Whiteout Survival: KO Ranking

KO Rankings Whiteout Survival

KO Ranking in Whiteout Survival is a measure of how many troops you have defeated on the world map. To check your KO Ranking, simply press the “Power Rankings” button in the Alliance Tab. This helps you see where you stand in terms of defeating enemy troops.

How to Increase KO Ranking?

To increase your KO Rankings in Whiteout Survival, you need to defeat enemy troops on the world map. There are two main ways to do this:

Attacking Resource Nodes: This is the simpler method. On the world map, spot resource nodes marked with a red icon featuring two crossed swords. These nodes are where enemy players gather resources.

Resource Node being gathered by enemy players in Whiteout Survival

When you select a resource node, you’ll see options like “Scout” and “Attack”. By choosing “Attack” and sending your troops, you engage the enemy troops stationed there. The outcome of the battle depends on your power, but regardless of winning or losing, you defeat enemy troops and raise your KO Rankings.

Attacking Enemy Cities: Another way is to target enemy cities on the world map. You can locate and attack various cities belonging to different Alliances. To get better results, attack cities with a weaker Furnace level than yours. This strategy helps you increase your KO Rankings by taking down enemy troops defending those cities.

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