Air Sweeper: Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: Air Sweeper Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Air Sweeper is an aerial defense building that becomes available at Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans. What makes the Air Sweeper truly unique is its distinctive characteristic of not causing any damage to enemy troops.

This sets it apart from the other defense buildings in the game.

Although it may seem like a disadvantage for a defensive building, the Air Sweeper’s inability to deal damage does not diminish its value in any way.

In fact, Air Sweeper is regarded as one of the most important defense buildings in Clash of Clans.

The Air Sweeper sends powerful gusts of air that effectively push back air-based troops, disrupting their intended path. This capability of diverting air troops away from their target can greatly disrupt the plans of attackers.

Air Sweepers have gained a reputation for their remarkable ability to disrupt even the most well-planned attacks by messing with the path of air troops.

Air Sweeper’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
1400,0006 hours6
2700,00012 hours6
31,100,00018 hours7
41,500,0001 day8
52,000,0002 days9
62,500,0002 days, 12 hours10
74,200,0003 days, 12 hours11
Air Sweeper’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Air Sweeper’s Max Levels

The Air Sweeper has a limited number of levels, specifically seven in total.

It is possible to reach the maximum level for Air Sweepers at Town Hall 11, which means they do not receive any further upgrades at Town Hall 12, 13, 14, and 15.

Although Air Sweepers are unable to cause damage, upgrading them improves their ability to push back air troops and increases their overall durability with a boost in hitpoints.

Air Sweeper’s ability to push troops is commonly referred to as “Push Strength.”

Furthermore, upgrading Air Sweepers also brings about a change in their appearance, adding to the visual variation as they progress through the levels.

Here is the list of max levels of Air Sweepers at each Town Hall level:

  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 6 is level 2.
  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 7 is level 3.
  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 8 is level 4.
  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 9 is level 5.
  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 10 is level 6.
  • Max level of Air Sweeper at Town Hall 11 is level 7.

Air Sweeper’s Statistics

The Air Sweeper has the ability to cover a wide angle of 45 degrees and can be freely rotated in a full 360-degree rotation, allowing it to cover a total of 8 distinct angles around the base.

With a range extending up to 15 tiles, the Air Sweeper effectively defends against air troops.

It’s important to note that the Air Sweeper is specifically designed to counter aerial attacks and, therefore, does not have any impact on ground-based attack strategies. Its role is solely dedicated to protecting against air-based threats.

Players initially receive one Air Sweeper upon reaching Town Hall 6, and this count remains unchanged until they progress to Town Hall 9.

Upon reaching Town Hall 9, players can build a second Air Sweeper, allowing them to counter powerful air troops that are available at higher Town Hall levels.

The Air Sweeper operates with an attack speed of 5 seconds, which means that it has a 5-second interval between each gust of air it fires.

When upgraded to its maximum level, the Air Sweeper reaches the peak of its Push Strength, enabling it to push enemies back to a considerable distance of 4.0 tiles. Furthermore, at this level, the Air Sweeper’s hitpoint pool reaches a fair value of 1050.

Vulnerabilities of the Air Sweeper

Like all other defenses, Air Sweepers have their vulnerabilities. Let’s explore the weaknesses of Air Sweepers and how attackers can exploit them to gain an advantage.

Limited Coverage Angle

One of the primary vulnerabilities of Air Sweepers is their restricted coverage angle. An Air Sweeper can only target and push back troops within a 45-degree arc.

This limitation allows skilled attackers to plan their approach from angles outside the Air Sweeper’s range. Attackers can exploit blind spots by deploying their troops from directions not affected by the Air Sweeper’s air blast.

Moreover, if two Air Sweepers are placed strategically, their combined coverage would still only be limited to 90 degrees. This leaves a significant portion of the base vulnerable to aerial attack strategies.

Low Hitpoints

While Air Sweepers have the ability to knock back enemy air units, their low hitpoints make them vulnerable to Lightning Spells.

Lightning Spells deal a decent amount of damage to defensive buildings, and the relatively fragile Air Sweepers can be taken out by a well-placed series of Lightning Spells.

As a result, attackers who prioritize dismantling Air Sweepers can render the defense ineffective, opening up opportunities for aerial domination.

It is important to place Air Sweepers away from each other.

Keeping them apart ensures that both of the Air Sweepers don’t get destroyed together by Lightning Spells or Electro Dragon, increasing the chances of at least one Air Sweeper surviving the attack.

Lack of Upgrade Levels at Higher Town Halls

At Town Hall 12 and higher, the Air Sweeper, unfortunately, lacks additional upgrade levels, which limits its ability to improve its defensive strength.

As the game progresses, new troops and strategies are introduced, making the Air Sweeper’s initial capabilities less effective against more advanced aerial attack strategies.

The absence of upgrade levels for the Air Sweeper at higher Town Halls hinders its capacity to adapt and remain viable in the face of evolving attacking strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Sweeper

Is Air Sweeper worth upgrading?

The Air Sweeper is definitely worth upgrading. It can be particularly useful in defending against air attacks and buying time for your other defenses to target and eliminate enemy troops. By upgrading the Air Sweeper, you increase its pushing power and hitpoints, making it more effective at deterring and disrupting air attacks.

Does Air Sweeper work on bats?

Yes, Air Sweeper can knock back bats spawned by Bat Spell.

What does an Air Sweeper do in Clash of Clans?

Air Sweeper is a defensive building that serves the purpose of pushing back and altering the intended path of air troops. It accomplishes this by emitting a powerful gust of air in a designated direction.

Can Air Sweepers target ground troops?

No, Air Sweepers only target and affect air troops. They have no effect on ground-based attack strategies.

How many Air Sweepers can players have in their base?

Players initially receive one Air Sweeper at Town Hall 6, and a second Air Sweeper is obtained at Town Hall 9.

Do Air Sweepers have a limited range?

Yes, Air Sweepers have a range of 15 tiles within which they can affect air troops.

What is the attack speed of Air Sweepers?

Air Sweepers have an attack speed of 5 seconds, which means there is a 5-second delay between each gust of air they release.

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