Clash of Clans: TH9 Upgrade Order (Updated)

TH9 Upgrade Order coc

TH9 is a wonderful Town Hall level that offers access to Archer Queen and a brand-new defense known as X-Bow. What should they upgrade first is the most common question posed by new TH9 players. This upgrade priority guide for TH9 will tell you the best order in which you should be upgrading your new TH9 so you can speed things up.

An upgrade priority guide teaches you the right order to upgrade your base. All of my priority guides start with offensive buildings. You should always be focusing on your offense first. Some buildings have a high priority than others due to their statistics.

This guide has the following purpose:

  • To help you speed things up as a new TH9.
  • To help you in upgrading important buildings first.

Note: We will consider that you have five builders as most players have the fifth builder at TH9. You can still follow the guide if you don’t have the fifth builder.

Getting the new buildings (Two Builders)

You get the following new buildings after upgrading your TH9:

  • 2x X-Bows
  • 1x Archer Queen
  • 1x Elixir Collector
  • 1x Elixir Storage
  • 1x Gold Mine
  • 1x Gold Storage
  • 1x Archer Tower
  • 25x Walls
  • 1x Wizard Tower
  • 1x Air Defense
  • 1x Hidden Tesla
  • 1x Dark Elixir Drill
  • 1x Air Sweeper
  • 1x Giant Bomb
  • 2x Seeking Air Mines

That’s a big list of new buildings, so it’s recommended to use two builders on all of these buildings and make them the same level as the older buildings.

You should build Archer Queen right away, and as a new TH9, you will get a boost on her that will increase her level to 6 for the next 5 days. It is recommended to upgrade Archer Queen to level 5 after the boost ends.


You can upgrade your village’s Laboratory to level 7 as a TH9. The Laboratory is always a high-priority upgrade because it lets you upgrade your troops, making them stronger and better. You will need better troops in order to three-star fellow TH9s.

Laboratory to level 7 upgrade cost: 800,000 Elixirs

Laboratory to level 7 upgrade time: 1 day

Clan Castle

As a TH9, you can upgrade your Clan Castle to level 5. A level 5 Clan Castle has a housing space of 30, so you can now request Golem, Lava Hound, or Electro Dragon. These troops can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your attack.

Clan Castle troops play a major role in both defending and attacking. You cannot attack a base without taking Clan Castle troops into consideration. Clan Castle always has a high priority because of its perks, so put some effort into your Clan Castle whenever you upgrade to a new Town Hall.

Clan Castle to level 5 upgrade cost: 2,500,000 Elixirs

Clan Castle to level 5 upgrade time: 2 day

Army Camps

As a TH9, you can upgrade your Army Camps to level 7, increasing the total troop housing capacity to 220. Use as many builders as you can on your Army Camps, so they can be upgraded quickly, giving you access to more troops.

An extra housing space of 20 can help you take on fellow TH9s in a better way. A maxed-out TH9 is hard to attack if you lack the extra troop housing space.

Army Camp to level 7 upgrade cost: 1,500,000 Elixirs

Army Camp to level 7 upgrade time: 2 days

Dark Elixir Storage

Dark Elixir storage gets two new levels at TH9 taking the total storage capacity to 180,000. As a TH9, You will need a lot of Dark Elixir to upgrade your heroes, dark troops, and dark spells. Dark Elixir Storage is a priority upgrade because you will need to store a significant amount of Dark Elixirs to upgrade heroes and dark troops at a time.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
52,000,0002 days
63,000,0003 days


You can unlock Baby Dragon by upgrading your Barracks at Town Hall 9. Baby Dragons are frequently used for the creation of funnels for Queen Charge attacks or other ground-based attack strategies. Baby Dragons perform best when left alone because they become enraged when left alone.

Barracks to level 11 upgrade cost: 2,600,000 Elixirs

Barracks to level 11 upgrade time: 4 days

Dark Barracks

Your village’s Dark Barracks can be upgraded twice at TH9 unlocking Witch and Lava Hound. Both of these troops are extremely necessary for good TH9 attacks. 

Witch is a vital troop for Town Hall 9 players as Witch Slap attack has the potential to 3-star a carefully designed war base. The Witch will improve the effectiveness of your current attack strategies and create opportunities for even more powerful new attacking tactics.

The second upgrade will give you access to Lava Hound. Lava Hound is an extremely popular dark troop that you will be using at every Town Hall level at some point. Lava Hounds are the main part of LavaLoon attack strategy which is very effective for three-starring other Town Hall 9s.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
52,200,0003 days, 12 hours
62,900,0004 days, 12 hours

Spell Factory

As a TH9, you can upgrade your Spell Factory to level 4, unlocking both Jump and Freeze Spell. These two spells are essential for Town Hall 9 players and hold high upgrade priority points.

Thanks to the Jump Spell, your heroes, and ground troops can now Jump over walls. Jump Spell can help you redirect your troops to the core of the enemy base. You can use Jumps Spells in any of the ground attack strategies.

The Freeze Spell can temporarily freeze Clan Castle troops, enemy defenses, or heroes. Freeze Spell takes only one housing space and is used in almost all types of attacks. You should unlock both of these spells as soon as possible.

Spell Factory to level 4 upgrade cost: 1,200,000 Elixirs

Spell Factory to level 4 upgrade time: 3 days, 12 hours

Dark Spell Factory

Your Dark Spell Factory gets two new levels at TH9, giving you access to Haste and Skeleton Spell. Haste Spell can prove itself useful in LavaLoon attacks. Haste Spell can be used to speed up troops that have a slow speed like Balloons.

The Skeleton Spell can spawn Skeletons that can be used as a distraction for enemy heroes or defenses. Sometimes depending on the placement of heroes, you can use the Skeleton Spell to kill heroes at the start of the battle.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
3600,0002 days
41,200,0004 days

Archer Queen

If you followed the guide, your Archer Queen would be level 5 by now, as mentioned at the start of the article. We need to get her to level 30 now. Well-upgraded Archer Queen is extremely necessary at TH9; otherwise, you will have a hard time attacking well-designed and maxed-out TH9 bases.

A well-upgraded Archer Queen can create a good funnel for other troops by coupling her up with a few Healers. The famous Queen Walk strategy is fun and necessary to learn because it is used at every Town Hall level.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
616,00012 hours
717,00014 hours
818,00016 hours
919,00018 hours
1020,00020 hours
1122,00022 hours 
1224,0001 day
1326,0001 day, 8 hours
1428,0001 day, 16 hours
1530,0002 days 
1632,0002 days
1734,0002 days
1836,0002 days 
1938,0002 days 
2040,0002 days,12 hours
2142,0002 days,12 hours
2244,0002 days,12 hours
2346,0002 days,12 hours
2448,0002 days,12 hours
2550,0003 days
2652,0003 days
2754,0003 days
2856,0003 days
2958,0003 days
3060,0004 days

Barbarian King

If you max out your TH8, you will have a level 10 Barbarian King. We get 20 new levels on Barbarian King as a TH9. We need to take him to level 30 to get better with our war attacks. A level 30 Barbarian King is an absolute menace for enemy defenses and takes a lot of firepower to kill.

It is highly recommended to upgrade Archer Queen and Barbarian King together. It might look hard, but it isn’t. Make an attack or two whenever you have free time, and you will have plenty of Dark Elixir to fund both of your heroes.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
1117,00022 hours
1219,0001 day
1321,0001 day, 8 hours
1423,0001 day, 16 hours
1525,0002 days
1627,0002 days
1729,0002 days
1831,0002 days
1933,0002 days
2035,0002 days, 12 hours
2137,0002 days, 12 hours
2239,0002 days, 12 hours
2341,0002 days, 12 hours
2443,0002 days, 12 hours
2545,0003 days
2647,0003 days
2749,0003 days
2851,0003 days
2953,0003 days
3055,0004 days


X-Bows get unlocked at Town Hall 9 boosting your defense by a significant amount. If you follow the upgrade order properly, you will have level 1 X-Bows in your village built already. Now it is time to take them to level 3. Level 3 X-Bow will make your village’s defense a lot stronger.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Time
21,600,0004 days
32,400,0005 days

Air Defenses

Dragon and Lava Hound attacks are pretty common at TH9. Level 7 Air Defenses can help you in defending against these attacks. Air Defense has high priority over other defense buildings because aerial attacks are extremely powerful and Air Defenses are your best chance against them.

Air Defense to level 7 upgrade cost: 1,750,000 Gold

Air Defense to level 7 upgrade time: 3 days

Air Sweepers

To effectively combat air attacks, you will also require well-upgraded Air Sweepers in addition to Air Defense. Put some effort into your Air Sweepers to defend better against air attacks.

Air Sweeper to level 5 upgrade cost: 2,000,000 Gold

Air Sweeper to level 5 upgrade time: 2 days

Archer Towers

Archer Towers are a good first line of defense against both air and ground units. They have the ability to target any type of troop with a very good range and high fire rate.

Archer Tower to level 11 upgrade cost: 1,200,000 Gold

Archer Tower to level 11 upgrade time: 1 day

Hidden Teslas

Hidden Teslas are traps that deal a fair amount of damage with their high fire rate. They can make a bunch of troops disappear in seconds. Hidden Teslas can target both air and ground units giving them a higher priority than other defenses.

Hidden Tesla to level 7 upgrade cost: 1,800,000 Gold

Hidden Tesla to level 7 upgrade time: 3 days

Wizard Towers

The wizard on a Wizard Tower can target both air and ground units with splash damage making this defense a higher priority defense than other ground attacking defenses.

Wizard Tower to level 11 upgrade cost: 2,200,000 Gold

Wizard Tower to level 11 upgrade time: 2 days

Bomb Towers

Bomb Towers are an absolute nightmare for Hog Rider attacks. Put some effort into your Bomb Towers to defend against those Hog Riders.

Bomb Tower to level 3 upgrade cost: 1,800,000 Gold

Bomb Tower to level 3 upgrade time: 2 days


Cannons can only target ground units with no special perks making them a lesser important defense building. However, you cannot ignore their part in defending your village against ground attacks.

Cannon to level 11 upgrade cost: 1,000,000 Gold

Cannon to level 11 upgrade time: 1 day


Mortars are extremely effective against Witch attacks. Try placing your Mortars closer to walls to eliminate resource-stealing Goblins or Witch’s Skeletons.

Mortar to level 7 upgrade cost: 1,500,000 Gold

Mortar to level 7 upgrade time: 3 days

Dark Elixir Drills

Dark Elixir Drills can give a small amount of Dark Elixirs every hour. It won’t be much, but it’s free, so work on your Dark Elixir drills for a few extra Dark Elixirs.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
41,200,0003 days
51,500,0004 days, 12 hours
61,800,0008 days


Traps can get rid of intruders in the blink of an eye. I would recommend starting with Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs.


You will get two new levels of walls as TH9. The major function of the Walls is to delay advancing ground troops, allowing defenses to inflict damage and kill attackers as they try to break the Walls.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold and Elixirs)Upgrade Time

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