Clash of Clans: TH15 Max Levels List

TH15 Max Levels List

If you’re a Town Hall 15 player, you might be curious about the highest levels that your buildings, heroes, pets, and troops can reach in your village. Understanding these levels helps you better organize your resources. Let’s explore the complete list of maximum levels achievable at TH15.

Max Hero Levels at TH15

When you reach TH15, your Archer Queen and Barbarian King can each reach a maximum level of 90. The Grand Warden can go up to level 65, and the Royal Champion can achieve a maximum level of 40.

All these heroes gain an extra 10 levels at TH15. This not only improves their damage and health statistics but also upgrades their special abilities twice, giving them a nice overall improvement.

Archer Queen

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
81334,0008 days
82338,0008 days
83342,0008 days
84346,0008 days
85350,0008 days
86352,0008 days
87354,0008 days
88356,0008 days
89358,0008 days
90360,0008 days
Archer Queen’s Max Levels at TH15

Barbarian King

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
81330,0008 days
82335,0008 days
83340,0008 days
84345,0008 days
85350,0008 days
86352,0008 days
87354,0008 days
88356,0008 days
89358,0008 days
90360,0008 days
Barbarian King’s Max Levels at TH15

Grand Warden

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixir)Upgrade Time
5619,200,0008 days
5719,400,0008 days
5819,600,0008 days
5919,800,0008 days
6020,000,0008 days
6120,200,0008 days
6220,400,0008 days
6320,600,0008 days
6420,800,0008 days
6521,000,0008 days
Grand Warden’s Max Levels at TH15

Royal Champion

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
31325,0008 days
32330,0008 days
33335,0008 days
34340,0008 days
35345,0008 days
36347,0008 days
37349,0008 days
38351,0008 days
39353,0008 days
40355,0008 days
Royal Champion’s Max Levels at TH15

Max Building Levels at TH15

Upon reaching TH15, you’ll unlock two fresh defenses: the Spell Tower and the Monolith. Monolith has two a total of two levels while Spell Towers have three levels.

Additionally, your existing defenses will receive level upgrades, except for the Air Sweepers, which will maintain their levels from the previous Town Halls.

BuildingMax Level
Spell Tower3
Army Camps12
Clan Castle11
Elixir Storage16
Gold Storage16
Dark Elixir Storage10
Pet House8
Giga Inferno (Town Hall)5
Eagle Artillery6
Inferno Tower9
Builder’s Hut5
Air Defense13
Archer Tower21
Wizard Tower15
Hidden Tesla14
Bomb Tower10
Bomb 11
Air Bomb10
Giant Bomb9
Seeking Air Mine5
Max Building Levels at TH15

At TH15, your Army Camps receive an upgrade, increasing your Army Housing Space to 320. Your Pet House also benefits from four new upgrades, introducing four fresh pets: Frosty, Diggy, Poison Lizard, and Phoenix.

Furthermore, your Workshop gains an additional level, giving you access to the Battle Drill feature.

Max Pet Levels at TH15

At Town Hall 15, you’ll have a total of 8 pets. These include the four pets carried over from TH14. LASSI and Mighty Yak receive 5 new level upgrades at TH15.

However, the other TH14 pets do not receive any upgrades at TH15. Additionally, the four new pets unlocked at TH15 get ten upgrades each at TH15.

PetMax Level
Mighty Yak15
Poison Lizard10
Max Pet Levels at TH15

Max Laboratory Levels at TH15

When you make the transition to TH15, many of your troops, spells, and Siege Machines gain new levels. These heavily increase their damage per second and hitpoints which allows you to tackle other TH15 bases with greater effectiveness.

Max Troop Levels

TroopMax Levels
Electro Dragon6
Apprentice Warden4
Ice Golem7
Hog Rider12
Electro Titan3
Wall Breaker11
Baby Dragon9
Max Troop Levels at TH15

Max Spell Levels

SpellMax Level
Clone Spell8
Recall Spell4
Poison Spell9
Bat Spell6
Lightning Spell10
Jump Spell5
Healing Spell9
Skeleton Spell8
Max Spell Levels at TH15

Max Siege Machine Levels

Siege MachineMax Level
Stone Slammer5
Wall Wrecker5
Max Siege Machine Levels at TH15


In conclusion, reaching Town Hall 15 in your Clash of Clans journey opens up a world of possibilities. With increased levels for buildings, heroes, pets, and defenses, you gain the tools to fortify your village and strengthen your army.

The added upgrades to troops, spells, and Siege Machines provide a competitive edge when facing challenges in this new phase of the game. As you embrace these improvements, you’re better equipped to conquer the strategies and battles that await in the ever-evolving landscape of TH15.

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