How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge #2

How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge #2 in Clash of Clans

The second Clashiversary Challenge has begun in Clash of Clans today. Many players are working hard to earn a perfect three-star victory in this challenge.

The goal is to use the fresh Future King skin and beat a skillfully designed base. We managed to complete this challenge successfully, and now we’ll walk you through each step to beat Clashiversary Challenge #2.

Analyzing the Base

The layout of Clashiversary Challenge #2 might seem complex, but it’s actually manageable. The base relies heavily on defenses like Monoliths, Barbarian Kings, Hidden Teslas, the Town Hall, and a few traps.

Inside the base, there are a total of 13 Barbarian Kings and 5 Monoliths. Interestingly, the compartments in the base are not enclosed – you can easily access all areas without needing to break through walls.

For your attack, you’re equipped with an army of 14 Balloons, 10 Minions, 4 Headhunters, 10 Apprentice Wardens, a Barbarian King, a Poison Spell, and 3 Skeleton Spells. This combination gives you a variety of tools to use against the base’s defenses.

Step One: Start by Deploying Balloons

To kick things off, start by using a Skeleton Spell on the Monolith situated in the left corner of the base. As soon as you’ve cast the Skeleton Spell on the Monolith, quickly release 9 Balloons to target and eliminate that Monolith.

This group of 9 Balloons will efficiently handle the Monolith, as well as the Hidden Tesla nearby.

Next, make your way towards the Monolith located on the upper side of the base. Employ your second Skeleton Spell on this Monolith, and send out four Balloons immediately afterward.

This set of Balloons will deal with the second Monolith and also eliminate the nearby Hidden Tesla.

After you’ve successfully placed the four Balloons on the second Monolith, you’ll have one Balloon left. Use this last Balloon on the top corner of the base to target and eliminate a Hidden Tesla situated in that area.

Step Two: Deploy Minions

After successfully launching your Balloons and destroying the initial line of defense, it’s now the perfect moment to introduce your Minions into the battle.

Direct three Minions towards the marked point in the image above, and deploy the remaining Minions across the upper corner of the base, evenly spread out.

Step Three: Use Skeleton Spell and Poison Spell

After releasing your Minions, it’s time to deploy the spells that remain at your disposal. At this stage, you should have one Poison Spell and one Skeleton Spell left. Cast both of these spells at the designated location, as indicated in the image above.

The Skeletons generated by the Skeleton Spell will attract the attention of the Barbarian Kings, while the Poison Spell will facilitate their elimination. Additionally, the Skeletons will divert the Monolith’s focus, thereby reducing the damage done to your Balloons.

Step Four: Deploy Headhunters

After you’ve exhausted all your spells, the next step involves introducing your Headhunters into the battle. Place your Headhunters on the lower side of the base and observe as they eliminate the remaining Barbarian Kings.

The Headhunters have fast and effective abilities that allow them to quickly neutralize heroes. These Headhunters will eliminate the remaining Barbarian Kings.

Final Step: Deploy Remaining troops and Barbarian King

Now, let’s move on to the final step. Position your Apprentice Wardens in the lower corner of the base, just as depicted in the image above. Allow them some time to progress and take down several Hidden Teslas and Barbarian King Altars.

After your Apprentice Wardens have advanced and created a path, it’s time to deploy your Barbarian King. The reason behind sending the Barbarian King a bit later is to avoid the danger posed by the remaining Monolith, which can inflict significant damage.

By allowing the Apprentice Wardens to move forward, they will absorb the damage from the Monolith, thus safeguarding the Barbarian King. Meanwhile, your remaining Balloons will steadily approach the last Monolith, ultimately dismantling it.

As the Barbarian King gets nearer to the Town Hall, you can activate his special ability to secure a 3-star victory.

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