X-Bow (Builder Base): Upgrade Cost, Time, and Levels

Clash of Clans: X-Bow Builder Base Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

On May 15, 2023, Builder Base welcomed its very own X-Bow, a defensive building. This particular defense shares a similar texture and model with the X-Bow found in the Home Village. However, it operates in a different manner from its counterpart. To unlock the X-Bow in Builder Base, players need to reach Builder Hall 10.

The X-Bow in Builder Base has a total of 5 levels, all of which become available at Builder Hall 10. To build this defense building, players need 4,000,000 Builder Gold. Like the X-Bow in the Home Village, the X-Bow in Builder Base is equipped with two modes: Air Mode and Ground Mode. However, unlike its Home Village counterpart, switching between modes does not alter the range of the X-Bow in Builder Base.

X-Bow’s Upgrade Cost, Time, and Levels

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Gold)Upgrade TimeBuilder Hall
14,400,0007 days10
24,800,0008 days10
35,200,00010 days10
45,600,00011 days10
56,000,00012 days10
Builder Base X-Bow Upgrade Cost and Time

X-Bow’s Statistics

In Builder Base, the X-Bow has a shorter range than the ground mode of the X-Bow in the Home Village, but it has a longer range than the Home Village’s air mode X-Bow. The range of this defense building remains constant at 12 tiles, regardless of the attack mode selected. The X-Bow is designed to target a single enemy at a time and remains locked onto its target until either the target is eliminated or moves beyond its range. Afterward, it will seek out a new target.

The X-Bow in Builder Base consists of a total of 5 levels. When upgraded to its maximum level, it can deliver 116 damage per second and possesses a good hitpoint pool of 2600. X-Bow does not have a specific preference for a target. Instead, it will engage and attack any unit that enters its range.

Similar to other defense buildings, upgrading the X-Bow in Builder Base requires Builder Gold. Players are limited to constructing just one X-Bow in Builder Base. As the X-Bow progresses through each level upgrade, its texture changes accordingly. The initial three levels of the X-Bow in Builder Base share a similar appearance to the X-Bow found at Town Hall 9 when both are at equal levels.

X-Bow’s Vulnerabilities

The X-Bow is undeniably a powerful defense building, but it does has a couple of vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability lies in its mode, as it can only be set to target a specific type of unit. When set to air mode, the X-Bow will not engage ground-based units, making it vulnerable to ground-focused attack strategies.

Conversely, when set to ground mode, it becomes vulnerable to air-based attack strategies. To mitigate this weakness, it is recommended to position the X-Bow in the second phase of the Builder Base layout. By doing so, attackers will have limited troop options available to counter the X-Bow during the second stages of their attack.

The second vulnerability is associated with the Electrofire Wizard. When an Electrofire Wizard is set to Electro Mode, he has the ability to inflict damage to multiple buildings simultaneously through chain attacks. If an X-Bow is positioned in close proximity to other defenses near the outer walls of the base, it becomes vulnerable to the Electrofire Wizard’s chain attacks.

However, this vulnerability can be addressed by strategically placing the X-Bow in the core of the Builder Base. By doing so, the X-Bow is better protected against potential threat of Electrofire Wizards.

Frequently Asked Questions about X-Bow

How many levels does the X-Bow have in Builder Base?

The X-Bow in Builder Base consists of a total of 5 levels.

What are the damage and hitpoints of the X-Bow at its maximum level?

At max level, the X-Bow can deal 116 damage per second and has 2600 hitpoints.

Does the X-Bow’s attack range change when switching attack modes?

No, the X-Bow’s range remains constant at 12 tiles regardless of the attack mode selected.

How many X-Bows can be built in Builder Base?

Players can only build one X-Bow in Builder Base.

In which Builder Base phase should I place X-Bow?

Placing the X-Bow in the second phase of the Builder Base is recommended as it limits the troop options available to attackers against the X-Bow during the second stage of their attack.

What is the difference in appearance of Builder Base X-Bow and Home Village X-Bow?

Builder Base X-Bow gets wings on its back when set to air mode unlike the X-Bow in Home Village.

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