, such as Hog Riders or Miners, can often outmaneuver the Mortar’s projectiles, reducing their overall effectiveness.

Ineffectiveness Against High Hitpoint Troops

While Mortars excel at dealing with swarms of low-hitpoint troops, they prove to be less effective against high-hitpoint troops, such as Golems or Heroes.

Due to their low damage per shot, Mortars struggle to make a dent in the health pool of these larger units. Pairing high hitpoint troops with supporting units can help attackers overcome the Mortar’s defensive capabilities.

Vulnerability to Air Troops

Perhaps the most glaring vulnerability of Mortars is their complete inability to target air troops.

As a ground-only defense, Mortars are rendered entirely defenseless against aerial attacks.

Flying units such as Dragons, Balloons, or Minions can approach a Mortar unharmed, eliminating its threat without fear of retaliation. Attackers can deploy air troops specifically to neutralize Mortars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortar

When can I build my first Mortar in Clash of Clans?

You can build your first Mortar in Clash of Clans when you reach Town Hall 3.

What is the range of the Mortar?

The Mortar has a range of 11 tiles, allowing it to target and attack enemies from a significant distance.

Can the mortar target the Flame Flinger?

Yes, the Mortar is one of the few defense buildings that can target and attack the Flame Flinger.

What are the benefits of upgrading Mortar?

Upgrading Mortar increases its damage per second, damage per shot, and hitpoints, making it more effective in defending your village.

How many Mortars can I build at different Town Hall levels?

You can build one Mortar from Town Hall 3 to Town Hall 5, two Mortars at Town Hall 6, three Mortars at Town Hall 7, and four Mortars from Town Hall 8 onwards.

When is the final level of the Mortar available?

The final level of the Mortar is available for upgrade at Town Hall 15.

Can the Mortar attack air units?

No, the Mortar only targets and attacks ground units. It cannot attack or damage air troops.

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