Clash of Clans: Electro Dragon Tips

Electro Dragons are undeniably among the mightiest and most frequently deployed units in Clash of Clans. They are known for their effectiveness in mass attacks, where players solely use Electro Dragons to destroy even the most challenging bases.

Ever since their introduction in 2018, Electro Dragons have become a beloved choice among Clash of Clans players. Let’s explore some helpful tips for effectively using Electro Dragons in your attack strategies.

Electro Dragon’s Damage Mechanics

To make the best use of Electro Dragons, it’s important to understand their damage mechanics. These dragons inflict massive damage through their chain attacks.

However, the effectiveness of the chain attack diminishes with each jump, decreasing by 20% each time. The chain attack has the capacity to strike up to 5 targets, with each subsequent target experiencing 20% less damage than the one before.

Another key aspect to keep in mind regarding the damage mechanics of Electro Dragons is that their chain attack can only leap to a target situated within a maximum distance of 1 tile. If there are no targets located within this 1-tile radius of the chain attack, the chain attack will come to a halt.

The Electro Dragon’s chain attack has a tendency to prefer buildings with greater HP (hit points). This is an important consideration to bear in mind when deploying the Electro Dragon.

For instance, if you look at the scenario shown above, Electro Dragon’s chain attack won’t go towards Gold Mine after hitting the Eagle Artillery because the Mortar in front of the Eagle Artillery has a larger HP.

The same would happen in the case of Scattershot. It would hit Scattershot instead of the Elixir Storage because Scattershot has a larger hitpoint pool.

Avoid Air Sweepers

Air Sweepers pose a big challenge for Electro Dragons, as these dragons move quite slowly and Air Sweepers can worsen this vulnerability, preventing them from reaching their intended targets.

Electro Dragons have a rather sluggish movement speed of 13 and an attack speed of 3.5 seconds, which are among the slowest in the game.

When deploying Electro Dragons, it’s recommended to steer clear of attacking from the direction that Air Sweepers are pointing. If you come across a situation where two Air Sweepers are closely positioned, it’s a good idea to use a Lightning Spell to eliminate them.

In cases where avoiding an attack from the Air Sweeper’s side is not feasible or if your Electro Dragons have already entered an Air Sweeper’s range, you have the option to use a Freeze Spell.

This can temporarily immobilize the Air Sweepers, ensuring your Electro Dragons remain effective rather than rendered ineffective.

Brew Rage Spell and Poison Spell

As previously mentioned, Electro Dragons have both a sluggish movement speed and a slow attack rate. To counteract these limitations, it’s recommended to include a Rage Spell when employing Electro Dragons in your strategy.

The Rage Spell will increase both the attack rate and speed of your Electro Dragons, enabling you to quickly dismantle the heart of the opponent’s base.

On the other hand, it’s advisable to have a Poison Spell whenever you’re using Electro Dragons. Due to their slow attack rate, Electro Dragons are particularly vulnerable to Clan Castle troops. The Poison Spell can aid in eliminating Clan Castle troops without subjecting your Electro Dragons to substantial losses.

Keep an Eye on Electro Dragon’s Shadow

Many players struggle with the precise timing of their spells when deploying Electro Dragons, primarily due to the Electro Dragon’s size. A common mistake is to incorrectly position the Rage Spell, often casting it too close to the Electro Dragon’s front portion, around the neck.

This can lead to spells missing their intended targets.

You can resolve the issue by observing the Electro Dragon’s shadow. By placing the Rage Spell where the shadow of the Electro Dragon falls, you can ensure accurate spell placement, preventing mishaps and preserving the effectiveness of your attack strategies.

Adapt to the Base Layout

While Electro Dragons can excel against a variety of base layouts, it’s recommended to exercise caution when using them on specific layouts where core defenses are positioned more than 1 tile away.

It’s important to acknowledge that no single strategy in Clash of Clans can effectively conquer all types of bases. Instead, it’s necessary to adjust your approach according to the unique base layouts and select your army combinations accordingly.

In the context of war, it’s beneficial to thoroughly analyze the base before opting for an Electro Dragon attack strategy. Take time to assess the potential weak spots within the base and identify any potential Seeking Air Mines.

To counteract these mines, you can use Balloons as a decoy to neutralize their threat. By tailoring your approach in this manner, you increase your chances of success in your attacks.

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