Battle Machine Max Levels and Upgrade Cost (2023)

Battle Machine Upgrade Cost and Levels

The Battle Machine is the Builder Base’s first hero machine. Starting as a broken and damaged machine lying dormant at your base, it can be repaired by the Master Builder once you reach Builder Hall 5.

The cost of repairing the Battle Machine is 900,000 Builder Elixirs, but it’s worth every penny. The Master Builder takes great pride in driving the machine himself, and with good reason – the Battle Machine is a force to be reckoned with.

The Battle Machine is a vital component of the Builder Base, adding an exciting new layer of strategy and fun to the game. Similar to the Home Village heroes, it possesses a unique ability that sets it apart from the standard troops.

Unlike the standard hero abilities, which can only be used once per battle, the Battle Machine’s ability can be utilized multiple times throughout the battle, with only a short cooldown period between uses.

Additionally, the Battle Machine wields a mighty hammer in its left hand, striking fear into the hearts of its enemies with each devastating blow.

Once the Battle Machine’s ability is activated, it not only regains a significant portion of its lost hitpoints, but also receives a substantial boost to its speed and damage per second.

This powerful ability is reminiscent of the mighty Thor from the Marvel universe, as the Battle Machine calls forth a bolt of lightning from the heavens, which electrifies its hammer and imbues it with unparalleled strength.

With this devastating power at its disposal, the Battle Machine becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield, capable of crushing any foe that stands in its way.

The Battle Machine has an impressive array of stats, including a good amount of damage per second and a robust hitpoint pool. Unlike some troops, it doesn’t have a particular favorite target, instead it goes for whatever building is closest to it.

However, due to its slow movement speed of just 16, it may take some time for the Battle Machine to reach its intended target.

Nevertheless, with a maximum level of 35, each upgrade brings a significant increase to both its damage output and hitpoints.

At every fifth level, the Battle Machine’s ability also receives a substantial upgrade, increasing both its hitpoint recovery and damage per second to even greater heights.

Battle Machine’s Max Levels

Players can unlock the Battle Machine at Builder Hall 5, and can continue to level it up as they progress through the Builder Hall levels.

With every 5 level increase, the Battle Machine receives a slight change in its texture, reflecting its growing power and prestige.

  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 5 is level 5.
  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 6 is level 10.
  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 7 is level 20.
  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 8 is level 25.
  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 9 is level 30.
  • Max level of Battle Machine for Builder Hall 10 is level 35.

Battle Machine Upgrade Cost and Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade TimeBuilder Hall
1900,00012 hours5
21,000,00012 hours5
31,100,00012 hours5
41,200,0001 day5
51,300,0001 day5
61,500,0001 day, 12 hours6
71,600,0001 day, 12 hours6
81,700,0002 days6
91,800,0002 days6
101,900,0002 days, 12 hours6
112,100,0002 days, 12 hours7
122,200,0003 days7
132,300,0003 days7
142,400,0003 days, 12 hours7
152,500,0003 days, 12 hours7
162,600,0004 days7
172,700,0004 days7
182,800,0004 days7
192,900,0004 days7
203,000,0004 days7
213,100,0005 days8
223,200,0005 days8
233,300,0005 days8
243,400,0005 days8
253,500,0005 days8
263,600,0006 days9
273,700,0006 days9
283,800,0006 days9
293,900,0006 days9
304,000,0006 days9
314,100,0007 days10
324,200,0007 days10
334,300,0007 days10
344,400,0007 days10
354,500,0007 days10
Battle Machine Upgrade Cost and Time

How to Effectively Use Battle Machine

With its powerful abilities and impressive stats, the Battle Machine holds a major impact on the result of a battle. However, in order to make the most of this powerful hero machine, it is essential to understand how and when to use it strategically.

Let’s explore some key tactics and strategies to effectively utilize the Battle Machine during an attack.

Timing is Key: When to Use the Battle Machine’s Ability

The Battle Machine has a unique ability that can be activated multiple times during a battle. The question arises: when should you use it? The answer depends on the situation.

While the temptation may be to use the ability right away upon deployment, it’s not always the most effective strategy. Instead, consider the following factors:

If you’re facing multiple defense buildings that are behind the walls, it might be wise to hold on to the ability for a few seconds. By doing this, you can properly utilize the hitpoint recovery and damage buff provided by the ability.

Evaluate the targets in the area.

If there are key defenses that need to be taken down quickly, using the Battle Machine’s ability early on can help eliminate those threats faster.

Waiting for Level 3 Charge: Dealing Maximum Damage

The Battle Machine’s ability charges in levels, with each level taking approximately 13 seconds to charge. It’s important to know that the ability’s damage output increases with each level.

The Level 3 charge deals the biggest damage and recovers the most hitpoints.

Sometimes it might be advantageous to wait for the Battle Machine to charge its ability to Level 3 before activating it. Patience and timing are essential to properly utilize the ability.

On the other hand, there are certain situations where an important building is on low health, and you want to quickly eliminate it before it deals another powerful hit to your troops.

In such cases, it may be beneficial to use the Battle Machine’s ability without waiting for it to charge to the next level.

Choosing the Right Hero Machine

While the Battle Machine is a grounded hero, Clash of Clans also offers the Battle Copter, an air hero machine. Both heroes have unique strengths and strategies, and understanding when to use each can greatly enhance your attack.

Battle Machine is a solid choice for the first stage of an attack, where aerial defenses are typically more prevalent.

With its high hitpoints and strong melee attacks, the Battle Machine can do the most damage without worrying about powerful air-based defenses.

On the other hand, the Battle Copter shines in situations where ground defenses pose a significant threat or when you need to reach targets that are otherwise difficult to access.

The Battle Copter can provide valuable air support and take down key defenses from above.

Battle Machine as a Tank for Low Hitpoint Troops

One effective strategy is to use the Battle Machine as a tank for small, low-hitpoint troops. Deploying troops like Raged Barbarians or Sneaky Archers alongside the Battle Machine can provide an extra layer of protection and distract defenses.

The Battle Machine’s high hitpoints and ability to soak up damage allow the smaller troops to focus on dealing damage without being quickly eliminated.

This strategy is particularly effective against splash damage defenses, as the Battle Machine can draw their fire and keep the fragile troops safe.

Safeguarding the Battle Machine from Crushers

Crushers are powerful defenses that can easily eliminate the Battle Machine if not approached carefully. To safeguard your hero from Crushers, consider the following tips:

Before deploying the Battle Machine, scout the base layout for the location of Crushers. Identify their range and potential paths that might lead your Battle Machine to Crushers.

When possible, deploy ranged troops such as Sneaky Archers or Cannon Carts to take down the Crushers from a safe distance.

Clearing out these defenses will ensure a safer path for the Battle Machine to navigate.

Funneling the Battle Machine into the Core

The Battle Machine’s objective is often to reach the core of the enemy base, where important defenses and high-value targets are located.

Proper funneling techniques can greatly increase the chances of successfully guiding the hero to the core.

Destroy buildings on the outskirts of the base to create a clear path for the Battle Machine towards the core. Sneaky Archers can be used for this.

Deploy funnel troops like Boxer Giants or Bombers to break through walls and create a direct path for the Battle Machine. Boxer Giants will also provide a much-needed tank to Battle Machine so that it doesn’t take all of the fire on itself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Battle Machine

Can you use Battle Machine while upgrading?

No, Battle Machine cannot be used while upgrading.

Is Battle Machine worth upgrading?

Battle Machine is worth upgrading because, without a well-upgraded Battle Machine, you won’t be able to get a good destruction percentage on your opponent. A fully maxed-out Battle Machine is also necessary for unlocking the 6th builder so you should upgrade your Battle Machine whenever you can,

How long does it take to rebuild Battle Machine?

It takes 12 hours to rebuild Battle Machine. You will also need 900,000 builder elixir for rebuilding the Battle Machine.

How to get Battle Machine statue in Clash of Clans?

The Battle Machine statue was a one-time offer. It cannot be purchased anymore. It might be added to the shop again in future.

What level does the Battle Machine go to?

Battle Machine has a maximum level of 35.

How long does it take to max Battle Machine?

Without a gold pass, It could take 4 and a half months to max out the Battle Machine. You will have to keep a Master Builder busy on Battle Machine all the time to achieve that. With gold pass, you might be able to max it out in less than 3 months.

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