Free Fire 2: When is it coming?

Free Fire 2 release date

Garena Free Fire is a widely popular battle royale game for mobile devices. Free Fire’s popularity has even crossed PUBG mobile recently. Free Fire is played by millions of players around the globe. Many players are curious about finding out whether and when Free Fire 2 will be released for mobile devices.

Free Fire already has two versions that are available on the mobile app stores. Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max are two different versions of the same game. Free Fire Max jacks up the graphics of the original game and needs a little higher specifications on mobile phones. 

Talking about the download size of both the max and normal versions, the Free Fire Max has about 50 percent larger download size than the normal variant. The graphics difference in both games is not hugely different though you will still see graphics improvements to some extent with mobiles that have better graphics processing power.

Garena Free Fire is mostly loved for its simplicity and regular updates while on the other side, PUBG mobile is leaning towards a sci-fi theme. A lot of players claim that Free Fire is a lot closer to the PC version of PUBG than PUBG mobile itself. Another factor in Free Fire’s popularity is the regular esports events and advertisements they hold in different countries.

When is Free Fire 2 coming?

There are no reports of Free Fire 2 gaming until now. The developers of the game are holding back from saying anything on the second part of Garena Free Fire. Free Fire is massively popular and developers at Garena and 111dots Studio are trying to keep the game updated so it can hold on to its popularity.

Free Fire 2 could become a thing in a year or two. Unlike Free Fire Max, the new version can feature a brand new map, weapons, and game mechanics. There are a lot of suggestions around the web related to the new version. Free Fire 2 could address those suggestions by implementing them in a reasonable way.

Free Fire is currently getting all the attention from its developers and a new update is going to be released in the next 3 to 4 days. This new update named OB39 will bring multiple new feature updates to the game. Although it is not clear what could be coming with the new OB39 update, data miners have extracted some of the details from the game files.

The new update will be bringing new bundles and items to the game. There will be some changes to the Post Match Mission Result Page. Additionally, there are reports of a new preset system, that will allow players to make different presets that will load pets, characters, and load-outs with just a click.

There are some possible changes coming to the throwable weapons increasing slot sizes of some throwables. All of these changes mentioned are leaked on Twitter and we can’t be sure that the new update will have these changes.

Our final verdict on Free Fire 2 is that there are little to no possibilities of Free Fire 2 happening in 2023. There might be some chances of it being a thing in 2023 or 2024. We will have to wait until then and in case there is a major development in terms of Free Fire 2; we will make sure to have our say on it.

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