Clash of Clans: Best Leagues For Loot (Updated)

COC best leagues for loot

Finding the best trophy range for inactive bases is not an easy job to do. As a new Town Hall, a lot of players struggle to find inactive bases, which slows down their progress. Every Town Hall has a specific trophy range for finding inactive bases.

I will try to help you with my personal experience with loot at my bases. I have been playing Clash of Clans for years with multiple accounts, so I am sure this guide will help you. 

Town Hall 15 (2700 to 3300 trophies)

Town Hall 15 was added to the game yesterday. After hours of experimenting in different leagues, I found the 2700 to 3300 range of trophies best for Town Hall 15. Town Hall 15 is new right now, and inactive bases will take a few months to appear. There are a lot of inactive Town Hall 14s in this trophy range. Try it, and let us know your best trophy range in the comments section.

Town Hall 14 (2500 to 3000 trophies)

There are a lot of inactive bases for TH14 in the 2500-3000 trophy range. I have farmed in this range for years on multiple accounts, and the results were promising. I would get 700k to 800k loot just after a few searches in this trophy range.

I mostly farmed in this trophy range using only Super Barbarians. I was able to upgrade 3 Heroes at a time because of the amount of Dark Elixir I could loot in just a few attacks. 

The time you play the game matters too. The game usually shows more dead bases in the morning because there aren’t many online attackers. Another perk of this trophy range is that you would rarely get attacked at this trophy range.

I would get attacked once or twice a week in Crystal and Master League, which was great for keeping my upgrades running. You might also like our upgrade priority for TH14: Click here

Town Hall 13 (2400 to 2900 trophies)

Town Hall takes a lot of time to upgrade, and being in the right league for farming speeds things up. I found a lot of dead bases with my TH13 mini accounts in the 2400 to 2900 trophy range.

I would again recommend using Mass Super Barbarian army, which takes just a few minutes to train and can wipe out enemy resources in a few seconds. I experimented a lot in different leagues for TH13, and Crystal-Master Leagues gave the best loot.

Try to maintain your trophies in a specified range, and you are going to love the results. Let us know in the comments if this league works for you. You might also want to read our upgrade priority for TH13, which will help you to upgrade faster as a new TH13. Click here to read the article.

Town Hall 12 (2300 to 2700 trophies)

I found a lot of dead bases in the 2300 to 2700 trophy range on my TH12 mini account. I was able to upgrade two heroes at a time because the loot here was extremely good.

I have always recommended my clan mates and friends to farm in this range and it works for them. Try to keep your trophies in this range and I guarantee that you will love the results. 

Town Hall 11 (2200 to 2600 trophies)

Town Hall 11s and 12s can farm in similar leagues. I found a lot of inactive Town Hall 10s in the 2200 to 2600 trophy range. I would get 600k+ loot in just a couple of searches. The loot was extremely easy to extract too.

You can try Super Barbarians or Mass Miners, as both of these armies can be trained in just 20 minutes. There are a lot of inactive Town Hall 11 bases in the game, making it easier for Town Hall 11 players to max their stuff out.

Town Hall 10 (2000 to 2500 trophies)

I farmed multiple mini-accounts in this range. I used to find an inactive base every 3 to 5 searches. You should try to maintain your trophies in crystal league as a TH10, and I am sure you are going to love the results.

It won’t take long to max out your walls in the specified trophy range. It took me only a week of playtime on my mini account to upgrade all my walls to Lava walls as a Town Hall 10. You will also need the right upgrade order in order to progress faster. Read our guide on TH10 Upgrade Order.

Town Hall 9 (1600 to 2100 trophies)

I still have three TH9 mini accounts that I am working on and this is the trophy range I try to maintain them in. The loot is so good in this trophy range; I find an inactive base in just a few searches. Town Hall 9s need a good amount of resources and time investment to progress.

Town Hall 9 is a fun milestone to achieve and with the right trophy range; you will upgrade a lot faster. We recently wrote an upgrade priority guide on Town Hall 9 that you can read in the guides section of the blog.

Town Hall 8 (1100 to 1600 trophies)

You can find most of the dead TH7s and TH8s in the 1100 to 1600 trophy range. I have farmed multiple mini-accounts in this trophy range. The amount of inactive bases in this range is huge.

There are a lot of inactive TH7 and TH8 players in Clash of Clans who lost the motivation to go any further. Try the specified trophy range and you will take no time in upgrading your TH8. 

Town Hall 7 (800 to 1200 trophies)

I always recommend 800 to 1200 trophy range to Town Hall 7 players. You can find fellow TH7s in this range with either full storages or full mines and collectors. I am keeping my TH7 minis in this range and the results are extremely positive.

I would recommend using Mass Dragon attacks so you can steal from both collectors and storages. Town Hall 7 only takes a few weeks to upgrade if you keep your resources full.

Town Hall 6 (500 to 900 trophies)

After a lot of experimenting and testing, I found the 600 to 1000 trophy range best for Town Hall 6s. The results here were positive.

I found a lot of inactive Town Hall 5s in 500 to 600 trophies and a good amount of inactive TH7s in the 600 to 900 range. Try to maintain your trophies in the specified range for the best results.

Town Hall 5 (400 to 700 trophies)

There were a lot of inactive TH5s in the 400 to 500 trophy range. If you want to try your luck on TH6, you should go over 500 trophies.

I opened my years-old Town Hall 5 account and tried different leagues and this is where I found the best results. Try it out and let me know in the comments if it works.

Note: The loot might be different at different times of the day. You will usually find more inactive bases in the morning than at night depending on the number of active players. This guide doesn’t focus on the Chinese Server either. The results might be different for the Chinese Server.

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