Archer Queen vs Barbarian King: Brief Comparison

Clash of Clans: Barbarian King Vs Archer Queen

Heroes play an important role in the attack strategies of Clash of Clans. The Barbarian King is the first hero unlocked at Town Hall 7, while the Archer Queen becomes available at Town Hall 9.

Undoubtedly, both the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King are powerful heroes in Clash of Clans. Each hero has unique abilities and employs distinct attack mechanics.

Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of these heroes to gain a better understanding of their individual strengths and characteristics.

Meet the Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is a powerful ranged hero armed with a miniature X-Bow, which serves as her primary weapon. With a range of 5 tiles, the Archer Queen proves exceptionally effective against numerous defensive buildings.

Her impressive range enables her to execute devastating attack strategies such as the Queen Walk and Queen Charge, unleashing her power on the battlefield with precision and impact.

The Queen Walk attack strategy involves deploying the Archer Queen alongside a few Healers. The Archer Queen takes on the role of clearing buildings in her path as she navigates through the enemy base.

This approach effectively creates a funnel for the main army to follow, enabling attackers to direct their troops precisely where they want them to go.

By using the Queen Walk strategy, attackers can efficiently eliminate additional buildings to strategically position their army.

In the Queen Charge attack strategy, once again, the Archer Queen is accompanied by a couple of Healers. However, this time the objective is to launch a direct attack on the core of the enemy base.

The Archer Queen leads the charge, focusing on important buildings like the Eagle Artillery and the Town Hall, aiming to eliminate them.

This aggressive tactic aims to disrupt the enemy’s defensive capabilities and destroy vital targets within the enemy’s base.

Meet the Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is an imposing hero in Clash of Clans, known for his immense size and preference for up-close combat.

Armed with a hefty sword as his primary weapon, the Barbarian King uses powerful punches and sword strikes to deal substantial damage to enemy buildings.

Within the Home Village of Clash of Clans, the Barbarian King has the highest health among all units.

The Barbarian King possesses a unique ability called Iron Fist. This ability enables him to enter a state of rage, significantly amplifying his damage output while also regenerating a good portion of his hitpoints.

Additionally, when the Barbarian King activates Iron Fist, he summons a group of Barbarians who benefit from the same rage effects.

These accompanying Barbarians not only serve as a valuable shield, absorbing damage on behalf of the Barbarian King, but they also assist in quickly destroying enemy buildings.

The Barbarian King is commonly deployed to execute a powerful charge into the heart of the enemy base. With his potent ability and impressive damage output per second, he can eliminate important buildings once he penetrates the core.

Barbarian King vs Archer Queen

AspectArcher QueenBarbarian King
RoleRanged attacker, specializes in air and ground troopsMelee attacker, excels at taking down defenses
Health Points (HP)LowerHigher
Damage per Second (DPS)Very HighHigh
AbilityRoyal Cloak: Temporarily becomes invisible and gains increased damage and speedIron Fist: Increases attack speed and movement speed, regains health on each hit
Ability UpgradeLevels up to increase ability’s duration, damage, health recovery, and spawned unitsLevels up to increase ability’s damage, speed, health recovery, and spawned units
Target PreferenceTargets the nearest building or enemy unitTargets the nearest building or enemy ground unit
Preferred TargetsAnyAny
Attack ModeAir and Ground targetsGround targets only
Regeneration Time (Max Level)44 minutes44 minutes
Movement SpeedFastMedium
Attack SpeedFastMedium
Archer Queen vs Barbarian King


One of the primary differences between these two heroes lies in their roles on the battlefield.

The Archer Queen is a ranged attacker, capable of dealing damage from a distance, while the Barbarian King is a melee attacker, preferring to engage enemies up close and personal.


In terms of hitpoints, the Archer Queen has medium durability, whereas the Barbarian King has high hitpoints. This distinction implies that the Barbarian King can endure more damage before being defeated.

This is the plus point of Barbarian King over Archer Queen.

Damage Per Second

When it comes to damage per second, the Archer Queen takes the lead with a very high DPS output. Her ranged attacks enable her to quickly eliminate targets from a safe distance.

On the other hand, the Barbarian King’s DPS is also high, albeit slightly lower than that of the Archer Queen. Nevertheless, his melee can deal significant damage to his targets.

Ability: Unique Special Abilities

Both heroes have special abilities that set them apart from regular units.

The Archer Queen has the “Royal Cloak” ability, which turns her temporarily invisible, grants her increased damage, restores her health, and spawns a group of Archers to aid in the battle.

The Barbarian King, on the other hand, has the “Iron Fist” ability, which enhances his damage, increases his health recovery, grants him a speed boost, and spawns a group of Barbarians.

These abilities provide crucial advantages in battles and have a massive impact on the outcome of a battle.

Ability Upgrades

As players upgrade their heroes, their special abilities also improve.

Upgrading the Archer Queen’s ability increases its duration, damage, health recovery, and the number of spawned units. Similarly, upgrading the Barbarian King’s ability enhances its damage, health recovery, speed increase, and the number of spawned units.

These upgrades make the heroes even more powerful in combat and grant players more strategic options.


The Archer Queen’s advantage lies in her long-range attacks, which allow her to engage enemies from a safe distance. This enables her to target buildings and troops without putting herself at risk.

Conversely, the Barbarian King has a shorter range, necessitating him to engage in direct combat, where he can make the most of his high hitpoints and melee attacks.

Preferred Targets: No Favorite Target

Neither the Archer Queen nor the Barbarian King has a specific favorite target.

This absence of preference allows players to utilize them against any target during an attack, ensuring their effectiveness in a wide array of situations.

Attack Mode: Air and Ground Targets vs. Ground Only

The Archer Queen’s attack mode encompasses both air and ground targets, granting her the ability to target and eliminate flying enemies with her ranged attacks.

Conversely, the Barbarian King is limited to ground targets, restricting his effectiveness against air-based threats. This distinction makes the Archer Queen a more flexible hero overall.

Regeneration Time: Equal Duration

Both heroes have an equal regeneration time at the same upgrade levels.

This ensures fair gameplay, as players can rely on the consistent availability of their heroes once they have been defeated or are healing.

Movement Speed

In terms of movement speed, the Archer Queen surpasses the Barbarian King with her fast speed. This swiftness allows her to navigate the base more quickly.

On the other hand, the Barbarian King has a medium movement speed, which, although not as fast as the Archer Queen, still allows him to move effectively during an attack.

Attack Speed

The Archer Queen’s attack speed is fast, enabling her to launch a barrage of arrows in quick succession. This rapid-fire capability makes her a threat to enemies both during offense and defense.

Conversely, the Barbarian King has a medium attack speed, striking a balance between damage output and sustainability.


In conclusion, both the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King offer unique strengths and abilities that cater to different playstyles and strategies in Clash of Clans.

While the Archer Queen excels in ranged combat, dealing high damage from a safe distance and targeting both air and ground troops, the Barbarian King shines as a melee powerhouse with high hitpoints, capable of soaking up damage and leading ground-based assaults.

Understanding the difference between each hero’s abilities and characteristics is key to leveraging their strengths effectively and achieving better results with attack strategies.

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