What is FWA or Farm War Alliance?

What is FWA or Farm War Alliance?

FWA or the Farm War Alliance is a unique concept within the world of Clash of Clans. This alliance comprises hundreds of clans that participate in clan wars to maximize their loot and clan XP. The primary objective of these clans is not to win the war but to farm as many resources and war stars as possible. By adopting this approach, these clans are able to ensure a steady stream of resources to upgrade their bases and troops. The FWA concept has been widely embraced by players who are looking for an alternative way to progress through the game.

The Farm War Alliance operates through communication platforms such as Discord and Band. The members announce a schedule for clan wars, in which all the clans within the alliance participate. This ensures that the FWA clans are matched with each other in the clan war, and the focus is on maximizing loot and XP rather than winning the war. To achieve this, members use farming bases that are designed to be easier to three-star. These bases usually look like this:

The FWA bases are designed with a specific purpose in mind – to be easily three or two-starred by even Super Barbarians. This is because FWA clans are not interested in winning wars but in farming and collecting resources. When two FWA clans are matched against each other, they usually decide the winner through a lottery draw. This ensures that both clans get a fair chance at winning and losing. The winning clan gets to three-star all of the enemy bases while the losing clan can only two-star enemy bases.

The lottery system ensures that both the winning and losing clans benefit from the war. This is because the losing clan still receives a fair amount of loot, which is a win in itself. During these wars, all the resource buildings are kept in a section where there are no ground-based defenses, making them easy to access and destroy. Members of the losing clan usually receive over 1 million Gold and Elixir at the end of the war, while the winning clan receives over 2 million Gold and Elixir for each of its members. This loot is significant and can help members of both clans in upgrading their villages.

How to find FWA clans?

FWA clans are governed by a set of rules that make it easier for players to find them. To join an FWA clan, players can follow a specific search process. They should go to the clan search and apply the search settings that are shown in the image above. The clans that are part of the Farm War Alliance must set their clan location to Lesotho.

After applying these settings, players will be able to see a list of clans that match the FWA criteria. This process ensures that players can easily find FWA clans and join them to participate in FWA wars. It also helps to maintain the integrity of the FWA community by ensuring that only clans that follow the FWA rules are part of the alliance. This search process is straightforward and can be easily followed by players who are interested in joining FWA clans.

In addition to setting their clan location to Lesotho and having “Farm” in their name, there are a few other factors that can help players identify FWA clans. Many clans that are part of the Farm War Alliance will mention their affiliation in their clan description. Joining an FWA clan can be a great way for players to farm and progress in the game while also participating in wars with other like-minded players.

Are FWA clans against the game terms?

The Farm War Alliance has been in existence for almost a decade now, and it seems that the Clash of Clans team does not have any issues with their approach to the game. In fact, there are thousands of players who participate in FWA wars because it enables them to farm resources easily. FWA clans are also adept at completing clan games and weekly raids, which provides a significant resource boost to their members.

While some players may be concerned that the FWA approach to the game goes against the spirit of Clash of Clans, it is important to note that FWA clans are not breaking any rules. In fact, they are playing the game in a unique way that allows them to focus on farming and resource collection while still participating in wars.

As long as FWA clans follow the rules and do not use any hacks or exploits, they are within the game’s terms of service. It is clear that the Clash of Clans team has no issues with FWA clans, as they have not taken any action against them despite their longstanding presence in the game.

Being a part of a Farm War Clan can be very beneficial for players, especially when it comes to managing resources. Upgrading buildings and defenses at higher Town Hall levels requires a significant amount of Gold and Elixir, so having access to extra loot every two days through FWA wars can be a major advantage.

Additionally, being part of an FWA clan can help players complete their war achievements more quickly, as the focus is on farming rather than winning wars. This can be especially helpful for players who are not interested in the competitive aspect of Clash of Clans, but still want to progress in the game.

In summary, being part of a Farm War Clan can provide a number of benefits to players, including easier resource management and quicker completion of war achievements. As long as players follow the rules and guidelines set forth by FWA, there is no reason to believe that being part of an FWA clan is against the game’s terms.

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