Hero Equipment Upgrade Priorities – Clash of Clans

Hero Equipment Upgrade Priority Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans got much more exciting with hero equipment in the Town Hall 16 update! These equipments give your heroes new abilities. But with so many options, deciding which ones to upgrade first can be tough.

Here are all the hero equipment, ranked in order based on their upgrade priority:

  1. Eternal Tome
  2. Invisibility Vial
  3. Giant Gauntlet
  4. Royal Gem
  5. Frozen Arrow
  6. Rage Gem
  7. Rage Vial
  8. Seeking Shield
  9. Healing Tome
  10. Giant Arrow
  11. Vampstache
  12. Haste Vial
  13. Life Gem
  14. Fireball
  15. Healer Puppet
  16. Earthquake Boots
  17. Hog Rider Puppet
  18. Archer Puppet
  19. Barbarian Puppet

Keep the uniformity

When you’re upgrading hero equipment, it’s important to maintain consistency. Don’t just focus on upgrading equipment for one hero. Every hero holds equal importance and contributes greatly to the success or failure of your attacks.

Therefore, when upgrading hero equipment, make sure to give attention to all the heroes. For example, once you’ve maximized a piece of equipment for the Grand Warden, prioritize upgrading one piece of equipment for the Archer Queen, followed by the Barbarian King, and then the Royal Champion.

This approach ensures that all your heroes remain strong and balanced.

Don’t Have That Equipment Yet? No Problem!

You might wonder what to do if you haven’t unlocked a hero equipment that’s high on your upgrade priority list. In such a case, you can simply move on to the next equipment on the list and start upgrading it if it’s unlocked. If you don’t have access to the next equipment either, move on to the following one, and so forth.

By the time you reach Town Hall 13, you should have unlocked all hero equipment by upgrading your Blacksmith to level 6.

Eternal Tome or Healing Tome

Choosing between the Eternal Tome and Healing Tome for the Grand Warden’s hero equipment is important, as both offer powerful abilities. However, it’s not recommended to upgrade both together because they both provide “active” abilities that need to be triggered.

The Eternal Tome already gives invincibility to your troops for a few seconds, so if you also have the Healing Tome, its healing effect may not be very beneficial since your troops are already invincible and the healing could go to waste for a short time.

Some players do use them together for Lalo attacks, but it’s generally better to pair the Life Gem with Lalo and either the Eternal Tome or Healing Tome separately.

It’s recommended to have one hero equipment with a “passive” ability and one with an “active” ability. When choosing between the Healing Tome and Eternal Tome, consider your favorite attack strategies and personal preferences to make the best choice for your gameplay style.

Invisibility Vial is more important than Frozen Arrow

The Frozen Arrow is a powerful epic equipment for the Archer Queen, particularly effective for Queen Charge attacks. However, there’s another equipment that holds more importance than Frozen Arrow: the Invisibility Vial.

This vial gives the Archer Queen temporary invisibility while massively boosting her damage per second. This ability allows her to evade high-damage defenses like the Inferno Tower and Giga Inferno.

When upgrading the hero equipment for your Archer Queen, prioritize the Invisibility Vial over the Frozen Arrow. I suggest focusing on maxing out the Invisibility Vial first. Then, in the second phase of upgrading hero equipment for your heroes, you can consider upgrading the Frozen Arrow.

Choose between Life Gem and Rage Gem

When upgrading hero equipment for the Grand Warden, a big decision lies between the Life Gem and the Rage Gem. The Life Gem boosts the HP of troops within the Grand Warden’s aura, while the Rage Gem increases the damage of troops within the same aura.

This choice comes into play during the second phase of your hero equipment upgrades.

If you often use lower HP troops like Hog Riders or Balloons in your attacks, the Life Gem tends to be more beneficial. On the other hand, if your attacks involve higher HP troops like Electro Dragons, the Rage Gem becomes the preferable choice. Your decision should align with your favorite attack strategies, as each gem caters to different troop compositions.

Vampstache or Rage Vial

When upgrading hero equipment for the Barbarian King, the first priority for most players is undoubtedly the Giant Gauntlet. However, when it comes to choosing the second equipment, many players find themselves torn between the Rage Vial and Vampstache.

The Rage Vial can complement the effects of the Giant Gauntlet during the Barbarian King’s ability by increasing his damage and movement speed. This allows him to inflict maximum damage to the enemy base while the Giant Gauntlet’s effects are active.

Personally, I prefer the Rage Vial for this reason. Additionally, as a Town Hall 16 player, I already had a higher-level Rage Vial when the hero equipment was released. The game provided higher-level default equipment to higher-level players, saving me plenty of resources by avoiding the need for the Vampstache.

On the other hand, the Vampstache provides healing to the Barbarian King whenever he hits a target. When combined with the Giant Gauntlet, which offers passive healing, the Barbarian King becomes significantly more durable.

It’s essential to choose between these two options based on your playstyle and preferences. Consider which equipment aligns better with how you approach the game and how you use the Barbarian King in your attacks.

February Update (Haste Vial and Hog Rider Puppet)

In February 2024, a fresh update dropped, bringing in two new equipment for the Royal Champion: the Haste Vial and the Hog Rider Puppet. Additionally, there’s a third epic equipment for the Royal Champion, set to unlock in April.

This addition left many players pondering which upgrades to prioritize for their Royal Champion’s equipment. The Hog Rider Puppet is available at Town Hall 14, while the Haste Vial is only available at Town Hall 15.

Right now, my suggestion is to save up your Ores for the epic equipment coming in April. However, if you’re eager to try out the new stuff, you can swap out the Seeking Shield for the Haste Vial at Town Hall 15. The Haste Vial dishes out more damage compared to the Seeking Shield, but you’ll need to level it up to at least 15 first.

As for the Hog Rider Puppet, it’s not as handy, but some players find it useful in their Queen Charge attacks.

March Update (Fireball)

In March 2024, Super Troop events kicked off in the middle of the month, introducing the new Fireball equipment for the Grand Warden. Now, the Fireball is quite special because it is epic equipment, meaning it takes a lot more time and resources to level up compared to common equipment.

This Fireball can beef up your Warden Walk attack strategies, but honestly, I don’t see many other uses for it beyond that. On the flip side, equipment like the Eternal Tome, Healing Tome, and Rage Gem are much more versatile and can be used in just about any attack strategy.

Still, it’s a good idea to unlock the Fireball so you don’t end up spending 1500 gems later on to get it. Fireball becomes more useful at its highest three levels. I don’t see it being all that handy at lower Town Hall levels like TH11, TH12, and TH13.

You’d be better off investing your ores in maxing out equipment like the Eternal Tome, Healing Tome, Rage Gem, and Life Gem. So, to wrap it up, for most players, the Fireball isn’t a great investment of ores and should probably be put on the back burner until all the more important equipment is maxed out.

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    1. If you’ve got some extra gems lying around, grab the Giant Gauntlet! It’s totally the best equipment for your Barbarian King, especially if your heroes are maxed out and you’re done with the Book of Heroes.

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