Clash of Clans: November 2023 Events Calendar

Clash of Clans - November 2023 Events Calendar

Clash of Clans recently revealed the events calendar for November 2023 on their social media pages. In this upcoming November season, they’re bringing a championship theme into the game.

The Clash-o-Ween season is set to conclude on November 1st, and immediately after, the championship season will kick off. The highlight of this new season is the addition of a special Royal Champion skin with a champion-inspired design. Let’s look at the details of this event roadmap.

Champions’ Champion Skin

Champion Royal Champion Clash of Clans

The highly anticipated Royal Champion skin is finally arriving in November. Players have been eagerly awaiting this addition to their collection. Previously, Clash of Clans introduced the Champion Barbarian King, Champion Archer Queen, and Champion Grand Warden skins.

Now, with the upcoming season, clashers can complete their set of champion skins by obtaining the Champion Royal Champion Skin.

The November season is set to begin with an exciting event called the Champion’s Champion Challenge. During this event, players will have the opportunity to test out the new Champion Royal Champion Skin on a well-designed base. The event is scheduled to run from November 1st to November 13th. To earn rewards, your goal is to achieve a three-star victory against the challenging base.

Several Troop Events

During the entire month of November, you can look forward to several troop events, each focusing on the use of specific troops in your attack strategies to earn rewards. The first troop event is scheduled to start on November 2nd and will run until November 5th.

These troop events are designed to last for three days each, and in total, there are five such events lined up for this month. It’s a great chance to put your tactical skills to the test and reap the rewards for using particular troop compositions.

One Gem Boosts

In addition to the troop events, November will bring several one-gem boost events for Clash of Clans players to enjoy. The first of these events, known as the training boost event, will kick off on November 6th and continue until November 9th. During this event, you can accelerate the training speed of your offensive buildings by 4 times, all with just a single gem.

The second one-gem boost event is scheduled for November 13th to November 16th. This event will allow you to boost the production speed of your resource collectors, and it only costs 1 gem per boost.

The third and final one-gem boost event which is focused on increasing the regeneration speed of your heroes, will start on November 20th and conclude on November 23rd. Each of these one-gem boost events will run for three days.

Other Events

In addition to the troop events and one gem boosts, Clash of Clans has a range of other events in store for November. These include the recurring Clan War League, which starts at the beginning of each month, and the Clan Games, which are scheduled for the last week of every month.

Furthermore, players can anticipate a 2x Star Bonus event as the month draws to a close. This event promises to be a great opportunity for players to earn double the rewards from their Star Bonuses.

For a comprehensive view of all the events planned for November, you can refer to the image of the event calendar provided below. It’s an exciting month with various activities to keep players entertained.

Clash of Clans - November 2023 Events Calendar
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