Clash of Clans: Events Calendar for April 2024

Events Calendar April 2024 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has announced its lineup of events for April 2024. This month’s theme is “Egyptian,” featuring hero skins and scenery to match. Here’s the complete event schedule for April:

  • Season Challenges: April 1st to April 30th
  • Clan War Leagues: April 1st to April 11th
  • Egypt Challenge: April 1st to April 14th
  • Super Troop Medal Event: April 11th to April 21st
  • Streak Event: April 18th to April 28th
  • Clan Games: April 22nd to April 28th

Egyptian Hero Skins

In April, Clash of Clans is introducing Egyptian-themed skins for our heroes. The Egyptian Grand Warden skin can be unlocked through the Gold Pass, but you’ll need to buy other skins from the shop. Additionally, an Egyptian-themed scenery will be available for purchase in the game shop around mid-month.

The Grand Warden will get a mummified look, while other heroes will have typical Pharaoh-like skins.

Two Big Events

April is set to host two major events in Clash of Clans. The first one is the Super Troop event, running from April 11th to April 21st. This event resembles the Super Troop event from March.

Although specific details haven’t been revealed yet, judging by the event calendar image, it seems focused on Rocket Balloons. This speculation makes sense since the previous Super Troop event featured Super Dragons, another Super Troop.

The other big event is the “Streak Event,” scheduled from April 18th to April 28th. Details about this event haven’t been disclosed yet either. Typically, the Clash of Clans team reveals event specifics a day before the update through an announcement or sneak peek video.

Other Events

Apart from the events mentioned in the official calendar, Clash of Clans will also feature several Easter events this month. While these Easter-related events weren’t included in the calendar shared by Clash of Clans recently, the game typically hosts them each year, and this April will be no different.

Additionally, Clan War Leagues will kick off right at the beginning of April, providing players with another exciting event to participate in. Finally, the month will wrap up with Clan Games, set to run from April 22nd to April 28th, offering more opportunities for players to earn rewards.

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