Clash of Clans: How to get more Shiny Ore

How to get more Shiny Ore Clash of Clans

Shiny Ore is an important item for upgrading hero equipment in Clash of Clans. Unlike Glowy Ore and Starry Ore, which are required for specific upgrades, Shiny Ore is needed for all levels of hero equipment. You can get Shiny Ore through various methods, such as:

  • Star Bonus
  • Clan Wars
  • Trader
  • Special Events
  • Shop

Star Bonus

By winning five stars in multiplayer battles every day, you can earn a Star Bonus. This bonus includes Shiny Ore along with other resources like Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. If you’re in higher trophy leagues, you can receive more Shiny Ore from the Star Bonus.

It’s suggested to remain in the Champion League, especially for TH15 and TH16, as it ensures you get enough loot and ores from the Star Bonus to maintain upgrades for your hero equipment and village.

Clan Wars

Participating in Clan Wars is another good method to obtain Shiny Ore. Joining an active clan and taking part in Clan Wars enables you to gather a decent amount of Shiny Ore and Glowy Ore every two days.

The quantity of Shiny Ore you receive in Clan Wars is related to the strength of the enemy base you attack. Attacking a higher Town Hall level with a well-upgraded base earns you more Shiny Ores.

Additionally, attacking during Clan War Leagues also provides Shiny Ores. Therefore, make sure not to miss out on Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues to upgrade your hero equipment.


You also have the option to buy 1500 Shiny Ores from the Trader every week. At the Trader, 300 Shiny Ore costs 150 gems. Therefore, you’ll be using 750 gems each week for this purchase.

If you have surplus gems and have already upgraded your heroes to the maximum level and no longer require the Book of Heroes, investing in Shiny Ore is the next best use of your gems. Therefore, obtaining Shiny Ores from the Trader is another viable option.

Special Events

Shiny Ores available during Cookie Rumble event at the Trader.

Clash of Clans hosts special events from time to time that offer Ores for hero equipment. Events like the Cookie Rumble and the Lunar New Year event offer Ores as rewards when you achieve specific milestones.

Additionally, during these special events, Trader sets up dedicated shops where you can use event currency instead of gems to buy Shiny Ore. It’s recommended to actively participate in these events to maximize the number of Shiny Ores you can collect.


Shiny Ore in Clash of Clans shop as a deal

Occasionally, the in-game shop offers special deals where you can purchase Shiny Ores. If you enjoy investing in the game, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these deals and regularly check the available offers in the in-game shop to get Shiny Ores.

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