Healer: Upgrade Cost, Max Levels and Upgrade Time

Healer: Upgrade Cost and Time

The Healer is one of the most valuable support troops in Clash of Clans. With the ability to heal ground troops with a steady stream of health every few seconds, she is a popular choice among players.

Healers are often paired with the Archer Queen during a Queen Charge attack, allowing her to stay alive while taking down enemy defenses.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Healers are a troop worth considering. Best of all, they’re available to players at Town Hall 6 and above.

The Healer can reach a maximum level of 7, which is unlocked for players at Town Hall 14. It’s important to note that Healers cannot attack enemy buildings or troops.

Instead, they focus solely on healing your own troops and heroes. If your troops are grouped closely together, the Healer can heal multiple units at once.

Interestingly, Healers have different healing statistics for heroes and regular troops. Troops receive slightly more healing power from the Healer, which was implemented a few years ago to balance out the power of Healer-Queen attacks.

It’s worth mentioning that the Healer’s healing power is reduced when she is grouped with more than two Healers.

It’s a common misconception among players that using more Healers will increase healing power, but in fact, the opposite is true.

Deploying too many Healers will actually decrease their overall efficiency, and your troops won’t receive as much healing as you think.

Healer Max Levels

Healer has a certain max level at each Town Hall level. She gets no upgrade at Town Hall 10 and 12.

Following is the list of max levels of Healer:

  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 6 is level 1.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 7 is level 2.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 8 is level 3.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 9 is level 4.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 10 is level 4.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 11 is level 5.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 12 is level 5.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 13 is level 6.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 14 is level 7.
  • Max level of Healer at Town Hall 15 is level 8.

Healer Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall Level
2450,00012 hours7
3900,0001 day8
42,700,0002 days9
54,200,0007 days11
68,000,0008 days, 12 hours13
716,000,00016 days14
818,000,00017 days15
Healer upgrade cost and upgrade time

How to use Healers

If you’re wondering how to use Healers effectively in Clash of Clans, here are some tips to keep in mind. One popular strategy for Town Hall 6, 7, and 8 players is to pair Giants with one or two Healers.

This allows the Giants to stay alive while they take out enemy defenses. As players progress to Town Hall 9 and beyond, Healers become even more crucial, particularly when executing Queen Charge attacks.

By combining the range of the Healer with that of the Archer Queen, players can keep their Healers safely out of the range of enemy Air Defenses.

Whether you’re using Healers with Archer Queen or in combination with other troops, remember to use them strategically to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Proper placement of Healers is crucial to execute a successful Queen Charge attack. However, players must be careful as Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines can be placed on the edges of enemy bases to counter Healers.

One way to counteract these traps is to use Balloons as bait to trigger them before sending in your Healers. Additionally, it’s important not to overload your Archer Queen with too many Healers.

Using more than five Healers on your Archer Queen can actually diminish their overall healing power, which can be detrimental to the success of your attack.

Frequently Asked Questions about Healer

Can Healers heal air troops like Balloons and Dragons?

No, Healer can only heal ground troops.

How many Healers to use with Archer Queen?

Using more than five Healers with your Archer Queen is not recommended, as this can actually reduce the overall efficiency of your Healers and provide little additional assistance. Instead, it’s better to bring more than five Healers with you and deploy them strategically as needed. For example, you can deploy an extra Healer if one of your current Healers is knocked out during the attack.

Is Healer a high-priority upgrade?

Upgrading your Healers should be a high-priority upgrade for Clash of Clans players, as they are crucial for executing successful Queen Charge attacks. In recent years, Queen Charge attacks have risen in popularity among Clash of Clans players as a powerful tactic for clearing out enemy defenses and paving the way for other troops.

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