Clash of Clans’ Gold Pass Price Increase: What You Need to Know

Clash of Clans: Gold Pass

Clash of Clans recently made some important updates to their Gold Pass, which will go into effect starting today, July 1st. One of the notable changes is an increase in the prices of the Gold Pass, from $4.99 USD to $6.99 USD.

However, the game developers have also taken steps to make sure players feel compensated for this change. They have introduced additional tiers and rewards to enhance the overall value of the Gold Pass.

Now, let’s dive into the details of these changes.

Increased Tiers

One of the most significant changes in the Gold Pass is the addition of more tiers. Previously, players who bought the Gold Pass had access to 30 reward tiers.

However, with the recent changes, this number has been increased to 40 tiers. This means that players can now unlock even more rewards as they progress through the tiers.

It’s worth mentioning that free-to-play players haven’t been left behind either. The number of reward tiers available to them has also been increased from 15 to 20, allowing them to earn more rewards without having to purchase the Gold Pass.

All Runes available in the Gold Pass

A fantastic addition to the Gold Pass is that now players will have access to all resource runes every month. This means that within the Gold Pass, players can obtain the Rune of Gold, Rune of Elixirs, Rune of Dark Elixirs, Rune of Builder Gold, and Rune of Builder Elixir.

Previously, only three or four of these resource runes were available. With this update, players will have a broader range of resource runes to collect, allowing them to upgrade their base, troops, and heroes easily.

Addition of Builder Bank

The Gold Pass now includes a new feature called the “Builder Bank,” which allows players to receive resources for their Builder Base too.

Previously, at the end of each season, players used to get a significant amount of resources for their Home Village, but now they will also receive resources for their Builder Base.

Here’s how the Builder Bank works: Similar to the Home Village Bank, each attack you do at the Builder Base will not only give you resources directly to your resource storage but will also add an equal amount to the Builder Bank.

Increased Capacity of Season Banks

Along with the introduction of the Builder Bank, the capacity of the Home Village Bank has also been expanded, resulting in players receiving a larger amount of resources at the end of each season. Here are the details of the changes:

  • Base capacity: 5 million Gold, 5 million Elixir, and 50,000 Dark Elixir.
  • 1st upgrade: The first upgrade of the Home Village Bank will raise its capacity to 10 million Gold, 10 million Elixir, and 100,000 Dark Elixir.
  • 2nd upgrade: The second upgrade of the Home Village Bank will further increase its capacity to 15 million Gold, 15 million Elixir, and 150,000 Dark Elixir.
  • 3rd upgrade: With the third upgrade, the capacity of the Home Village Bank will reach 20 million Gold, 20 million Elixir, and 200,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Final level: At its final level, the Home Village Bank will have an impressive capacity of 30 million Gold, 30 million Elixir, and 300,000 Dark Elixir.

These upgrades in the Home Village Season Bank’s capacity ensure that players can receive more resources at the end of a season, allowing for faster progress in their base’s journey.

New Extra Forge Slot

A brand new perk called “Auto Forge Slot” has been introduced, providing players with a convenient way to convert their resources into Capital Gold.

With this perk, players will receive an extra slot in the Forge where they can convert their resources into Capital Gold at a discounted rate of 50 percent fewer resources than usual and without a builder.

This means you can efficiently use your excess resources without sacrificing a builder and start Capital Peak upgrades. The extra Forge Slot is particularly beneficial for clans, as it enables them to upgrade their Capital Peak more easily.

Community’s Reaction

Although the recent increase in price for the Gold Pass has brought about various perks and improvements, it has also sparked mixed reactions within the Clash community, leaving some players feeling disappointed.

While the addition of more tiers, increased rewards, and the introduction of features like the Builder Bank and Auto Forge perk have certainly enhanced the overall value of the Gold Pass, the price adjustment has left some players feeling less satisfied.

The price increase from $4.99 USD to $6.99 USD has led to concerns and disappointment among certain players.

Some feel that the new price is not justified, considering the incremental benefits they receive from the additional perks. As a result, the Clash community has witnessed a diverse range of opinions regarding the value proposition of the Gold Pass.

It’s important to acknowledge that individual players have different perspectives and expectations when it comes to the cost and benefits of in-game purchases.

While some players may view the increased perks as worthwhile, others may feel that the price adjustment does not align with their perceived value.

Ultimately, the Clash community continues to engage in discussions and debates about the Gold Pass changes, as players weigh the pros and cons of the price increase and evaluate how it impacts their overall gaming experience.

Let us know your views on the price increase in the comments!

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  1. Not happy I have 4 accts this hike is excessive 5.99 I probably would of just accepted it but 6.99 makes me feel taken advantage of I won’t buy it and just play less sad really

  2. I went to purchase and noticed the price increase. I’ve been playing for almost 10 years. I run hot and cold with the game. This increase will keep me from spending again.

  3. Was buying the pass each season. A 40% increase is extremely excessive. I have stopped buying the pass.

  4. I am irritated by this increase in the pass and have only been playing for a few months. I am going to skip buying the monthly pass this time. That was a huge increase. Are you trying to chase players away from the game?

  5. Greed, pure and simple. You’d think the way this article is written that the game devs are taking from their own pockets to give 40 items over the old 30. It’s nothing but code people! They are trying to sprinkle sugar on the **** they just shoveled on their customers. They should feel ashamed but greedy people have zero ethics.

  6. $7.00 for the gold pass is beyond excessive. I usually purchase the gold pass each month but will certainly not be doing so any longer. It’s time to move on to another game app/anyway.

  7. Too much of a price increase. I won’t be buying it again. One of the new rewards is two black lines for a house I never see and can’t use for anything.

  8. After seeing the price increase I will not continue to ever buy the gold pass. I hope they will suffer from this decision and decide to go back to what it once was. I have been playing this game for way to long and honestly was already upset with the gold pass in the first place because it was so expensive. But if players are ok with the 7$ now then what will change them in the future of making it 10$. Not worth my money and I am very disappointed. Do better Epic Games

  9. I have been playing since 2012. I have been buying the monthly Gold Pass every month since it was introduced. SUPERCELL can get bent. I’m not paying up for the monthly pass any more. They already generate over $450 million annually — isn’t THAT ENOUGH???

  10. This price increase is crazy!!! I guess I’ll need to stop paying this game if all they will keep doing is excessively charge me to play it….

  11. A returning player and just recently played again this game. I was a regular gold pass subscriber before and excited to buy gold pass again but I noticed the price increase. I still prefer the price before with less benefits than as of now. I’ll skip buying gold pass for now and just play normally because I think its not worth it anymore to buy.

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