Clash of Clans: All Pets Upgrade Cost in 2023

Clash of Clans Pets Upgrade Cost

Pets are a recent addition to Clash of Clans, and they’ve quickly become a popular feature among players. Currently, there are eight different pets available in the game, each with their own unique abilities.

The first four pets can be unlocked when you reach Town Hall 14, while the remaining four become accessible at Town Hall 15. To unlock these furry friends, you’ll need to build and upgrade the Pet House, which is only available at Town Hall 14.

Once you’ve done so, you can start using pets in your attacks. These little critters can play a significant role in helping you achieve victory in battles, particularly for Town Hall 14s and 15s.

With their unique abilities, they can provide support to your heroes and even take down enemy defenses. So, make sure to give your pets some love and attention as you work towards dominating the game.

Here is a list of pets available in Clash of Clans:

Pet House

The Pet House was a new addition to Clash of Clans in 2021, alongside the introduction of Town Hall 14. This building grants players access to a new pet after each upgrade, with a total of eight different pets to collect.

To unlock these pets, you’ll need to upgrade the Pet House, which has a total of eight levels. At Town Hall 14, the Pet House can be upgraded up to level 4, while at Town Hall 15, you can upgrade it up to level 8.

Each upgrade of the Pet House also comes with a unique theme that corresponds to the pet you’ve unlocked. In addition to unlocking new pets, the Pet House also allows you to upgrade your existing pets.

Each pet can be upgraded up to level 10, but it will cost you Dark Elixir to initiate the upgrade.

One of the best things about the Pet House is that you can upgrade your pets even if the building itself is undergoing an upgrade. So, you won’t have to wait for your Pet House to finish upgrading before you can start improving your furry companions.

Pet House costs Elixir to upgrade. Following are the upgrade costs and time of Pet House:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeUnlocked Pet
114,000,00012 days, 6 hoursL.A.S.S.I
216,500,00014 days, 6 hoursElectro Owl
317,500,00016 daysMighty Yak
418,500,00018 daysUnicorn
519,750,00019 daysFrosty
620,000,00019 days, 6 hoursDiggy
720,250,00019 days, 12 hoursPoison Lizard
820,500,00019 days, 18 hoursPhoenix


L.A.S.S.I is the first pet you’ll unlock when you build the Pet House in Clash of Clans. This cute and cuddly metallic dog has a unique set of abilities that make it a helpful pet in battles.

L.A.S.S.I has a lightning-fast running speed and can even jump over walls, allowing it to quickly reach its targets.

When assigned to a hero, L.A.S.S.I will automatically target any building that is 2.5 tiles away from them, dealing a fair amount of damage in the process.

Not only is L.A.S.S.I a decent attacker, but it also has reasonable hitpoints that can make it a great damage tank for its owning hero. This pet works particularly well with the Royal Champion, as it can follow her over walls and provide a boost of damage and hitpoints.

LASSI’s every upgrade costs the following amount of Dark Elixirs:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
2115,0003 days14
3130,0004 days14
4145,0005 days14
5160,0005 days, 12 hours14
6175,0006 days14
7190,0006 days, 12 hours14
8205,0007 days14
9220,0007 days, 12 hours14
10235,0008 days14
11250,0008 days15
12260,0008 days15
13270,0008 days15
14280,0008 days15
15290,0008 days15
LASSI Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Electro Owl

The Electro Owl is the second pet you’ll unlock in the Pet House, and it becomes available when you reach Town Hall 14.

This electrifying owl can be upgraded up to level 10 at the same Town Hall level and has a unique set of abilities that set it apart from other pets.

One of the Electro Owl’s most powerful abilities is its chain damage attack, which is similar to the Electro Dragon’s.

This means that when the Electro Owl attacks a building, any nearby buildings will also receive damage, making it a great choice for taking out clusters of enemy defenses.

Another advantage of the Electro Owl is that it’s an aerial unit, which means that it can’t be damaged by ground-targeting defenses. For even more powerful attacks, try pairing your Electro Owl with the Grand Warden, especially if both units are set to air.

The Electro Owl will automatically target the building that its owning hero is attacking, making it an efficient and effective attacker.

Electro Owl has a movement speed of 20 and can hit both air and ground targets. Electro Owl has the following upgrade cost at each level:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2135,0003 days
3150,0004 days
4165,0005 days
5180,0005 days, 12 hours
6195,0006 days
7210,0006 days, 12 hours
8225,0007 days
9240,0007 days, 12 hours
10255,0008 days

Mighty Yak

The Mighty Yak is the third pet that unlocks in the Pet House, and it becomes available after upgrading the Pet House to level 3. This powerful pet is another Town Hall 14 addition that came with the introduction of the Pet House in 2021.

Mighty Yak tends to attack any building in the range of 7 tiles of its owning hero. This makes it an effective tool and helps in taking out the buildings easily.

Additionally, the Mighty Yak deals extra damage to walls, making it a great choice for breaking into the enemy base. The Mighty Yak also has an impressive amount of hitpoints, providing valuable damage tanking for the hero it’s assigned to.

Many players like to pair the Mighty Yak with the Barbarian King, as it makes it easier for the King to break through walls and take out enemy buildings.

If the owner of the Mighty Yak is defeated in battle, the pet becomes enraged and deals even more damage, making it a tough opponent even in the face of defeat.

Mighty Yak can be maxed out at Town Hall and costs the following amount of Dark Elixirs at each level:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
2165,0003 days14
3185,0004 days14
4205,0005 days14
5225,0005 days, 12 hours14
6245,0006 days14
7255,0006 days, 12 hours14
8265,0007 days14
9275,0007 days, 12 hours14
10285,0008 days14
11290,0008 days15
12295,0008 days15
13300,0008 days15
14305,0008 days15
15310,0008 days15
Mighty Yak Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time


The Unicorn is the final pet available to Town Hall 14 players, and it unlocks when the Pet House is upgraded to level 4. This magical creature has a unique ability to heal the hero it’s assigned to.

Once paired with a hero, the Unicorn will continue to provide healing support until the hero is defeated. After the hero’s demise, the Unicorn will move on to the next closest troop and start healing it.

The Unicorn is a popular choice among Clash of Clans players, especially for those who love to use Archer Queen in their attacks.

This pet can provide a significant health boost to the Archer Queen, making it an excellent choice for Queen Charge attacks. Unicorn has a total of 10 levels, and all of these levels are available at Town Hall 14.

As you upgrade your pet, it will provide even better healing support to your hero.

Unicorn has the following upgrade cost for each level:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2210,0003 days
3220,0004 days
4230,0005 days
5240,0005 days, 12 hours
6250,0006 days
7260,0006 days, 12 hours
8270,0007 days
9280,0007 days, 12 hours
10290,0008 days


Meet Frosty, the fifth pet that you can unlock in the Pet House! To gain access to Frosty, you’ll need to upgrade your Pet House to level 5, which is only available to Town Hall 15 players.

Frosty is a unique pet that can be a groundbreaking in battles. Its attack creates a freezing effect that slows down its target, much like the Ice Golem’s attack.

Additionally, Frosty has the ability to spawn Frostmites that can jump to the nearest defenses, causing a slowing effect and dealing a small amount of damage.

From levels 1 to 4, Frosty can spawn one Frostmite, while at level 5 and beyond, it can spawn two Frostmites.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2215,0003 days
3225,0004 days
4235,0005 days
5245,0005 days, 12 hours
6255,0006 days
7265,0006 days, 12 hours
8275,0007 days
9285,0007 days, 12 hours
10295,0008 days


Meet Diggy, the newest addition to the Clash of Clans pet family! To unlock this adorable little creature, all you need to do is upgrade your Pet House to level 6.

Once you do, Diggy will be at your disposal, ready to dig underground tunnels and deal stun damage on the first hit, just like the Super Miner. With decent damage per second and hitpoints, Diggy is no pushover.

And with a blazing fast movement speed of 32, it’s a nimble little guy who can get the job done in no time. Plus, Diggy has a real soft spot for its paired hero and will do everything it can to protect them.

Diggy cost the following amount of Dark Elixirs at each level upgrade:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2220,0003 days
3230,0004 days
4240,0005 days
5250,0005 days, 12 hours
6260,0006 days
7270,0006 days, 12 hours
8280,0007 days
9290,0007 days, 12 hours
10300,0008 days

Poison Lizard

Introducing the Poison Lizard, the second-to-last pet you can unlock in Clash of Clans! If you’re a Town Hall 15 player and have upgraded your Pet House to level 7, this powerful little creature can be yours.

Poison Lizard works like the Headhunter, using its poisonous spit to slow down the speed and attack rate of its target.

But that’s not all – the venom also slowly chips away at their hitpoints over time, making the Poison Lizard a deadly force to be reckoned with.

One of the best things about the Poison Lizard is its ability to take out enemy heroes and Clan Castle troops with ease. This little guy has a real knack for seeking out and attacking high-value targets.

With a lightning-fast movement speed of 36, it can quickly close the distance between itself and its prey. And when it does, both air and ground units need to watch out.

Following is the upgrade cost of Poison Lizard at each level:

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2225,0003 days
3235,0004 days
4245,0005 days
5255,0005 days, 12 hours
6265,0006 days
7275,0006 days, 12 hours
8285,0007 days
9295,0007 days, 12 hours
10305,0008 days


Get ready to meet the ultimate pet in Clash of Clans – the Phoenix! This fiery creature is the eighth and final pet you can unlock, but it’s not easy to get.

Only Town Hall 15 players who have upgraded their Pet House to level 8 will be able to add this legendary pet to their collection. When you do, you’ll discover a unique ability that sets the Phoenix apart from any other pet in the game.

The Phoenix starts out as an egg, and it remains in that state until its paired hero falls in battle. But when the hero does go down, the Phoenix will hatch and revive them from the ashes.

And that’s not all – the hero will also receive a few seconds of invulnerability, giving them time to regroup and come back stronger than ever before.

It’s important to note that the hero will eventually fall again after the revival period ends. The length of the revival period is determined by the level of your Phoenix.

Each upgrade increases the amount of time that your hero will stay alive after the Phoenix hatches from its egg. But that’s not all – the Phoenix is also a force to be reckoned with in battle.

After hatching, it can deal significant splash damage to nearby enemies and has a substantial amount of health. 

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
2230,0003 days
3240,0004 days
4250,0005 days
5260,0005 days, 12 hours
6270,0006 days
7280,0006 days, 12 hours
8290,0007 days
9300,0007 days, 12 hours
10310,0008 days

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