Clash of Clans: Town Hall 6 (TH6) Upgrade Order

Clash of Clans: Town Hall 6 Upgrade Priority Guide

Town Hall 6 grants players access to a variety of buildings in Clash of Clans, leaving them pondering about the best approach for upgrades and priorities.

To assist you in efficiently upgrading your TH6 base and quickly reaching the next Town Hall level, this guide will outline the recommended upgrade order.

By following this upgrade order guide, you will be able to maximize the potential of your base and progress seamlessly.


One of the most important upgrades at Town Hall 6 is the Laboratory. Upgrading the Laboratory will provide you with access to more powerful and effective troops, which will greatly assist you in successfully attacking other Town Hall 6 bases.

Defeating Town Hall 6 bases can be challenging without well-upgraded troops, making the Laboratory upgrade a top priority.

Laboratory to level 4 upgrade cost: 100,000 Elixirs

Laboratory to level 4 upgrade time: 4 hours

Get the new Buildings

Town Hall 6 adds the following new buildings to your base:

  • x1 Air Sweeper
  • x1 Giant Bomb
  • x1 Elixir Collector
  • x1 Gold Mine
  • x25 Walls
  • x1 Wizard
  • x1 Air Defense
  • x1 Mortar
  • x2 Spring Trap

Begin by constructing all of the new buildings and ensuring they are upgraded to match the level of your existing buildings. It is advisable to leave the Air Sweeper at level one for the time being, as we will upgrade it to level two at a later stage.

This step will establish a balanced foundation for your base, setting the stage for future upgrades.

Spell Factory

The Healing Spell is a must-have spell for Town Hall 6 players. By upgrading your Spell Factory to level 2, you will unlock the Healing Spell. This spell is an important component of various attack strategies, such as Giant attacks or Giant-Healer attacks.

Having the Healing Spell at your disposal will significantly improve the effectiveness of your attacks, allowing your troops to withstand enemy defenses and sustain longer in battles.

It is highly recommended to prioritize the upgrade of your Spell Factory to level 2 in order to obtain the valuable Healing Spell.

Spell Factory to level 2 upgrade cost: 300,000 Elixirs

Spell Factory to level 2 upgrade time: 1 day


In addition to unlocking the Healing Spell, gaining access to the Healer is equally important. The Healer is a powerful unit that bestows a healing effect upon your troops during battles.

This troop plays a major role in the popular Giant-Healer attack strategy at TH6. To unlock the Healer, you need to upgrade your Barracks to level 8. This upgrade will enable you to train and deploy Healers in your army composition.

Barracks to level 8 upgrade cost: 800,000 Elixirs

Barracks to level 8 upgrade time: 1 day

Clan Castle

The Clan Castle holds significant importance in Clash of Clans as it contributes to both offense and defense. The troops housed within the Clan Castle play a major role in executing successful attacks.

To improve its capabilities, it is necessary to upgrade the Clan Castle to level 3 at Town Hall 6. This upgrade will raise the troop capacity of the Clan Castle to 20.

As a result, you will be able to request a Dragon in your Clan Castle. The inclusion of a Dragon in the Clan Castle will prove highly advantageous during attacks and defense.

Therefore, prioritizing the upgrade of your Clan Castle to level 3 is highly recommended.

Clan Castle to level 3 upgrade cost: 800,000 Elixirs

Clan Castle to level 3 upgrade time: 12 hours

Army Camp

At Town Hall 6, it is important to upgrade each Army Camp to increase the troop housing capacity to 150. This upgrade is significant as it allows you to train a larger number of troops in your attack strategies.

Once you have unlocked the necessary troops and spells, expanding the troop housing capacity becomes essential for effectively engaging with other Town Hall 6 bases.

By increasing the housing capacity, you will have the advantage of deploying more troops which will increase your chances of victory in attacks.

Army Camp to level 6 upgrade cost: 750,000 Elixirs

Army Camp to level 6 upgrade time: 12 hours

Wizard Tower

After improving your offensive power, it is now essential to shift your attention towards strengthening your defense. At Town Hall 6, the Wizard Tower is the most powerful defensive building.

This tower has the ability to target both air and ground units, inflicting splash damage upon them. Its potent splash damage enables it to eliminate groups of enemy troops within seconds.

Prioritizing the upgrade of the Wizard Tower will significantly improve your defensive capabilities, ensuring that your base remains well-protected against enemy attacks.

Wizard Tower to level 3 upgrade cost: 420,000 Gold

Wizard Tower to level 3 upgrade time: 12 hours


Town Hall 6 players often rely on smaller troops like Barbarians and Archers for resource farming or to support Giant-based attack strategies. To effectively counter these troops, upgrading the Mortar becomes necessary.

The Mortar has a massive range and inflicts devastating splash damage upon its targets, making it particularly effective against smaller troops.

This upgrade will prove instrumental in deterring and repelling attacks from Barbarians, Archers, and other similar units, safeguarding your base and its valuable resources.

Mortar to level 4 upgrade cost: 200,000 Gold

Mortar to level 4 upgrade time: 1 day

Air Defense

TH6 players commonly deploy a mass Balloon attack strategy, relying solely on Balloons to destroy enemy bases. To effectively counter this strategy, it is recommended to prioritize the upgrade of Air Defenses.

Air Defenses have the ability to quickly neutralize airborne troops, ensuring clear skies and thwarting the effectiveness of Balloons in their attack.

Air Defense to level 4 upgrade cost: 500,000 Gold

Air Defense to level 4 upgrade time: 1 day

Air Sweeper

The Air Sweeper is another potent defense building that can counter air troops. While the Air Sweeper itself cannot inflict direct damage to air units, its powerful blasts can impede their progress, slowing them down and often diverting them from their intended path.

This disruption can ruin the attack plans of attackers, providing a valuable advantage to defenders.

Air Sweeper to level 2 upgrade cost: 700,000 Gold

Air Sweeper to level 2 upgrade time: 12 hours

Archer Tower

The Archer Tower holds significant importance for Town Hall 6 as it plays a major role in countering various attack strategies. To further increase the defense of your base, it is necessary to prioritize the upgrade of your Archer Tower.

Upgrading the Archer Tower improves its statistics, allowing it to deal increased damage and effectively neutralize incoming threats.

Archer Tower to level 7 upgrade cost: 360,000 Gold

Archer Tower to level 7 upgrade time: 10 hours


The Cannon serves as your primary line of defense against ground troops at TH6. It plays a major role in deterring the frequently employed Giant attacks at this level.

By upgrading your Cannon, you strengthen its damage per second and hitpoints, enabling it to effectively repel ground-based attacks.

Cannon to level 7 upgrade cost: 200,000 Gold

Cannon to level 7 upgrade time: 8 hours


One advantage of storage upgrades at Town Hall 6 is that there is no need to increase the capacity of our Elixir or Gold Storage for any specific upgrades. This allows us to focus on upgrading other important buildings before addressing the storage capacity.

As our defenses are now upgraded, it is the right time to shift our attention towards upgrading the storage buildings.

BuildingUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
Gold Storage250,000 Elixirs12 hours
Elixir Storage250,000 Gold12 hours

Giant Bomb and Walls

We have reached the final two upgrades in our Town Hall 6 journey: the Giant Bomb and Walls. The Giant Bomb is a potent trap that provides a powerful explosive punch against ground units.

Additionally, upgrading your Walls is important as they serve as a barrier to slow down enemy troops, providing your defenses with valuable time to engage and neutralize incoming threats.

Once these upgrades are finished, you can confidently proceed to Town Hall 7, ready to take on new challenges and expand your base further.

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