Electrofire Wizard: Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Clash of Clans: Electrofire Wizard Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Electrofire Wizard is an incredible new troop for the Builder Base that adds a fresh dimension to attack strategies.

You can unlock the Electrofire Wizard when you reach the final Builder Hall level, Builder Hall 10. This remarkable troop possesses two distinct attacking modes: Inferno Mode and Electro Mode.

In Inferno Mode, the Electrofire Wizard unleashes a beam of fire that intensifies in damage over time, similar to the destructive power of the Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon in the Home Village.

On the other hand, Electro Mode equips the Electrofire Wizard with a slow-charging Lightning attack, capable of jumping between multiple targets, much like the Electro Dragon‘s attack in the Home Village.

The default attack mode for the Electrofire Wizard is always set to Inferno Mode upon deployment.

However, players can switch between the two modes by simply tapping on the image of the Electrofire Wizard located on the deployment Bar.

Electrofire Wizard’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade TimeBuilder Hall
184,400,0006 days10
195,400,0006 days, 12 hours10
205,800,0006 days, 12 hours10
Electrofire Wizard Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Electrofire Wizard’s Statistics

The Electrofire Wizard starts from level 17 when unlocked. He has a maximum level of 20, allowing you to increase his statistics through three additional upgrades.

Similar to other troops, upgrading the Electrofire Wizard requires Builder Elixir. The Electrofire Wizard has the ability to target both air and ground units.

In Inferno Mode, he unleashes devastating damage upon a single target, while in Electro Mode, he can simultaneously strike multiple targets.

The Electrofire Wizard does not have a favorite target, as he prioritizes attacking the nearest building within his deployment area.

The Electrofire Wizard has a swift movement speed of 22 and possesses a Spring weight of 14.

At its maximum level, this amazing new wizard can reach a hitpoint count of 1210, while dealing an impressive 202 to 505 damage per second in Inferno Mode.

When switched to Electro Mode, a max-level Electrofire Wizard inflicts 253 damage per second, with the damage decreasing for each subsequent jump from one target to another, similar to the mechanics of the Electro Dragon.

Electrofire Wizard’s Vulnerabilities

The Electrofire Wizard’s first weakness is his small hitpoint pool which makes him particularly vulnerable to enemy defenses if deployed alone.

Therefore, it is not recommended to solely rely on a mass army of Electrofire Wizards. A more effective strategy is to pair them with bulky units such as Boxer Giants, Battle Machine, or Power P.E.K.K.A.

By using larger troops as damage tanks, you can increase the Electrofire Wizard’s potential and achieve better results in your attacks.

The second weakness of the Electrofire Wizard lies in its significant space requirement within the Army Camps.

Due to this limitation, you can only train a single Electrofire Wizard in each camp, necessitating a careful decision regarding the quantity of Electrofire Wizard you wish to include in your army composition.

Given their bulky space requirements, it is advisable to position the Electrofire Wizard behind the first line of troops upon deployment. This will ensure their protection from enemy defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrofire Wizard

How can I unlock the Electrofire Wizard?

The Electrofire Wizard becomes available for unlocking once you reach Builder Hall 10, the final Builder Hall level in the game. At Builder Hall 10, you can upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12 which will give you access to Electrofire Wizard.

What are the attacking modes of the Electrofire Wizard?

The Electrofire Wizard has two attack modes: Inferno Mode and Electro Mode. Inferno Mode deals increasing damage over time to a single target, while Electro Mode enables the Wizard to strike multiple targets with a slow-charging lightning attack.

Can the Electrofire Wizard target both air and ground units?

Yes, the Electrofire Wizard is capable of targeting both air and ground units.

Does the Electrofire Wizard have a preferred target?

No, the Electrofire Wizard does not have a preferred target. He will prioritize attacking the closest building within its deployment area.

How many upgrades can be done for the Electrofire Wizard?

After unlocking the Electrofire Wizard, you can upgrade him three times.

What are the weaknesses of the Electrofire Wizard?

The Electrofire Wizard has two notable weaknesses. Firstly, he possesses a small hitpoint pool, making him vulnerable when deployed alone. Secondly, he occupies a significant amount of space in Army Camps, allowing for only one Electrofire Wizard per camp.

How should I use the Electrofire Wizard effectively?

To maximize the results from your attacks, it is recommended to pair the Electrofire Wizard with larger troops such as Boxer Giants or Power P.E.K.K.A. These units can act as damage tanks, protecting the Electrofire Wizard and optimizing his attack capabilities.

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