Clash of Clans: BH8 Max Levels List

BH8 Max Levels in Clash of Clans

Once you reach Builder Hall 8, you might be curious about the highest levels your troops, hero machines, and buildings can achieve at this stage of Builder Hall. In this article, we’ll explore the maximum levels at BH8 to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your upgrade objectives.

Max Hero Levels at BH8

When you reach Builder Hall 8, you have access to two heroes: the Battle Machine and the Battle Copter. Both of the hero machines can reach a maximum level of 25 at BH8. The Battle Machine undergoes five upgrades, progressing from level 20 to level 25 during this stage.

On the other hand, the Battle Copter is introduced at Builder Hall 8, starting at level 15 and having the capacity to reach level 25, offering ten upgrades in total. These hero machines have massive power and play a big role in battles.

Battle Machine

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade Time
213,100,0005 days
223,200,0005 days
233,300,0005 days
243,400,0005 days
25 (Max)3,500,0005 days
Max Level of Battle Machine at BH8

Battle Copter

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade Time
162,600,0005 days
172,700,0005 days
182,800,0005 days
192,900,0005 days
203,000,0005 days
213,100,0005 days
223,200,0005 days
233,300,0005 days
243,400,0005 days
25 (Max)3,500,0005 days
Max Level of Battle Copter at BH8

Max Building Levels at BH8

At Builder Hall 8, numerous buildings, especially defense buildings, receive upgrades that improve their statistics. A notable addition at this Builder Hall is the Mega Tesla. The Mega Tesla can be upgraded up to level 8 at Builder Hall 8.

Additionally, many other defense buildings can also reach a maximum level of 8. Let’s look into the details of the maximum levels for all buildings at BH8:

BuildingMax Level
Star Laboratory8
Builder Barracks10
Clock Tower8
Healing Hut4
Elixir Storage8
Gold Storage8
Mega Tesla8
Archer Tower8
Air Bombs8
Multi Mortar8
Double Cannon8
OTTO’s Outpost8
Giant Cannon8
Guard Post8
Hidden Tesla8
Gold Mine8
Elixir Collector8
Gem Mine8
Push Trap8
Spring Trap4
Mega Mine8
Max Building Levels at BH8

As shown in the table above, the majority of building levels correspond with the Builder Hall level, which is level 8. However, there are a few exceptions where certain buildings have different maximum levels, including the Spring Trap, Healing Hut, and Builder Barracks.

Max Troop Levels at BH8

When it comes to troops, you’ll find that all of your troops receive a minimum of two additional upgrade levels at BH8. Particularly, at this Builder Hall level, you unlock the Power PEKKA, and she can be upgraded from level 13 to level 16, gaining three upgrade levels.

Let’s now examine the maximum levels for troops at Builder Hall 8.

TroopMax Level
Raged Barbarian16
Sneaky Archer16
Boxer Giant16
Beta Minion16
Bomber 16
Baby Dragon16
Cannon Cart16
Night Witch16
Drop Ship16
Power PEKKA16
Max Level of Troops at BH8

As indicated in the table above, all troops can reach a maximum level of 16 at Builder Hall 8. This shows that the upgrade level of troops is determined by multiplying the Builder Hall level by 2 in the Builder Base.


In conclusion, reaching Builder Hall 8 in the Builder Base is an appreciable milestone, marking a point where considerable upgrades and expansions become available. Understanding the maximum levels of buildings and troops at BH8 is necessary for effective planning and progression.

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