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comet me bro challenge clash of clans

The “Comet me, bro!” challenge just kicked off in Clash of Clans a few hours back. In this challenge, you get to test out the Grand Warden’s fresh Fireball equipment as you try to achieve a perfect three-star victory on the challenge base.

In this article, we’ll guide you step by step on how to smoothly secure a three-star win on the “Comet me, bro!” challenge and grab those rewards. Let’s jump in!

Start from the right corner

Comet me bro challenge step 1

To start off defeating this base, begin by placing one Golem, four Healers, and four Super Archers on the right corner of the base. First, deploy the Golem to draw enemy fire, followed by the Healers to keep the Golem healed up, and then the Super Archers to provide ranged support.

Once you’ve taken out all the defenses in this area except for the Mortars, use a Recall Spell on the Healers and Super Archers to bring them back. The Golem will then focus on dealing with the remaining Mortars in this compartment.

Head to the left corner

Comet me bro challenge step 2

Now, let’s replicate the previous process on the left corner of the base. Start by deploying a Golem, then position your recalled troops right behind it. Freeze the Monolith to allow the Golem to inflict more damage before it turns into Golemites.

Once all the defenses in this corner are destroyed, use your second Recall Spell to return the Healers and Super Archers to the deployment bar. Try to avoid placing the Recall Spell on the Golem.

Deploy all of the remaining troops at the top side

Comet me bro challenge step 3

To wrap up the “Comet me, bro!” challenge, deploy all your remaining troops in the top compartment of the base. Start with the last Golem, followed by the recalled Healers and Super Archers. Afterward, send in the Witches and Apprentice Warden, and finally, drop the Grand Warden into action – but remember to set him to ground-mode.

As the Clan Castle troops come out, use a Poison Spell to deal with them and freeze them with the Freeze Spell. Time another Freeze Spell once they start moving again. Try to catch them when they’re closer to the Town Hall, so the Town Hall gets frozen too.

Once all the buildings in the top compartment are wiped out, trigger the Grand Warden’s special ability. This will launch a Fireball, destroying all buildings in the final compartment except the Scattershot.

With the Scattershot left with low hitpoints, your remaining troops can quickly take care of it, securing an easy three-star victory.

Comet me bro challenge step 4
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