Clash of Clans: The Longest Upgrades in 2023

Clash of Clans' longest upgrades

Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game that is loved for its neverending quest of upgrading your village. Developers at Clash of Clans headquarters launch a new Town Hall level almost every year. The newest Town Hall launched a few months ago was Town Hall 15. With the addition of Town Hall 15, the game now has some longest upgrades of all time.

Clan Castle (20 days)

Clan Castle is the longest upgrade in Clash of Clans taking 20 days to upgrade. Clan Castle can be upgraded at Town Hall 15 to its final level and is the longest upgrade of the game. This upgrade costs 20,000,000 Elixirs and increases the troop housing capacity to 50. 

Clan Castle is a multi-function building used both for defending and attacking. Clan Castle troops play a major role in popular attack strategies. Clan Castle also lets you request spells from your clan members. Clan Castle starts as a broken building when you first join the game. You can repair it at Town Hall 3 for 10000 Elixirs.

Clan Castle is one of the few buildings that get an upgrade at Town Hall 15 giving it a new magical look that suits the theme of Town Hall 15. Town Hall 15 is a recent addition to the game, it may bring new levels to Eagle Artillery and Scattershots soon; adding more upgrades that take 20 days.

Upgrades that take 19 days

There are some upgrades that take less than 20 days. These are the second longest upgrades of the game that take 19 days to upgrade:

  • Monolith to level 2
  • Eagle Artillery to level 5
  • Inferno Tower to level 9
  • X-Bow to level 10

These upgrades are the most important defenses of the game. Monolith is the newest defense that was added with Town Hall 15. Monolith takes Dark Elixir to upgrade and has two levels each taking 18 and 19 days respectively.

Eagle Artillery gets no new level at Town Hall 15. Eagle Artillery upgrade is the longest upgrade of Town Hall 14 taking 19 days. Eagle Artillery was the core defense that was added with Town Hall 11 a couple of years ago. Eagle Artillery has the longest attack range in the game. Eagle Artillery will get a new level in the coming months and might take 20 days to upgrade in the future.

Inferno Tower gets a new level and design at Town Hall 15. This new design matches the theme of Town Hall 15. Inferno Tower has the highest damage per second in the game when it operates in single-target mode. The majority of Clash of Clans players attempt to prevent their heroes from entering Inferno Towers’ range because they can deal a devastating amount of damage.

X-Bows are another upgrade that takes 19 days to upgrade. X-Bows get a new level at Town Hall which takes them to level 10. This upgrade costs 20,000,000 gold and 19 days. X-Bows are core defensive buildings unlocked at Town Hall 9. X-Bows have two different targeting modes. They can either be set to target both air and ground units at a smaller range or only ground units at a longer range.

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