Clash of Clans: TH8 Max Levels List

Clash of Clans: TH8 Max Levels List

When you begin your adventure at Town Hall 8, it’s recommended to fully grasp the maximum levels your buildings and troops can reach. Understanding these levels is like having a glimpse into what lies ahead, helping you in devising a smart upgrade strategy.

In this article, we will provide detailed information on the highest levels your buildings, troops, and more can achieve, aiding you in planning your TH8 upgrades wisely.

Max Hero Levels at TH8

At TH8, you have access to the Barbarian King as your hero. The Barbarian King can be upgraded up to a maximum level of 20 during your time at Town Hall 8. This means you can upgrade the Barbarian King through ten additional upgrade levels while you’re at this Town Hall stage.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
1114,00022 hours
1215,0001 day
1316,0001 day
1417,0001 day
1518,5001 day
1620,0001 day
1721,5001 day, 12 hours
1823,0001 day, 12 hours
1924,5001 day, 12 hours
2026,0002 days
Barbarian King’s Max Levels at Town Hall 8

Max Building Levels at TH8

When you reach Town Hall 8, a range of buildings receives upgrades, and you have access to new buildings like the Bomb Tower and Dark Spell Factory. Notably, some defenses, such as Archer Towers, Wizard Towers, and Hidden Teslas, receive multiple new upgrade levels at TH8.

Let’s look into the specifics of these maximum building levels:

BuildingMax Level
Clan Castle4
Dark Spell Factory2
Dark Barracks4
Dark Elixir Storage4
Air Defense6
Air Sweeper4
Archer Tower10
Bomb Tower2
Wizard Tower6
Hidden Tesla6
Gold Mine12
Elixir Collector12
Spring Trap3
Giant Bomb3
Skeleton Trap2
TH8 Max Levels for Buildings

At Town Hall 8, there are no new upgrade levels for Gold Storage and Elixir Storage. Similarly, the Army Camps do not receive any additional levels at TH8, meaning that your army capacity remains the same as it was at Town Hall 7.

Max Laboratory Levels at TH8

When you reach Town Hall 8, a big portion of your upgrades lie in the Laboratory, where you’ll find numerous new levels and the introduction of three new troops: PEKKA, Golem, and Valkyrie.

Additionally, two new spells, the Poison Spell and Earthquake Spell, become available for your attack strategies. Let’s explore the maximum levels troops and spells can achieve at TH8.


TroopMax Level
Wall Breaker5
Hog Rider4
Max Troop Levels at TH8


SpellMax Level
Lightning Spell5
Healing Spell5
Rage Spell5
Poison Spell2
Earthquake Spell2
Max Spell Levels at TH8


As a TH8, you can maximize your upgrade strategies by understanding the highest levels achievable for various buildings and troops. The Barbarian King can reach level 20. While certain buildings like Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, and Army Camps don’t gain new levels, a variety of defensive buildings see upgrades, including the introduction of new defensive buildings like the Bomb Tower.

Additionally, the Laboratory becomes a hub for growth, enabling upgrades for existing troops and the inclusion of powerful new ones like PEKKA, Golem, and Valkyrie, followed by the Poison Spell and Earthquake Spell.

Making informed decisions about upgrades based on these maximum levels is important for success at Town Hall 8.

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