Headhunter: Upgrade Cost, Max Levels and Upgrade Time

Clash of Clans: Headhunter Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Headhunter is the final dark troop in Clash of Clans, available to players once they reach Town Hall 12. What sets the Headhunter apart from other troops in the game is its unique ability to target heroes, rather than the enemy’s buildings.

The Headhunter uses a distinctive weapon in the form of cards, which it throws at its enemies.

Upon impact, these cards have a similar effect to the Poison Spell, slowing down the target’s attack rate and movement speed while dealing significant damage.

In addition to these unique abilities, the Headhunter has another advantage on the battlefield: it deals four times the damage to enemy heroes.

This makes it a highly effective troop for players looking to eliminate their opponent’s heroes quickly and efficiently.

The Headhunter troop has a total of three levels, with the final level becoming available at Town Hall 13. At the highest level, the Headhunter can deal an impressive 125 damage per second and a whopping 500 damage per second to enemy heroes.

One of the most significant advantages of the Headhunter is its ability to target both air and ground units.

Upgrading the Headhunter not only increases its damage per second, but also improves its ability to slow down the movement speed and attack rate of its targets.

Additionally, the troop’s hitpoints increase with each level, making it more durable on the battlefield. Headhunter is also one of the few troops that can bypass the enemy’s walls.

Headhunter’s Max Levels

Headhunter becomes available at Town Hall 12 and can be upgraded to level 2 at the same Town Hall. At Town Hall 13, it can be maxed out to its final level – level 3.

Here is the list of max levels of Headhunter:

  • Max level of Headhunter at Town Hall 12 is level 2.
  • Max level of Headhunter at Town Hall 13 is level 3.

Headhunter’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
2115,0009 days12
3145,00010 days13
Headhunter’s Upgrade Cost and Time

How to effectively use Headhunter

The Headhunter is particularly effective when used with the Archer Queen during a Queen Walk attack.

By deploying a Headhunter to slow down the attack rate of an enemy hero, you can make it a lot easier for your Archer Queen to knock out the target hero.

In addition to its perks against enemy heroes, the Headhunter can also be used to take out Clan Castle troops.

Once the enemy heroes have been eliminated, Headhunters will automatically target and attack Clan Castle troops, making it easier to quickly eliminate those troops.

While the Headhunter is a powerful troop, it is important to keep in mind that it has relatively low hitpoints and can be easily taken out by enemy defenses.

Once deployed, the Headhunter will quickly march toward the nearest enemy hero, making it vulnerable to nearby defense buildings.

To keep your Headhunter safe and ensure it can do maximum damage, it’s recommended to send it into battle with tanking troops such as Golems, Ice Golems, or even heroes like the Barbarian King.

These troops can soak up damage and distract enemy defenses while the Headhunter does what it does best – taking out enemy heroes and Clan Castle troops.

The Headhunter is not only a powerful offensive troop, but it is also a popular choice for Clan Castle donations. The Headhunter’s ability to target both air and ground units makes it a scary opponent for attacking troops.

However, it’s important to remember that a Clan Castle filled entirely with Headhunters may not be the most effective defense combination.

Instead, it’s recommended to include two Headhunters and fill the remaining housing space with other popular defensive troops such as Ice Golems.

This can create a more well-rounded defense that can effectively counter a wider range of enemy attacks.

In addition to its effectiveness against regular troops, the Headhunter can also be a nightmare for Queen Walk attacks. By slowing down its target, the Headhunter makes it a lot easier for defense buildings to eliminate the Archer Queen.

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