Clash of Clans: BH10 Max Levels List

BH10 Max Levels List Clash of Clans

Once you’ve successfully reached Builder Hall 10, the final destination in your Builder Base adventure, you’ll likely be curious about the highest levels your buildings, heroes, and troops can reach. This article aims to provide you with a clear and organized overview of these maximum levels. This way, you can easily grasp what upgrades to anticipate when you reach BH10.

Max Hero Levels at BH10

At Builder Hall 10, you have two hero machines: the Battle Machine and the Battle Copter. You can upgrade these hero machines up to level 35. Both of the hero machines undergo five upgrades, elevating them from level 30 to level 35.

These upgrades greatly improve their damage output per second and increase their hitpoints. Moreover, as these hero machines ascend to level 35, you’ll notice a big improvement in their special abilities.

Each hero machine takes 7 days to level up, and since there are 5 levels to go through, it will take a total of 35 days to fully upgrade a hero machine.

Battle Machine

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade Time
314,100,0007 days
324,200,0007 days
334,300,0007 days
344,400,0007 days
35 (Max)4,500,0007 days
Battle Machine Max Levels at BH10

Battle Copter

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade Time
314,100,0007 days
324,200,0007 days
334,300,0007 days
344,400,0007 days
35 (Max)4,500,0007 days
Battle Copter Max Levels at BH10

Max Building Levels at BH10

Nearly every building within your base receives a boost in levels at BH10. Additionally, you gain the opportunity to build a new defensive building—the X-Bow. The X-Bow has a maximum level of 5 and goes through five upgrades at Builder Hall 10.

These new levels for your defenses improve your defensive potential which is important for withstanding powerful attacks from other Builder Hall 10 players. Now, let’s look into the maximum levels of each building at BH10:

BuildingMax Level
Star Laboratory10
Builder Barracks12
Clock Tower10
Healing Hut6
Elixir Storage10
Gold Storage10
Mega Tesla10
OTTO’s Outpost10
Lava Launcher10
Air Bombs10
Archer Tower10
Giant Cannon10
Double Cannon10
Multi Mortar10
Guard Post10
Hidden Tesla10
Push Trap10
Mega Mine10
Gold Mine10
Elixir Collector10
Gem Mine10
Builder Hall 10 Max Levels for Buildings

As shown in the table above, the majority of buildings have a maximum level matching the Builder Hall’s level, which is level 10. However, there are a few exceptions to this alignment. The X-Bow, for example, reaches a maximum level of 5, the Healing Hut caps at level 6, and the Builder Barracks achieves a maximum level of 12.

Max Troop Levels at BH10

At Builder Hall 10, you have access to all 12 available troops, and the addition of the Electrofire Wizard is particular. When unlocked, the Electrofire Wizard starts at level 17, requiring three upgrades (18, 19, 20) to reach its maximum level of 20.

Moreover, at Builder Hall 10, the maximum level for each of the 12 troops aligns with a simple formula: Builder Hall level multiplied by 10. This means that every troop can be upgraded to a maximum level of 20.

Let’s break down these maximum troop levels at BH10 in a tabular format:

TroopMax Level
Raged Barbarian20
Sneaky Archer20
Cannon Cart20
Boxer Giant20
Beta Minion20
Baby Dragon20
Night Witch20
Drop Ship20
Power P.E.K.K.A20
Hog Glider20
Electrofire Wizard20
Max level of Troops at BH10


In conclusion, Builder Hall 10 marks a major milestone in your journey through the Builder Base, bringing a ton of exciting upgrades and new additions. At this level, your hero machines can be powered up to level 35 through five upgrades.

Meanwhile, your base’s defense gets a boost with most buildings reaching a maximum level of 10, except for a few unique buildings like the X-Bow, Healing Hut, and Builder Barracks.

When it comes to troops, Builder Hall 10 opens up the entire roster, including the Electrofire Wizard, which starts at level 17 and can be upgraded to level 20 through three upgrades. Moreover, every other troop can reach a maximum level of 20.

Understanding these maximum levels equips you with essential knowledge for optimizing upgrades. Clash On!

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