Clash of Clans: Goblin King Skin Review

The Goblin King skin for the Barbarian King is now available in Clash of Clans! This fantastic skin can be unlocked simply by purchasing the Gold Pass. With the current season being Goblin Season, the Goblin King skin perfectly matches the theme.

Now, let’s delve into a detailed review of this amazing skin and find out what the Clash of Clans community has to say about it.


Clash of Clans: Goblin King Skin
Front Side of Goblin King

The Goblin King has green-colored skin, reflecting his goblin nature. His skin color is light green, which contrasts with his mustache and eyebrows which are a darker shade of green. This gives him a distinct and visually striking appearance.

He carries a machete, a weapon that complements his fierce and powerful appearance. The machete is likely a reflection of his leadership and combat expertise as the ruler of the goblins.

However, what sets his machete apart from a regular one is the presence of a hole in the blade.

Inside the hole of the machete, there is a gold ring. This detail adds an element of mystery and significance to the weapon. The purpose and symbolism of the gold ring inside the machete could be tied to the Goblin King’s power, lineage, or some significant event in his life.

Clash of Clans: Goblin King Skin Back Side
Back Side of Goblin King Skin

In addition to the previously mentioned details, the Goblin King wears several other distinctive accessories:

  1. Crown: The Goblin King wears a crown made of stones with a specific shape. These stones are likely arranged in a pattern and tied together with leather, giving the crown an earthy and rugged appearance. The crown serves as a symbol of his authority and status as the ruler of the goblins.
  2. Rope and Cape: The Goblin King wears a rope across his front, which is presumably connected to a cape on his back. The rope helps secure the cape in place, adding an element of practicality to his attire.
  3. Gold Coin: Positioned on the right shoulder of his clothing, the Goblin King wears a gold coin. This coin could be representing wealth, power, or perhaps an emblem of his leadership.
  4. Gold Gauntlet: The Goblin King’s right hand is decorated with a Gold gauntlet. The gauntlet emphasizes his readiness for combat and showcases his authority as a powerful warrior and ruler.

These additional accessories further enhance the Goblin King’s appearance, showcasing his unique style and distinguishing him as a powerful and authoritative figure among the goblins.


Let’s discuss the Goblin King’s animations.

The Goblin King’s walking animation showcases his unique goblin nature. He walks by leaning slightly forward, giving the impression of a creature ready to pounce or attack at any moment.

His movement shows a sense of anger and determination, which aligns perfectly with his character as a fierce and authoritative ruler.

When the Goblin King engages in combat, he uses both of his hands to strike his opponents. In his right hand, he wields his distinctive machete, showcasing his mastery of the weapon.

He delivers powerful and precise strikes with the machete, indicating his powerful combat skills. In addition to his machete strikes, he also uses his left hand for punches.

The Goblin King’s animations are designed to be smooth and fluid, giving him a seamless and dynamic appearance during both walking and combat sequences.

The smooth animations enhance the overall quality of his character design, making him visually appealing and engaging to watch in action.

The animations are carefully crafted to align well with the Goblin King’s theme. His angry and forward-leaning walk reinforces his goblin-like nature, while the use of both hands for striking showcases his proficiency in close combat.

These animations work together to create a cohesive and immersive portrayal of the Goblin King’s character and abilities.

Community’s Reaction

The Clash of Clans’ community has expressed overall satisfaction with the design and animations of the Goblin King.

While a few Redditors have expressed discontent, the majority of players are pleased with the portrayal, noting that the Goblin King successfully captures and maintains the essence of the Goblin theme.

Let’s delve into some of the community comments regarding the Goblin King.

One Reddit user, Charming_Cellist_577, has an interesting perspective, suggesting that the Goblin King appears more like someone dressed up as the real Goblin King to attend a party.

This viewpoint highlights a potential discrepancy in the visual representation of the Goblin King, where the costume-like appearance might not fully embody the authenticity and menacing nature of a true Goblin King.

On the other hand, another Reddit user, sxmir, shares a specific suggestion regarding the Goblin King’s abilities. According to sxmir, the only aspect they find lacking about the Goblin King is that he should spawn Goblin-themed Barbarians when his ability is utilized.

Another Reddit user, Next-Incident-6376, expresses a specific dislike for the eyes of the Goblin King, while finding the rest of the appearance acceptable.

Mathisdu, a Reddit user, humorously suggests that the Goblin King hasn’t slept since the release of Clash of Clans due to the appearance of his eyes.

VulpesParadox, a Reddit user, shares the viewpoint that the Goblin King’s appearance aligns with the concept of goblins, considering that goblins are not typically known for their attractive looks.

This playful comment implies that the intense and wide-eyed look of the Goblin King gives the impression of a perpetually alert and sleep-deprived character.


In conclusion, the Goblin King skin in Clash of Clans showcases a captivating and distinct character design that effectively captures the essence of a powerful goblin ruler.

With its attention to detail and thematic elements, the skin portrays the Goblin King’s unique features, including green skin with darker mustache and eyebrows.

The addition of the machete with a gold ring, the crown made of stones, the rope connecting the cape, and the gold coin on the shoulder further enhances the Goblin King’s regal and powerful appearance.

The Goblin King’s animations, such as his forward-leaning and angry walk, along with his skillful strikes using both hands, reinforce his aggressive nature and expertise in battle.

The smooth animations seamlessly blend with his goblin theme, creating a visually engaging experience for players.

While feedback from the Clash of Clans community has included a range of opinions, the overall satisfaction with the Goblin King’s design and animations is evident.

Some commenters have provided constructive suggestions for improvement, such as refining the eyes or incorporating thematic unit spawns into the ability.

Nevertheless, the Goblin King’s appearance remains true to the concept of goblins, embracing their unique and often less attractive characteristics.

Overall, the Goblin King skin in Clash of Clans stands as a visually striking representation of a powerful and authoritative goblin ruler, effectively immersing players in the world of goblins and their fierce leader.

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