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Haste Vial Clash of Clans

Haste Vial is a common equipment available to Royal Champion in Clash of Clans. You can unlock Haste Vial by upgrading your Blacksmith to level 8 at Town Hall 15. The Haste Vial gives the Royal Champion an “Active” ability. When activated, it makes the Royal Champion move and attack faster. The duration of this speed boost depends on the level of the Haste Vial.

Haste Vial Max Levels

Here are the max levels of Haste Vial equipment:

  • Haste Vial has a max level of 18 at TH15.

You can fully upgrade the Haste Vial at Town Hall 15. There are no further upgrades available for it at Town Hall 16.

Haste Vial Upgrade Cost & Statistics

LevelDurationMovement Speed IncreaseAttack Speed IncreaseDamage Per Second Increase (Passive)Attack Speed Increase (Passive)Shiny Ore shiny ore clash of clans
Glowy Ore glowy ore clash of clans
Blacksmith Level RequiredTown Hall
19 seconds+1860%205%815
29 seconds+1860%246%120None815
310 seconds+2260%286%24020815
410 seconds+2260%327%400None815
510 seconds+2260%368%600None815
610 seconds+2680%408%840100815
710 seconds+2680%449%1120None815
810 seconds+2680%4810%1440None815
910 seconds+2980%5211%1800200815
1010 seconds+2980%5612%1900None815
1110 seconds+2980%6013%2000None815
1211 seconds+3280%6413%2100400815
1311 seconds+3280%6814%2200None815
1411 seconds+3280%7515%2300None815
1512 seconds+35100%7615%2400600815
1612 seconds+35100%8016%2500None815
1712 seconds+35100%8417%2600None815
1812 seconds+38100%8818%2700600815
Haste Vial Upgrade Cost & Statistics


Equipment Type: Common

Available at: Town Hall 15

Ability Type: Active (triggered upon the use of Royal Champion’s special ability)

The Haste Vial comes with five key stats: Duration, Movement Speed Increase, Attack Speed Increase, Damage Per Second Increase, and passive Attack Speed Increase.

  • Duration: This decides how long the Haste Vial’s effect lasts once the Royal Champion triggers her ability.
  • Movement Speed Increase: It determines the extra speed the Royal Champion gains during the Haste Vial’s effect. This bonus is added to her regular movement speed and only works while the Haste Vial is active.
  • Attack Speed Increase: This stat shows the boost in attack speed the Royal Champion gets when the Haste Vial is activated. The increase lasts as long as the Haste Vial’s duration. It’s represented as a percentage added to her regular attack speed.
  • Damage Per Second Increase: This is a passive effect of the Haste Vial, working continuously from the beginning to the end of the battle. It indicates the additional damage per second the Royal Champion deals.
  • Passive Attack Speed Increase: Unlike the other Attack Speed Increase, this stat has a passive effect that operates throughout the entire battle. It determines the boost in attack speed the Royal Champion gets when she has the Haste Vial equipped as one of her equipment.

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