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Clash of Clans: Wall Wrecker

The Wall Wrecker is the very first Siege Machine you can use in Clash of Clans. You get access to it when you reach Town Hall 12 and build the Workshop.

You can use the Wall Wrecker before reaching Town Hall 12 by requesting it from your clan members. This becomes possible once you’ve reached Town Hall 10 and upgraded your Clan Castle to level 6. Your clanmates can then donate a Wall Wrecker to assist you in your attacks.

When you send out a Wall Wrecker, it starts moving toward the Town Hall, smashing through walls and defenses along the way. Its main job is to reach the Town Hall, even if the Town Hall is already destroyed.

Once it reaches the Town Hall, the Wall Wrecker breaks on its own and releases the Clan Castle troops you placed inside it. It’s important to understand that when the Wall Wrecker reaches the Town Hall, it doesn’t deal any damage to the Town Hall itself.

This same rule applies in Goblin Missions (Single Player) where the Wall Wrecker targets the Goblin Hall, smashing through anything in its path and then breaking apart once it reaches its target.

Wall Wrecker’s Max Levels

The Wall Wrecker has a total of five levels. You can start upgrading it at Town Hall 12, and the first three levels are available at that stage. This means you can take it up to level 3 when you’re at Town Hall 12.

When you progress to Town Hall 13, Wall Wrecker gains the ability to reach level 4. However, there are no further upgrades for the Wall Wrecker at Town Hall 14. The final upgrade for the Wall Wrecker becomes available when you reach Town Hall 15.

Each upgrade for the Wall Wrecker requires Elixir, and with each upgrade, it becomes more powerful. The upgrades increase its damage per second, its effectiveness against walls, and its overall hitpoints.

Here is the list of max levels of Wall Wrecker:

  • Max level of Wall Wrecker at Town Hall 12 is level 3.
  • Max level of Wall Wrecker at Town Hall 13 is level 4.
  • Max level of Wall Wrecker at Town Hall 15 is level 5.

Wall Wrecker has no new upgrade level at Town Hall 14 and stays at level 4.

Wall Wrecker’s Upgrade Cost

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
23,800,0005 days12
35,000,0006 days12
48,500,0009 days13
515,000,00016 days, 12 hours15
Wall Wrecker’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Wall Wrecker’s Statistics

LevelDamage Per SecondDamage to WallsHitpoints
Wall Wrecker’s Statistics
  • Favorite Target: Walls (x10 damage)
  • Type: Ground
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Attack Speed: 1.3 seconds

The Wall Wrecker has a strong preference for targeting walls, dealing 10 times more damage to them than it does to other buildings.

However, it does have a rather sluggish movement speed, rated at 12, which leaves it susceptible to enemy defenses. It takes 1.3 seconds between each of its attacks.

Additionally, the Wall Wrecker deals splash damage, meaning it can hit multiple targets at once (enemy heroes and castle troops).

Starting at level 1, the Wall Wrecker’s damage per second is 250, but as you upgrade it, it becomes more powerful, reaching 450 at level 5. When it comes to damaging walls, at level 1, it deals 3250 damage per hit, which increases to 5850 at level 5.

Spells do not affect the Wall Wrecker, but the Grand Warden‘s Eternal Tome ability can render the Wall Wrecker invulnerable for a brief duration, keeping it safe from harm.

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