Whiteout Survival: Chief Charms Upgrade Chart

Whiteout Survival: Chief Charms

Chief Charms, also referred to as Chief Gear Charms, are special enhancements for Chief Gears in Whiteout Survival. You can start using Chief Charms once your Furnace reaches level 25.

The main purpose of Chief Charms is to increase the strength of Chief Gears. When it comes to upgrading Chief Charms, you’ll need two specific materials: Charm Design and Charm Guide. There are a total of 11 levels available for Chief Charms.

Chief Charms Upgrade Requirements Chart

LevelCharm GuidesCharm DesignsPower
Chief Charms Upgrade Requirements

The table above contains information about different levels of Chief Charms, their associated upgrade costs, and power totals. Here’s an explanation of each column:

  1. Level: This column represents the different levels of Chief Charms. There are seven levels labeled from 1 to 11.
  2. Guide Cost: This column indicates the Charm Guides required for each upgrade.
  3. Design Cost: This column represents the Charm Designs required for each upgrade.
  4. Power Total: This column provides the power total for each level.
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