Witch: Max Levels and Upgrade Cost

Clash of Clans: Witch Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Ah, the Witch. She’s like the fifth Beatle, except she’s not as good at singing and way better at summoning skeletons to do her bidding. In Clash of Clans, players can unlock this dark troop once they’ve achieved the illustrious title of Town Hall 9 and upgraded their Dark Barracks to level 5.

From there, it’s just a matter of leveling up your Witch to a spooky seven levels, with the final level unlocking at Town Hall 16.

Who says skeletons can’t be useful? The Witch certainly doesn’t think so. This dark and dangerous troop is a favorite among Clash of Clans players, especially at lower Town Hall levels like TH9 and TH10.

Witch’s Max Levels

Witch has a total of 7 levels. She gets to her maximum level at Town Hall 16. She doesn’t get a level upgrade at Town Hall 11 and 12.

Here is the list of max levels of Witch:

  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 9 is level 2.
  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 10 is level 3.
  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 11 is level 4.
  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 12 is level 5.
  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 15 is level 6.
  • Max level of Witch at Town Hall 16 is level 7.

Witch’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
240,0004 days9
358,0004 days, 18 hours10
490,0006 days, 18 hours11
5125,0007 days, 12 hours12
6340,00014 days15
7360,00016 days16
Witch Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Super Witch

So you thought the Witch was scary? Well, buckle up buttercup, because you haven’t met the Super Witch yet.

This boosted version of the regular Witch is not for the faint of heart – it’s available once you upgrade your Witch to level 5, which can only be done at Town Hall 12.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to a whole new level of terror. Instead of spawning a bunch of small skeletons, the Super Witch brings out the big guns – or rather, the “Big Boy”.

This hulking undead skeleton has 4100 hitpoints and can deal 350 damage per second, making him a true powerhouse.

That’s some serious power right there. But of course, all that awesomeness comes at a price – the Super Witch takes up a massive 40 housing spaces in your Army Camps.

So if you’re planning on using her, be prepared to make some sacrifices (like, say, using fewer other troops). But hey, for some Clash of Clans players, the Super Witch is totally worth it.

As for the Super Witch herself, she has some serious statistics. With a max hitpoint of 3400 and dealing 390 damage per second at level 6, she can hold her own in any battle.

In fact, she outclasses the regular Witch in both categories – which isn’t too surprising, given that she’s basically the Witch’s big sister (or maybe her evil twin?).

So if you’re looking for some fun in your attacks, and you’re not afraid to give up a lot of housing space to get it, the Super Witch might just be your new best friend.

How to effectively use Witch

The Witch is a powerful troop, but she’s not invincible. She’s vulnerable to splash damage, like Wizard Towers and Mortars, so you’ll want to keep her away from those.

On the flip side, she’s great at taking out single-target defenses, like Archer Towers and Cannons, so use her to target those.

One way to effectively use the Witch is to pair her with some tanks, like Giants or Golems.

The tanks will soak up the damage from the defenses, while the Witch and her skeletons take out the defenses themselves. It’s a bit like the old “meat shield” strategy, but with a spooky twist.

Another way to use the Witch is to create what’s called a “Witch Slap” army. This involves using multiple Witches and a large number of skeletons to overwhelm the defenses.

It’s a risky strategy, but if you can pull it off, it’s incredibly satisfying. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a horde of undead skeletons wreaking havoc on an enemy base?

Witch may be a favorite among lower Town Hall levels, but she’s had a bit of a rough go at it in the upper Town Hall levels. At Town Hall 13 and 14, she doesn’t receive any upgrades, which can make her feel a bit left behind.

But fear not, fellow witch enthusiasts – at Town Hall 15, the Witch is back and better than ever. With a new level upgrade, she’s once again a viable option for ground-based attack strategies.

In fact, many players are using her in different attack strategies at Town Hall 15.

So if you were starting to lose faith in the power of the Witch, don’t worry – she’s still got a few tricks up her sleeve (or under her pointy hat, as the case may be).

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