Clash of Clans: Town Hall 7 (TH7) Upgrade Order

Clash of Clans: TH7 Upgrade Order

Town Hall 7 marks a significant turning point in Clash of Clans, introducing exciting new stuff like the Hidden Tesla, Dragon, Hog Rider, Minion, and Barbarian King.

Many players find themselves wondering which upgrades to prioritize at this Town Hall level. In this guide, we will outline the best upgrade order for TH7, enabling you to quickly max out your Town Hall 7 base.

Start by Getting New Buildings

At Town Hall 7, numerous new buildings become available, so it’s recommended to allocate at least two builders to work on these new additions.

Begin by prioritizing the most important buildings, such as the Barbarian King Altar, Army Camps, Dark Barracks, and Dark Elixir Storage. Once these buildings are in place, proceed to focus on the new defense buildings.

Ensure that the new buildings are upgraded to match the level of the existing ones.

Particularly, it is important to upgrade the Army Camp to the same level as the other Army Camps. This upgrade will allow you to train larger armies, increasing your effectiveness in attacking other TH7 bases.

Here is the list of new buildings that become available at Town Hall 7:

  • x2 Hidden Tesla
  • Barbarian King Altar
  • x1 Dark Elixir Drill
  • x1 Dark Elixir Storage
  • x1 Dark Barracks
  • x1 Seeking Air Mine
  • x1 Army Camp
  • x2 Cannon
  • x1 Archer Tower
  • x50 Walls
  • x1 Air Defense
  • x1 Mortar
  • x2 Bomb
  • x1 Giant Bomb

It is recommended to keep at least two builders free for the next upgrades. The next upgrades are essential for every Town Hall 7.


The Laboratory holds significant importance at each Town Hall level, as players often prioritize upgrading it among their first upgrades. To successfully tackle challenging Town Hall 7 bases, it is important to have higher-level troops with increased strength.

Upgrading your Laboratory will unlock these higher troop levels, providing you with the necessary advantage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prioritize the upgrade of your Laboratory early on.

Laboratory to level 5 upgrade cost: 200,000 Elixirs

Laboratory to level 5 upgrade time: 8 hours


The Dragon holds a prominent position as the most commonly used troop at Town Hall 7. Once you have unlocked the Dragon, defeating any TH7 base becomes significantly easier.

Dragons remain popular across various Town Hall levels, granting you the ability to efficiently gather resources and excel in wars.

To harness the power of this mighty unit, it is necessary to upgrade your Barracks to level 9, which will unlock the powerful Dragon. Make this upgrade a priority to maximize your attacking potential.

Barracks to level 9 upgrade cost: 1,200,000 Elixirs

Barracks to level 9 upgrade time: 1 day, 12 hours

Spell Factory

The Spell Factory is another important upgrade for Town Hall 7 due to multiple reasons. Firstly, it grants you access to the powerful Rage Spell, which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your attacks.

Additionally, upgrading the Spell Factory increases your Spell Capacity, allowing you to bring along a greater number of spells for each attack. This expanded capacity provides you with more strategic options and increased flexibility during attacks.

Therefore, upgrading the Spell Factory should be prioritized to unlock the valuable Rage Spell and maximize your spell-casting potential in attacks.

Spell Factory to level 3 upgrade cost: 600,000 Elixirs

Spell Factory to level 3 upgrade time: 2 days

Dark Barracks

The Hog Rider becomes available for training once the Dark Barracks reaches level 2. This powerful dark troop holds a reputation as one of the most potent and widely used troops.

At TH7, it enjoys great popularity because of its mass Hog Rider attacks. Moreover, its prominence extends to higher Town Hall levels, where it remains a popular choice for Hog-Miner attacks.

The strength of the Hog Rider makes it a valuable addition to different attack strategies.

Dark Barracks to level 2 upgrade cost: 600,000 Elixirs

Dark Barracks to level 2 upgrade time: 1 day

Barbarian King

At Town Hall 7, the Barbarian King receives his first five levels. Reaching level 5 is particularly significant as it unlocks his powerful ability.

When his ability is activated, the Barbarian King enters a rage mode, summoning Barbarians to aid him in combat while also regaining a significant portion of his health.

Given the immense strength and advantages provided by the Barbarian King’s ability, it is important to prioritize his upgrades. Invest in upgrading the Barbarian King to maximize his potential in your attack combinations.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
26,0004 hours
37,0006 hours
48,0008 hours
510,00010 hours

Air Defense

Having completed our offensive upgrades, it is now time to shift our focus towards improving the defense of our base. At Town Hall 7, air attacks are frequently used, making it essential to prioritize the upgrade of Air Defenses.

Upgrading Air Defenses plays a major role in countering Dragon attacks, provided they are strategically positioned into a well-designed base layout.

By upgrading our Air Defenses, we can significantly increase our base’s potential to withstand air-based attack strategies.

Air Defense to level 5 upgrade cost: 1,000,000 Gold

Air Defense to level 5 upgrade time: 1 day, 12 hours

Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper is another important defense building for countering air attacks on your base. Air Sweeper uses powerful blows of air to push back air troops. These gusts of air can disrupt mass Dragon attacks if the attacker does not counter this defense correctly.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to prioritize the upgrade of the Air Sweeper.

Air Sweeper to level 3 upgrade cost: 1,100,000 Gold

Air Sweeper to level 3 upgrade time: 18 hours

Archer Tower

The Archer Tower’s ability to engage both air and ground targets makes it a high-priority upgrade at Town Hall 7. After Air Defenses, Archer Towers are your second line of defense against powerful Dragon attacks.

By upgrading your Archer Towers, you can improve their damage per second and hitpoints. Prioritizing the upgrade of Archer Towers will help in defending your base against both air and ground threats.

Archer Tower to level 8 upgrade cost: 600,000 Gold

Archer Tower to level 8 upgrade time: 12 hours

Wizard Tower

The Wizard Tower is a valuable defense due to its ability to inflict splash damage. This makes it a highly advantageous defense building to upgrade.

At TH7, the Wizard Tower proves particularly effective against mass Hog Rider and mass Balloon attacks. With its splash damage, the Wizard Tower can efficiently target and damage groups of these troops.

Prioritizing the upgrade of the Wizard Tower improves its statistics, allowing it to effectively counter various attack strategies.

Wizard Tower to level 4 upgrade cost: 720,000 Gold

Wizard Tower to level 4 upgrade time: 18 hours

Hidden Tesla

The Hidden Tesla has a unique ability to catch attackers off guard by suddenly emerging from the ground. While it has a relatively small range, its impressive damage per second and rapid attack rates compensate for this limitation.

Furthermore, the Hidden Tesla can target both ground and aerial units, making it an effective defense against all types of troops. Prioritize upgrading Hidden Tesla over Mortar or Cannon.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade Time
2450,0005 hours
3650,00010 hours


The Mortar’s splash damage proves to be a valuable support against Giant and Hog Rider attacks. While the Mortar has a significant range, its damage per second is relatively low, which is why it is among our final defense upgrades.

While it may not have the highest damage output, its wide-ranging impact can make a difference in fending off enemy troops. Prioritize Mortar over Cannon because Mortar has a longer range and deals splash damage.

Mortar to level 5 upgrade cost: 400,000 Gold

Mortar to level 5 upgrade time: 2 days


The Cannon is typically considered the final defense upgrade at Town Hall 7. This is primarily due to its limited range, slow attack speed, and its ability to only target ground troops.

Cannon to level 8 upgrade cost: 300,000 Gold

Cannon to level 8 upgrade time: 10 hours


At TH7, it is not necessary to upgrade storage buildings before starting other upgrades. This is because the existing storage capacity is typically sufficient to support various upgrades at this Town Hall level.

Therefore, it is recommended to prioritize defense upgrades before turning your attention to upgrading storage buildings. This sequencing allows for a more strategic and efficient progression in upgrading your Town Hall 7 base.

BuildingUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
Gold Storage500,000 Elixirs16 hours
Elixir Storage500,000 Gold16 hours
Dark Elixir Storage500,000 Elixirs16 hours

Resource Collectors and Mines

Once the priority upgrades for defense and other essential buildings are completed, it is recommended to focus on upgrading the Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drill.

These buildings gradually generate resources over time but in smaller quantities. Considering their relatively lower priority, it is recommended to allocate these upgrades towards the final stages of Town Hall 7 progression.

Walls and Traps

After completing all other upgrades in your base, it is recommended to shift your attention towards upgrading walls and traps. Investing time and effort into upgrading the walls and traps is important for further improving your base’s defense.

Once the walls and traps are upgraded, you can confidently proceed to Town Hall 8 and refer to our upgrade order guide for Town Hall 8.

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