Giant: Upgrade Cost, Max Levels and Upgrade Time

Clash of Clans: Giant Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Meet the “Giant” – the not-so-gentle giant of Clash of Clans. It’s like having a big, bumbling oaf as a troop! But hey, who needs brains when you have brawn, right?

These towering creatures love nothing more than smashing their way through enemy defenses and absorbing all the damage like it’s nothing.

And trust us, with their massive size, they can soak up more hits than a punching bag at a gym! Plus, they’ve been available since the very first Town Hall – talk about job security!

Giant is like the backbone of any successful Clash of Clans player until they hit Town Hall 10 and find something even better, like a shiny new Miner. But let’s not forget where we came from, folks!

Giants have been farming resources like it’s their full-time job for years now. They’re like the loyal employee that always shows up on time and never complains – except they’re giant and probably couldn’t fit through the door.

And let’s not forget their massive hitpoints! They’re like a walking, talking tank that smaller units can hide behind and attack from – it’s like having your own personal bodyguard!

Giant Max Levels

Giant gets a certain max level at every Town Hall. Each upgrade improves his hitpoints and damage per second.

Here is the list of max levels of Giant at each Town Hall:

  • Max Level of Giant at Town Hall 4 is level 2.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 6 is level 3.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 7 is level 4.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 8 is level 5.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 9 is level 6.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 10 is level 7.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 11 is level 8.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 12 is level 9.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 13 is level 10.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 15 is level 11.
  • Max level of Giant at Town Hall 16 is level 12.

Giant gets no level upgrade at Town Hall 5 and Town Hall 14.

Giant Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
240,0004 hours4
3150,0008 hours6
4500,00012 hours7
51,200,0001 day8
62,000,0002 days9
73,000,0002 days, 20 hours10
83,500,0004 days11
95,600,0005 days, 12 hours12
108,000,0007 days13
1116,500,00012 days, 12 hours15
1217,000,00014 days16
Giant Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Giant in Offense

Let’s talk about offense now. Giants are like the big, burly bodyguard that all the smaller troops want to hang out with. Barbarians and Archers can’t resist their charm!

Giants have this ability to soak up damage like it’s their job – which, let’s be honest, it kind of is – and allow the little guys to loot resources with ease.

It’s like having a tank as a pet! Plus, they can even fill in for the fancy Golem during war – it’s like getting a promotion from backup dancer to main act!

And don’t forget – you can use multiple Giants to distract enemy defenses, since they don’t take up much space in the Army Camps. They only need a measly housing space of 5 – it’s like having your own personal mini-tank army!

Sure, they’re a bit slow with a movement speed of 12, but that’s just because they’re taking their time to enjoy the scenery.

But if you’re in a hurry to clear out an enemy base, you might need some faster troops to keep up with these lumbering giants.

Super Giant

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats because we’re about to talk about the “Super Giant” – the bigger, badder version of the already impressive Giant!

It’s like a regular Giant on steroids, but without the pesky side effects! You can access the Super Giant at Town Hall 12, once you’ve upgraded your regular Giant to level 9 – it’s like unlocking the secret level in a video game!

What makes the Super Giant so super, you ask? Well, for starters, they have the ability to deal even more damage to those annoying walls.

It’s like having a giant battering ram that can knock down anything in its path – I mean, have you seen the knuckles on those fists?

And even though they take up double the housing space of regular Giants (10 spaces instead of 5), they’re worth every space in your Army Camp!

With increased hitpoints and damage per second, the Super Giant is like the superhero of Clash of Clans – it’s like having Iron Man on your team, but with fewer snarky comments and more brute force!

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