Whiteout Survival: February 2024 Update Changelogs

Whiteout Survival just released its latest update for February 2024, and it comes packed with some cool new features and improvements for the game. Let’s look into what’s new in the game with this update.

Ramadan Event

In March 2024, the Ramadan event will be arriving in the game, possibly kicking off on either March 10th or March 11th to coincide with the beginning of Ramadan. During this event, players will have the opportunity to complete specific tasks to earn rewards such as an epic emote featuring Jasser, Mythic Hero Shards, and Training Speedups.

It’s a fantastic chance for players to claim extra rewards and gems while participating in the event.

Skin Shop

In the February 2024 update, a fresh feature called the Skin Shop has been introduced to the game. Now, players can earn skin tokens by completing daily missions. You can earn 30 Skin Tokens from the daily mission every day. These tokens come in handy when you want to get some cool skins from the Skin Shop.

Unlike before, where skins were only accessible during big events like Tundra Adventure and Frosty Fortune, this addition provides players with a convenient and straightforward method to unlock skins for both their city and march.

Character Deletion

In this latest update, players now have the ability to delete characters, which was not an option before. This means that if you’ve ended up creating too many characters, you can now free up some space by removing them.

Prestige Shop

Prestige Spinner Whiteout Survival
Prestige Shop Whiteout Survival

The Prestige Shop is a fresh addition to the game, allowing players to trade their extra VIP XP for rare items. However, this feature is exclusively available to players who have reached VIP 12. Inside the Prestige Shop, there’s a tool called the Prestige Spinner.

By using VIP XP, players can spin the Prestige Spinner, and it will land on a random amount of tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy various items from the Prestige Shop. It adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards for players at the highest VIP level.

Improvement and Changes

The game has received several smaller improvements and changes. Here’s a rundown of these changes:

  • Chat translations now display the original text.
  • Arena battles now support replay functionality.
  • Two new features, Enhancement Reforge and Mastery Reforge, have been added. These allow players to reset Gear Enhancement and Mastery Level back to 0, with a return of all Enhancement XP for Enhancement Reforge, and 50% of spent Essence Stones for Mastery Reforge.
  • The mail interface has been optimized for easier navigation between previous and next messages.
  • Mythic Gear with Mastery Level equal to or less than 10 can now be used as Mastery materials.
  • Excess Alliance Arsenal Points earned from Foundry Battle buildings will contribute 50% to the Alliance and the other 50% to Defense Arsenal Points.
  • During the State of Power event, the Invader’s Sunfire Castle will be highlighted with red icons on the map.
  • Presidents and Supreme Presidents have the ability to change their Position Perks to the buffs of any other Minister during their term.
  • Participation requirements for Fortress Battle have been adjusted. Chiefs who are Alliance Members at 00:00 on the day of Fortress Battle can participate. Members can leave and return to the Alliance but cannot join another one to participate.
  • An issue where Stamina items automatically enable but do not take effect during Auto Hunting has been resolved.
  • Chiefs can now check for other Chiefs gathering resources at resource points on the map.
  • Ally Treasures from Pet Adventures will no longer appear on the Alliance Channel.
  • The batch selection feature for Super Refinement has been added in the Crystal Laboratory.
  • The damage algorithm in Bear Hunt has been optimized to ensure consistent damage dealt.
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