Battle Copter: Upgrade Cost, Max Levels and Upgrade Time

Clash of Clans: Battle Copter Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Hold on to your hats, Clash of Clans fans, because the Battle Copter is swooping in as the latest and greatest Hero Machine in the Builder Base! Prepare for some serious air attacks as this bad boy takes center stage at Builder Hall 8.

Brace yourselves, because once this magnificent Machine is unlocked, attacks at Builder Hall 8 and beyond will never be the same again! Get ready for a wild ride!

Say goodbye to staying grounded and hello to flying high with the Battle Copter! Unlike its ground-based counterpart, the Battle Machine, this new Hero Machine takes to the skies and offers a whole new approach to attacking.

With the ability to launch aerial attacks on the enemy’s Builder Base, you’ll be able to rain down destruction from above like never before.

Battle Copter also comes equipped with a powerful special ability known as “Bomb Rush,” which, when activated, sends the Copter rushing towards its target, dropping a massive bomb beneath it that deals a significant amount of damage.

Before you send your troops into battle, you get to pick your Hero Machine. There are two awesome options: the Battle Machine and the Battle Copter.

Each one brings a different strategy to the table, so choose wisely!

Battle Copter’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Builder Elixirs)Upgrade TimeBuilder Hall
162,600,0005 days8
172,700,0005 days8
182,800,0005 days8
192,900,0005 days8
203,000,0005 days8
213,100,0005 days8
223,200,0005 days8
233,300,0005 days8
243,400,0005 days8
253,500,0005 days8
263,600,0006 days9
273,700,0006 days9
283,800,0006 days9
293,900,0006 days9
304,000,0006 days9
314,100,0007 days10
324,200,0007 days10
334,300,0007 days10
344,400,0007 days10
354,500,0007 days10
Battle Copter Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Battle Copter’s Max Levels

Battle Copter will be unlocked at Builder Hall 8. It will have a certain max level at each Builder Hall. Its levels start from 15 and go up to 35. Here is the list of max levels of Battle Copter.

  • Max level of Battle Copter at Builder Hall 8 is level 25.
  • Max level of Battle Copter at Builder Hall 9 is level 30.
  • Max level of Battle Copter at Builder Hall 10 is level 35.

Battle Copter’s Statistics

The Battle Copter takes flight at Builder Hall 8, but it comes with a price tag of 2,500,000 Builder Elixirs. So, start saving those shiny Builder Elixirs if you want to unlock this Hero Machine.

Now, when it comes to picking its targets, the Battle Copter isn’t one to play favorites. It’ll go after the nearest building to its deployment area, swooping in for the attack.

Just remember, it’s a single-target unit, so it focuses all its attention on one lucky building at a time.

When the Battle Copter triggers its special ability, “Bomb Rush,” things get explosive! It can deal splash damage, leaving a surprise for any nearby buildings.

This Hero Machine isn’t picky about who it takes on either. It’s equally comfortable engaging both air and ground-based units, giving you plenty of tactical options.

However, it’s worth noting that the Battle Copter doesn’t have the fastest movement speed in the sky. Its cruising speed clocks in at a modest 14, so be patient as it takes its time to deliver some aerial mayhem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Battle Copter

What are the requirements to construct the Battle Copter’s Altar?

The Battle Copter’s Altar can be constructed at Builder Hall 8 at a cost of 2,500,000 Builder Elixir.

What level does Battle Copter start from?

Battle Copter starts from level 15 when you purchase it from the shop.

Does the Battle Copter defend the Builder Base when it is attacked?

No, the Battle Copter does not defend the Builder Base when it is attacked. It is solely used for offensive purposes.

Can I choose between the Battle Machine and the Battle Copter?

Yes, before sending your troops into battle, you have the option to pick either the Battle Machine or the Battle Copter.

How does the Battle Copter select its targets?

The Battle Copter targets the nearest building to its deployment area. It is a single-target unit, focusing its attention on one building at a time.

Can Battle Copter deal splash damage?

Yes, Battle Copter can deal splash damage using its Bomb Rush ability. The radius of splash damage done by Bomb Rush depends on its charge level.

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