Clash of Clans: Best Hero Pet Combination for TH15

Hero Pet Combination Guide for TH15

For a Town Hall 15 player in Clash of Clans, getting the right mix of hero pets is important. TH15 bases can be really challenging, and you don’t want to lose out on any opportunities.

Pets have a big part to play in taking down those powerful enemy bases. In this article, we’ll explore the most effective pet combinations for each hero at Town Hall 15.

Barbarian King

Let’s begin with the Barbarian King. At TH15, the Barbarian King teams up well with three different pets: Phoenix, Mighty Yak, and Frosty. First, let’s delve into the Phoenix.


The Barbarian King and the Phoenix make a fantastic pair because the Barbarian King deals a tremendous amount of damage, and the Phoenix adds a valuable revival time bonus.

This bonus can provide a good boost in achieving those extra percentages necessary to make a meaningful impact. Additionally, the Phoenix itself deals a considerable amount of damage when it emerges from its egg.


Frosty is another pet that pairs nicely with the Barbarian King. Depending on the arrangement of the enemy base, the Frosty-King combination can effectively tackle a cleverly designed base.

Frosty’s projectiles have a decelerating effect on their targets, greatly lessening the damage that the Barbarian King receives. This combination is particularly useful in impeding the progress of two of the Barbarian King’s worst enemies: the Monolith and Inferno Towers.

Moreover, Frosty spawns Frostmites that leap toward nearby defenses, putting a damper on the speed of these defenses. This added aspect improves the value of your attack strategy.

Using Frosty alongside the Barbarian King is also beneficial due to Frosty’s slower speed and ranged attacks. This characteristic causes Frosty to remain positioned behind the Barbarian King during the attack. This positioning advantage enables Frosty to prolong its lifespan, as the Barbarian King takes most of the damage.

Mighty Yak

The strong partnership between Mighty Yak and the Barbarian King, established at Town Hall 14, continues to thrive at Town Hall 15. Mighty Yak continues to be a good friend to the Barbarian King, particularly in breaking down walls.

Additionally, Mighty Yak takes on the role of damage absorption for the Barbarian King, further increasing his already substantial hitpoint capacity.

With a good hitpoint pool of its own, Mighty Yak extends its lifespan, thereby enabling the Barbarian King to evade damage from defenses like the Monolith and Inferno Tower on occasions.

Archer Queen

Moving on to the optimal pets for the Archer Queen. The Archer Queen forms an excellent partnership with the Unicorn, and there’s a good reason for it. The Unicorn creates a mini version of Queen Walk capabilities for the Archer Queen, mainly through the health boost it provides.

Notably, the Unicorn has a healing influence that closely resembles that of two Healers. Moreover, its slow movement speed ensures that it stays behind the Archer Queen which allows it to avoid all incoming damage.

It’s recommended to deploy the Archer Queen alongside the Unicorn across various attack strategies, as this combination collects preference among both war and push-oriented players.

Grand Warden

Let’s explore the top pet choices for pairing with the Grand Warden. The Grand Warden synergizes well with the Electro Owl and Frosty. These two pets deliver optimal damage output and strategic support to the Grand Warden.

Electro Owl

The Electro Owl proves most effective when paired with the Grand Warden in his airborne mode, which is commonly selected for air-focused attack strategies.

Notably, the Electro Owl uses a chain attack, similar to the Electro Dragon, but with a fewer number of targets. This feature allows the Electro Owl to target two defenses simultaneously.

Moreover, the Electro Owl displays a preference for attacking the buildings that its owner is currently targeting. This targeting behavior not only furnishes the Grand Warden with damage support but also increases the overall effectiveness of the attack strategy.

As a matter of fact, the Grand Warden and the Electro Owl stand as the favored combination for the majority of TH15 and TH14 players.


Frosty forms a good pair with the Grand Warden when the hero is in ground mode. This dynamic pairing leverages Frosty’s deceleration abilities in conjunction with the Grand Warden’s Life Aura and Eternal Tome abilities.

This cooperative effort provides support to ground troops, aiding them in tackling the powerful TH15 bases. Capitalizing on the Grand Warden’s inclination to follow other units, combined with Frosty’s capacity to slow down the movement of its targets, this combination proves advantageous for attack strategies that involve navigating the core of an enemy’s base.

This setup becomes especially effective when confronting challenging defenses like Inferno Towers, Scattershots, or the Giga Inferno.

Poison Lizard

The Poison Lizard’s combination with Grand Warden can produce great results, especially when facing certain base layouts. This hero-pet duo is commonly used in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues when a Warden Walk attack strategy is expected to yield superior results.

By pairing the Grand Warden with the Poison Lizard in such situations, you can execute a more effective Warden Walk. The Poison Lizard takes the role of safeguarding your Grand Warden from enemy heroes and Clan Castle troops, increasing the strategy’s overall value.

Royal Champion

Let’s turn our attention to the final hero, the Royal Champion. The Royal Champion finds compatibility with both Diggy and Phoenix. These two pets give the additional support that the Royal Champion requires to deal massive damage to enemy bases.


Diggy proves to be a powerful companion with a large hitpoint pool that reaches 5000 at its highest level. Its special ability, Stunning Surprise, momentarily stuns enemy defenses.

This momentary stun offers protection to the Royal Champion, particularly when faced with defenses that have locked onto her, such as Inferno Towers.

A notable trait of Diggy is its inclination to prioritize attacking buildings targeted by its owner. This aspect heightens Diggy’s value when paired with the Royal Champion.

By teaming up with Diggy, you can confidently witness the Royal Champion efficiently dismantling enemy defenses, all the while receiving great support from Diggy’s impactful presence.


The Royal Champion focuses on targeting enemy defenses, a trait that renders her vulnerable to incoming damage. Her typical strategy involves charging into the core of the base to engage enemy defenses.

To amplify her rushing approach, consider teaming her up with the Phoenix. The Phoenix’s ability to briefly revive heroes upon their defeat offers a window for additional damage output.

This additional damage could potentially tip the scales in favor of a successful attack or a three-star victory. The combination of the Phoenix and the Royal Champion is used by numerous players and is certainly worth exploring in your own strategies.

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