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TH11 Upgrade Order Clash of Clans

Town Hall 11 brings exciting new additions to your Clash of Clans village – such as the Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery, Electro Dragon, and Ice Golem. But with so many new possibilities, where do you even start upgrading? This guide lays out a solid TH11 upgrade order to maximize your progress.

The right upgrade order

When upgrading your base at TH11, it is important to work on offense first and then head to the defense. Here is the right upgrade order for a TH11:

  • Laboratory
  • Get Grand Warden
  • Army Camps (two builders)
  • Barracks
  • Blacksmith
  • Dark Barracks
  • Spell Factory
  • Clan Castle
  • Use one builder to build Eagle Artillery and other new buildings
  • Elixir Storages
  • Gold Storages
  • Heroes (two at a time)
  • Eagle Artillery to level 2
  • Inferno Towers
  • X-Bows
  • Air Defenses
  • Air Sweepers
  • Archer Towers
  • Hidden Teslas
  • Wizard Towers
  • Bomb Towers
  • Cannons
  • Mortars
  • Resource Collectors
  • Traps and walls

Start with offense

To kick off your Town Hall 11 upgrades, start by upgrading your Laboratory. This ensures you have stronger troops to compete against other Town Hall 11 players and boosts your loot to fund future upgrades.

Then, assign one builder to instantly get the Grand Warden for 1 million elixirs. This allows you to immediately benefit from the Grand Warden’s powerful Eternal Tome and Life Gem equipment.

After obtaining the Grand Warden, use two builders to upgrade your Army Camps. Once they finish upgrading the first pair, have them work on the next set. Upgrading Army Camps provides an extra 20 housing spaces, bringing your total army housing space to 260. This makes sure you’re well-prepared for clan wars and clan war leagues against other Town Hall 11s.

With three of your builders occupied, you still have two left if you have five builders, or three if you have six. Dedicate one builder to upgrading the Barracks so you can unlock Electro Dragon, a powerful troop widely used in Clash of Clans.

Use another builder to upgrade the Blacksmith to unlock the Rage Gem for the Grand Warden. This equipment is a good replacement for the Grand Warden’s Life Gem. I recommend prioritizing the Rage Gem over the Life Gem.

Next, unlock the Ice Golem, another great troop for clan wars and donations to clan members. This troop expands your attack strategies. Upgrading the Spell Factory is necessary as it gives access to the Invisibility Spell, which is extremely useful with almost any attack strategy.

The Clan Castle should be your final offense upgrade, providing an extra spell slot. Following this offense upgrade pattern, you remain useful to your clan in Clan Wars, as your war weight won’t increase significantly without building the Eagle Artillery and other new defenses.

Once your offense is strong enough, focus on upgrading storage buildings and getting the Eagle Artillery and other new defense buildings. This increases your war weight, but with a strong offense, it won’t matter much.


At Town Hall 11, you have three heroes: the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden. The most efficient way to upgrade heroes is by upgrading two at a time, with the Archer Queen and the Grand Warden being the best pair to upgrade together.

The Grand Warden can be upgraded up to level 20 at Town Hall 11, while the Archer Queen and Barbarian King can each be upgraded by 10 levels, reaching a total of 50 levels.

Since the Grand Warden’s 20 upgrades take less time than the Archer Queen or Barbarian King’s 10 upgrades, it’s best to upgrade the Grand Warden and Archer Queen together. This ensures the Grand Warden will be maxed out first. After that, use the remaining builder to upgrade the Barbarian King.

To accelerate hero upgrades at Town Hall 11, it’s advisable to save gems and purchase the Book of Heroes whenever it’s available from the Trader for 500 gems. Additionally, actively participating in clan games, clan war leagues, and other events helps maintain a steady supply of these books.

It’s recommended to avoid using the Book of Heroes on the Grand Warden; instead, use them on the Archer Queen and Barbarian King. Since the Grand Warden already takes less time to upgrade compared to the Archer Queen and Barbarian King, focusing the books on them helps balance the hero upgrade progress.


When upgrading defenses at Town Hall 11, a simple rule is to prioritize those that deal the most damage per second and have the greatest impact on your base’s defense. Begin by upgrading the Eagle Artillery to level 2, as it’s the most powerful defense at this Town Hall level.

Then, ensure at least two builders are occupied with upgrading the Inferno Towers.

Next, focus on upgrading Air Defenses since Electro Dragon attacks are common at TH11, and Air Defenses play a big role in defending against them. Following that, upgrade the X-Bows, another powerful defense. Air Sweepers should also be high on your defense upgrade priorities.

Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas come next in the upgrade order because they have good damage per second and can target both air and ground units, making them useful against all types of attacks. Wizard Towers should be upgraded after Hidden Teslas.

Complete your defense upgrades by focusing on ground-only defenses in the following order: Bomb Towers, Cannons, and then Mortars. In the final days of your Town Hall 11 upgrades, dedicate a builder to traps and resource collectors while investing extra resources into upgrading walls.

Troops Upgrade Order

Here is the right order for upgrading troops at Town Hall 11:

  • Electro Dragon
  • Lightning Spell
  • Lava Hound
  • Balloon
  • Invisibility Spell
  • Ice Golem
  • Healer
  • Hog Rider
  • Miner
  • Freeze Spell
  • Clone Spell
  • Dragon
  • Wall Breaker
  • Wizard
  • Bat Spell
  • Bowler
  • Golem
  • Poison Spell
  • Witch
  • Baby Dragon
  • Minion
  • Skeleton Spell
  • Haste Spell
  • Valkyrie
  • Archer
  • Barbarian
  • Giant
  • Earthquake Spell

The logic behind these upgrades

At Town Hall 11, Electro Dragons are the go-to troop and are quite straightforward to use. Unlock them and aim to upgrade them to level 2 as soon as possible. Additionally, prioritize upgrading the Lightning Spell, which complements Electro Dragon attacks.

Lava Hounds and Balloons are also popular for the LavaLoon attack strategy, so upgrading them follows. The Invisibility Spell is another crucial spell for your attacks and should be upgraded accordingly.

Ice Golems can reach level 3 at Town Hall 11 and are effective for neutralizing enemy heroes and castle troops, making them a priority for upgrade. If you’re into Queen Charge attacks, consider upgrading Healers early on.

For the Hybrid attack strategy involving Hog Riders and Miners, focus on upgrading them next to have this strategy available for tackling tougher bases.

Both the Freeze Spell and Clone Spell are necessary at Town Hall 11. Freeze Spell can enhance any attack strategy, while the Clone Spell works well with troops like Balloons during LavaLoon attacks. Make sure these spells are upgraded so you can use them in your attack strategies.

The above-mentioned upgrades are a must-have for Town Hall 11 players. After these, you can focus on upgrading Dragons, the Bat Spell, Wizards, and Wall Breakers in your Laboratory. Dragons and the Bat Spell form a solid attack combination used by many players.

The remaining troops are of lesser importance and can be upgraded based on personal preferences.

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